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· We are halfway through what should, if all goes well, be my final semester of undergrad. School, school, decluttering, and pirates! )
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I've been sorta kinda thinking of selling some stuff on eBay, to help lessen both the problem of me having too much stuff and the problem of me being super broke. Just some CDs and DVDs, that sort of stuff. Good idea/bad idea? I've never sold anything online (although I've bought plenty, lol, part of my current problem!) before so any tips or stories or whatever would be very much appreciated. D:

Also, while writing my previous entry I completely forgot that I also watched ...

17. Shadow of the Thin Man, 1941
I feel like I can barely even talk about this movie, so distracted was I when I was trying to watch it. At the end I barely had any idea what was going on anymore. :/ But maybe that's a review in itself, that it failed to hold my attention? I dunno~. I really like parts of the Thin Man series but overall I'm not finding it as awesome as I had been led to believe it would be. :(


Dec. 28th, 2009 03:57 am
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I am decluttering/organizing/cleaning tomorrow in an attempt to save my shiny new Christmas gifts from having to live in the maze that is my room. I swear right now I feel like I am a mere few useless belongings away from my own episode of Hoarders. How unfair is it that I've been fighting this for a decade and yet I still feel like I'm losing all the time? :|


Sep. 17th, 2009 02:52 am
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Had a very good two days off! :D On Monday I ran a bunch of errands I'd been putting off for a while and on Tuesday I completely reorganized one of my bookcases so that the books that had been living on my floor for so long now have a home. Progress! :D

I'd been hoping that today would also be a day off, because I was scheduled in the frozen yoghurt section of the concession, and while I was enjoying my days off, it was getting renovated to such an extent that the managers weren't sure whether or not it would be open today. It wasn't open today, but they still wanted to me to come in anyway. It was basically the most pointless shift of my life, haha. It's kind of amazing that the six hours passed as quickly as they did, because I seriously think I spent most of them desperately trying to find something to do. :P I did a lot of cleaning, and I also tried to figure out the new espresso machine. I only trained into the frozen yoghurt area like two months ago, and am a little frustrated that I have to learn a new machine so soon after learning the old one, but oh well, so far the new machine has provided nothing but amusement. xD I ended up taking a lot of sips of other people's coffee today, because I would make a drink for a co-worker and then they would pass it back to me asking what I thought of it. Considering I think coffee tastes pretty horrible anyway, I was not the best judge here, but the general consensus seems to be that this espresso machine produces disgusting drinks. And also you can't customize them in any way. So I am pretty excited for when we open again, and guests start complaining (rightfully so, it seems). Aha, ah well, I don't have any shifts in there for at least a week anyway! ^^;

At the end of the night I had to watch an instructional video on the machine, which was ridiculous since I'd already been using it for five hours. :P And I ended up missing large chunks of the video anyway, due to my co-workers hilariously making fun of it. What is it about instructional videos that make them so easily mockable?? xD

And then my manager's iPod was playing "Somebody's Watching Me." lolz!

BORING ENTRY IS BORING. You're welcome. :D
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Oh man you guys, the best thing about being horribly perpetually disorganized is that you sometimes find stuff you didn't remember you had and it is just like Christmas. Today's example:

Who knew that v-u-den had a best album?

Who knew that I owned it???? xDDDDD;
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My Reading Break so far has been filled with emotional ups and downs and I am kinda not digging it. I am still far from done my Clean Sweeping; I don't think I'm going to achieve what I had hoped to achieve this break, but I'm still hoping that all this work will pay off somehow. So long as I'm more organized next week than I was last week, right? And even if I'm not, it has been lovely having these three days where I have been able to enter my bedroom and see absolutely nothing cluttering the floor. x)

Gone With the Wind was on TCM today, as part of their countdown to the Oscars. frankly, my dear )

And now for some crazy quotes from my high school classmates, which I found scribbled on pages of notes that I took in Math 9:Read more... )

End of LJ entry! Now I return to being emotionally up and down. D:
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This weekend I am Clean Sweeping my room. By which I mean I am taking EVERYTHING OUT OF IT in order to organize it, as opposed to trying to organize it inside of the room, because I have been attempting that for ten years and it hasn't worked.


· I lifted up a binder of what I thought was filled simply with pages of my awful attempts at music composition and out fell a package of Sea Monkey eggs. What--? When--??

· I broke on purpose the personalized decoration I got at Christmas grad.


· I took everything off my coat rack sort of thing and this was filled with much more excitement than it should really have been. One of my jackets had apparently become so affixed onto the peg that part of it still remains there. Uhm, ew. Then I took everything off a particularly popular peg only to discover at the very bottom the hairnet that I wore on a grade six field trip to a chocolate factory.

Uhm, why ... ?

· On a whim I figured I would take the bottom drawer out of my desk to see if anything had fallen behind. And oh my god. I could not see the carpet. There was another entire drawer of stuff under there, it was absolutely ridiculous. And some of the things were really substantial! The ends of two milk cartons that had been made into a box? A plastic potpourri box? How do these things slip and fall behind the drawers of a desk?? I don't get it! I also found like a million pages of National Geographic World as well as trading cards from the same, and also one of those book club catalogues you get every month in elementary school. hahaha what.

But the best part of this is that the aforementioned potpourri box had actually had potpourri in it, and when it fell behind the drawers it apparently spilled its contents onto the floor.

Please note that I received this box of potpourri when I was, like, seven. So basically I have had fourteen-year-old potpourri scattered on the floor under my desk for who knows how long.


For the exciting answers to this and other questions -- stay tuned!! :DD
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Because this summer it is apparently impossible for me to go more than one day without a trip to the movie theatre, I went to the movie theatre this afternoon, and I'm sure you all can guess what movie I enjoyed. xD <3 It was an audience of maybe thirty people, but most of them clapped at the end! I was so surprised but it totally warmed my heart. People are still clapping for this movie over a month after its release, wow. be in AWE of these spoilers )

I also get a bizarre satisfaction out of walking past the line for Harry Potter in order to go watch Pirates. XD On Wednesday, when the line for HP was stretching down the hall and back around again, I went into Pirates on my break (and got to watch almost the entire final battle!! AWEsome!!), and felt kind of like, hahaha, I am going to watch a movie that I love and that I think is the superior movie and I don't even have to stand in line for it! I feel like I am rooting for the underdog now, hahaha. xD;; I mean, obviously I do like Harry Potter, but ... I like Pirates quite a bit better. XD I think the only reason I ever compare them at all is because they are both fantasy movies released in the same general timeframe ... I mean, other than that they don't have much in common, do they? ^^;

The current issue of Maclean's has a cover story about whether Harry will survive the final book or not, and it's got all these quotes from experts on literature, and it weirds me out so much that all these magazines and newspapers and TV shows are debating whether or not Harry will die! I feel a little bit like, that's not for you to debate! Leave that for the fans, you know nothing about it!! Also I have yet to be convinced that Harry will die, so I'm really just sick of this question anyway. :P But anyway, the best part of this Maclean's article is that it opens with a photo of some guy, dressed unconvincingly in a Gryffindor scarf (not even the new design but the old design!) and glasses, lying facedown in a field of grass ... a knife stuck in his back.

HAHAHAHAHA!!! I cannot decide if this is supposed to be metaphoric or if Maclean's really is making the prediction that Harry will die of a knife to the back. XD XD XD XD Oh, it amuses me so~ ...

And I am bouncing around topics here, but anyway: at the beginning of June I ordered a whack of Pirates books (just be impressed that so far I have resisted buying any Pirates children's books, okay?), and this past week they have been arriving one right after the other in ridiculous fashion. XD But it's excellent. The only one I have properly looked through so far is The Art of Pirates of the Caribbean, which is such a huge book that when my brother brought it inside he shouted "Jesus Christ!" before dumping it onto my lap. xD I expected it to be similar to The Art of Hunchback of Notre Dame, the only other Disney artbook I have, but it definitely has less words and more pictures. I'm not a very visual person but I still really enjoyed looking through the book; some of the paintings of sets or scenes I would love to have as posters. *_* My only complaint is that I would have liked to see more storyboards or costume art or other things like that, because there were some parts of the book where I was like ENOUGH ALREADY I AM TIRED OF LOOKING AT MONSTERS. After I finish with this Harry Potter reread madness, I get to read Bring Me That Horizon: The Making of Pirates of the Caribbean (I flipped through it and it looks so~ good~) and Pirates of the Caribbean: From the Magic Kingdom to the Movies (which has less about the movie than I thought it would, but I adore the ride too so I don't really mind). XD I can't tell you how much I love that there are so many books about the making of this movie, I am a total nerd for stuff like this and totally lament that there is not even one such book for Amadeus, even though holy man THERE SHOULD BE. XD

And as a result of all this, today I attempted another clean sweep of my bookshelves, but it is hard. ;_; I am running out of books to get rid of! But I hope to have my wardrobe emptied of its contents by the end of the summer so that should help a bit at least ... Oh, my many organizing woes. x)
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I hate working on my résumé, it makes me feel so inferior. I haven't updated it since the summer after first year, and back then I felt justified in filling it with the awards I received in high school and using my high school teachers as references and pimping the measly volunteer work I did in high school ... Now that I'm in third year, I feel like maybe those things don't really count anymore, and so I'm going through and taking stuff out, and now it looks so wimpy. :( Hopefully the fact that I survived fast food for almost a year and a half will make up for that. Right? And my manager from said fast food job said I could use her as a reference, so that makes me feel really encouraged. (Haha, I asked if I could use her as a reference right after I told her I'd bought a present for her daughter, so it wasn't like she could say no! XD I think this is a good tactic. I'll have to keep it in mind for any future requests I get nervous about. XD )

Oh, haha, why did I write that I know HTML? I was only applying in fast food, hahaha, I think I was kind of desperate for skills ... dear me.

This is a really loser post but I don't really have anything else to say. I went through all my papers from my month in Winnipeg and threw out a good chunk. It made me really nostalgic for SLP though. :( Today I got rid of some posters I know I'll never hang up. (I feel I must make a note that none of the posters I rid myself of were given to me by [ profile] the_wykydtron. Just so we're clear, haha.) This is hilarious - you remember that movie A Kid in King Arthur's Court? I went with my dad to see an early showing of this movie and I guess there we were given free posters or something, because I found two of them in one of my poster tubes. This is hilarious!! I was thinking about that movie the other day, actually, because I remember watching that movie and being totally fascinated by it, and then all of a sudden there was a villain, and I remember being TOTALLY disappointed. I did not want there to be a villain in this movie, I already thought it was perfect as it was. (We have a copy of this movie but I haven't watched it in forever. I kind of don't want to destroy the truly positive opinion I have of this movie. I may have loved it in elementary school, but who knows how corny I'll think it is now?) Looking back on that I think it's great, because I don't know if you've noticed, but none of the stories I write ever have villains in them. I thought this was a recent development but apparently not as much as I had thought! Villains are boring! Internal conflict is much, much better. XD

All righty, back to the résumé ... x_x;
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1) Today I was sitting at my mother's computer when my father bounded in, carrying a blow-up airplane that I guess he got on his last trip to Germany and making appropriate airplane noises. He then went on to explain to me his plans to hang it from the ceiling of his den at such an angle that it would look like it was crashing. And people wonder why I don't read the news articles this man writes? XD El oh el!

Fangirl alert! Full House and Escaflowne and H!P. :) )
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Let's start this post off with the dorkiest thing ever. For the past two months or so, I have had an analogue clock in my room, and this is a really new thing for me because I have never had one before and it is loud! It's a Disney Princess clock featuring Cinderella that my dad brought me back from Germany. XD; (Hahahaha, I am the easiest person to shop for ever. XD ) Anyway, today I watched a couple Escaflowne episodes in my room using my new hardcore region-free portable DVD player. And at the end of episode twenty-three, when Hitomi is back on Earth and the clock is ticking? It was ticking exactly the opposite of my Cinderella clock. Tick! from Escaflowne, then tick! from Cinderella. Is it ridiculous how hilarious I think this is? XD XD I was like, "I should watch it again!" but I did not have any faith in my ability to reproduce the effect. XD XD XD XD

And now for a dream post, because you love dream posts, I know you do. XD Last night I had a dream that my mother told me that my brother and his girlfriend were going to have a baby, and then like the next day the baby was born. XD And it was a girl! And my brother came to visit us and he was walking up the driveway carrying the baby and I ran up to him and asked if I could hold her and he said, "NO!" And he absolutely would not allow me to baby-sit her. Oooooooh man, if that happens in real life I will be CRUSHED. I am depending on my brother to produce adorable offspring so that I may be their doting aunt. XD

And I also had a dream that I was sitting in the movie theatre watching PotC3 for the first time, and I was so completely enjoying it (all I can remember of it now though is that Will was on a red ship? talking tensely with an enemy? haha or something?), except then I thought to myself, "What am I doing watching this for the first time in the afternoon? I TOTALLY MISSED MY CHANCE TO SEE THIS MOVIE AT MIDNIGHT" and I totally hated myself. And so of course I woke up and now cannot believe I still have to wait until May to see PotC3. ;_; ;_; ;_; ;_; ;_;

Writing that paragraph reminded me of the dream I had a couple nights ago where [ profile] the_wykydtron and my plane tickets to Anaheim were for a Friday morning, but I believed they were for Friday evening, and so I went to school as usual, and then I realized that we had missed our flight, and it was the worst thing ever. Really funny when I woke up, though. Except I shouldn't have told my mom I dreamt that, now she's all worried all over again. ^^;;;

One last thing! I am continuing in my quest to label all my unlabelled tapes, and I came onto the computer to inform [ profile] the_wykydtron of the Jungle Cruise joke that they snuck into the Aladdin episode "Rain of Terror" (says Genie, "And now for the most dangerous part of our journey: the drive home" lawl), and I decided to check the MoMusu forums while I was here, and zomg their upcoming single has finally been on the radio and it is excellent. XD Mostly I am just so thrilled that it's not another "Aruiteru," because I kind of think that's my least favourite MoMusu single ever. But I love it! It is nice and funky in an old school MoMusu sort of way, and of course it has a ridiculous title, so I'm happy. XD (Although personally I think Reina should have more lines, hahahaha well fine. XD ) I really want to pre-order this but all my money is going towards Vancouver next weekend and Disneyland in February ... so I shall have to pre-order it with something that doesn't come out until, like, April, so it'll be charged when I have a job again. XD;;; Hahaha, I wonder if this is a good plan or a terrible plan. XD;;; Man, though, this is awesome, and what's even better is that I like it twenty times more every time I listen to it. <3333333 XD XD XD And a new album soon, too! Man, I can't believe it's been almost a year since Rainbow 7 was released ... I still feel like I only just got it! XD;; That might be the CD I take with me to Anaheim. Really I'm only taking my CD player to help me get through the flights with minimum airsickness. So far I've only used Rainbow 7 and Maki Goto's best album for this purpose, but for whatever reason I found Rainbow 7 worked so much better. I guess just because I knew it better so it was easier to focus on it? Or something? I don't know how it worked, I just know that it did. :P
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I am going through and tagging my old entries. I would really like to have all my entries nicely tagged, but I have to do all my tagging in spurts, because I can only read my old entries for so long before getting embarrassed. And then of course I forget where I stopped tagging and it takes ages to find it again. :p

That was a useless introduction! I really am only making this post out of surprise -- how can it be almost two years ago I posted the link to the Disco Ascenseur? (For those of you who don't speak French, that is the DISCO ELEVATOR!!!) This clip deserves to be spread to everyone around the world. It makes me so happy inside. Since seeing this clip, every time I have to take an elevator, I think, "Maybe this time ... maybe this time ...," and I listen hopefully for the pounding of awesome disco beats, but alas. It is not to be.


You can search for "disco elevator" and find it like twenty times over on YouTube. Which warms my little heart. Because the last time I looked for it on YouTube, that was not to be, either. XD
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Because my favourite way to procrastinate during this lull between school and essays/exams is to write novel-length LJ entries about my embarrassing obsessions, I was going to bless you all with another one today, but alas! [ profile] the_wykydtron wrote me a reply in her journal and my response to that became my novel for today. I wrote five whole comments and I know you're all just dying to read them!! XD

I spent like my entire day watching videos on YouTube, whether or not you believe me. And I did some half-hearted cleaning of my room. I picked my Disneyland books off the floor and put them on the shelves and suddenly the room seemed so much nicer, hahaha, how dreadful.

Anyway, where I was going with the YouTube sentence was that in my travels across the site today, I came across an Aladdin video to Weird Al Yankovic's song "Your Horoscope for Today". I don't usually watch fan videos all that often or all that many times (except when I feel hardcore!!!); usually I'll watch a video once and say "Oh, that was nice" or "What on earth possessed you to make a Kingdom Hearts video to 'Hotel Lobby'? Do you know what that song is about?" (I am heartbroken that I am currently unable to locate this video :( ) and then I'll move on with my merry little life. But I just discovered this one today and already I have watched it six kabillion times!! Mostly I was glad to find it because, though I'm no expert, it seems to me that about 95% of Aladdin fanvids are centered around Al/Jas and based only on the first movie. Which gets boring nice and fast. So I was very glad to find this video, which includes clips from all three movies and a whole whack of series episodes, and focuses on the wackier side of things. And obviously I'm biased, but I think the resulting video is quite fantastic. XD It's so awesome how almost every lyric has a clip that matches it so well. I found a video to the same song that used clips from Naruto and Fullmetal Alchemist but didn't match as well. Isn't that hilarious? That video uses two series and still doesn't match as well as this one! Because like I told you, the Aladdin series is ridiculous enough to include all of this wacky stuff that's appropriate to the song. XD!!!

And perhaps now I should get off the computer ... ahahaha ... perhaps. :P
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another stupid post in a line of stupid posts, this one loosely about productivity )

There, I hope that is an entry that does not betray how ANGSTY I have been feeling lately, although I guess in a way it kind of does ...
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I just deleted an LJ for the first time and I feel POWERFUL!!!! hahaha.

June was the month this summer when I felt most productive, and that was the month I did all my mad cleaning, so I have decided that apparently in order to feel productive I have to keep cleaning, even if only for a little bit each day. So yesterday I organized my little drawers-on-wheels thing (and found the most HILARIOUS piece of eighth-grade Trojan War fan fiction, hahaha oh god, maybe I should post it but then I'd have to kill myself) and then I was cleaning my blinds (using what is probably the most labourous method, but that's okay) and while I was cleaning them my brother came in without knocking. Said I, "I'm washing my window!" Said he, "You have issues." YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO JUDGE, YOU OF THE DIRTY BLIIIIIINDS~~~!

Man, the subject line makes me kind of wish I still worked where I worked, because I always used to be able to say things like "I just got home from work and I am tacolicious!" and my friend would always say "Ewwwww~." Hahahaha, that was excellent.

Oh, and I also started going through my inheritance. The sewing machine and all that goes with it isn't actually my inheritance, haha, but I claimed it anyway, because my official inheritance is the bedroom furniture and my room isn't exactly big enough to have two sets of furniture in it, haha, although I should try, it has hilarious potential. Well anyway! I went through some of the patterns and got rid of most of them, because most of them were for some very heinous '80s clothing. But there's still sooo much fabric and sooo much other stuff and I don't know anything about sewing and I don't know how to organize it and my father has moved half of his den into that room so I can barely get to the sewing machine anyway, which is where everything is piled. I kind of think maybe it would just be easier to start a sewing collection from scratch, especially as my grandmother in Calgary was going on about how it's no good to be using a sewing machine from the '70s, but at the same time in a way it's easier to start with what I have ... and so yeah. I guess my mom will help me with some of it and then I can start fiddling around again, pretending I can sew. Yay. :)
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On Tuesday there is a Salvation Army truck coming around to our neighbourhood because, I dunno, somebody called for it. But so anyway today after work I did some mad cleaning! And it is basically the most I have ever cleared out of my room in the least amount of time. Four boxes of Barbie dolls, a box of books that I thought I had gotten rid of seven years ago (I opened it and was like WHAT THE HECK!!), my way old Hairdo Dolly, my way old Dolly Maker, my way old 3-D picture viewer things of which I had two (one in the shape of Mickey Mouse!) and a whole whack of pictures to view, a bunch of random other stuff and even a whole dollhouse (though not the huge one that is eating up my floorspace, haha) that I feel kind of guilty about giving away even though there is no reason for me to keep it.

And so you go into the living room and you say OH WOW, BOXES!! SARAH MUST REALLY BE MAD CLEANING TONIGHT!!

And then you go into my room and it looks exactly the same.

... sigh.
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Saturday is our annual neighbourhood garage sale (in which we participate even though we are at the top of the hill and so everyone else ignores us), and tomorrow is my last day off before then, so I've sort of been looking forward to it as a big EVERYTHING MUST GO!! sort of crazy purging day. But now I am feeling nervous and hoping I don't wuss out. UGH. When I was last in Calgary for my grandparents' birthday celebration my aunt was talking about how my grandmother's family gave up all they had in order to come to Canada, and wouldn't it be just awful to lose all of your stuff, and I am a horrible person but all I could think was AT LEAST THEN I WOULDN'T GUILT MYSELF ANYMORE, because man.

I have been thinking about getting bangs but I keep putting it off as is my wont. And so anyway last night I had a dream that my dad cut my bangs, and he did a really horrendous job but I loved them anyway. I have no idea if this is supposed to be some premonition or what ...

Anyway I have been looking through [ profile] ourbedrooms and it is driving me INSANE because seriously, none of these people own any actual belongings. Hahahaha. I dunno. My brother has a full bookcase and he has two whole shelves free! (I am counting the shelf on which he keeps his army men.) This boggles my mind. I feel like if I have a bookshelf I have a duty to keep it filled. Which is ridiculous? I barely even read anymore. Right now the part of my bookcases that I pay the most attention to is the part where my CDs are stored ... :p

Basically it is two in the morning and I wish I were a better person, is what I am trying to say.

(And today I had part of my shift with my two favourite co-workers whom I hadn't seen for two weeks; one of them announced he was quitting and the other spent the remainder of the time trying to hide that she was upset about it. Which is, I dunno. But then they told me their stories about sketchy Danish roller coasters and that was awesome, and my mom came and bought a cinnamon stick and I gave her my discount and my co-worker questioned it and I was like "It's my mom!" and she was like "Oh right, duh." It was a all a little strange. But I was grateful that my feet didn't hurt even after eight hours of standing and I was grateful that my friend came and spent my break with me, yay. :) )
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Escaflowne and GALS! )

And so you don't think I spend all my time watching TV, which I do: today I spent an hour cleaning my room. Not a huge amount of progress, but it's more than I've done in a while, so I say good job!

Also, I rode the bus with someone from my high school who I only used to see sporadically but whom I now see all the time. And it is really awesome to talk to her! My bus ride doesn't feel like twenty minutes when I have someone with whom I can pretend I am all knowledgeable about everything! XD XD XD;;;;;

Also, I think today I produced the least mangled Spanish I have produced since the beginning of the semester, which is nice. Today marks a whole month without any skipped classes or missed shifts! I guess it is kind of pathetic that that feels like an accomplishment now. But compared to last semester ... ~_~;
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So I turned nineteen almost two weeks ago and today I did my first nineteen-ish thing. I bought lottery tickets! It is funny because my supervisor, who is turning eighteen on Tuesday, asked me if I would buy them for her, and I said I didn't have any ID with me (I don't actually have any ID that shows my age, anyway - the closest I have is my student card, which only actually shows that I am old enough to be at university), and she asked if I would try anyway even though she seemed to firmly believe I would be asked for ID. I wasn't, in the end. So really I didn't have to be nineteen at all, but let's ignore that part because I am getting a kick out of my first lottery ticket purchase! XD;;;

Cleaning, Reba, and MoMusu. )

Edit: I forgot to mention! I AM WEARING A GRYFFINDOR SCARF!! Oh yes, awesome awesome.
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Some people find money in the couch.

I find bookmarks.



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