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Oh LiveJournal, do you really have to ask?

I watched Full House five nights a week (twice on Tuesdays!) from before I can remember until it was cancelled when I was nine, and it was absolutely my favourite show, no contest. (And then in early high school I discovered a channel that showed two episodes a day five days a week, and I returned to that habit something fierce.) I hate being asked to explain why I love(d) things, haha, but: I thought it was funny, I liked the music, I LOVED the dream sequences (the guys imagining their lives twenty years from now and DJ dreaming about her SAT were pretty much my favourite scenes ever), I liked all the different places the family visited (that episode with the pirate restaurant, omg I wanted to go to that restaurant SO BAD), and a lot of the plotlines that seem unworthy of TV when you're watching it as an adult were things I could really relate to as a kid (the first time I saw the episode where Michelle has difficulty learning to tie her shoes, I was about the same age and totally knew what she was going through!!). Plus I loved the girls' rooms and, in the later seasons, Michelle has the same dollhouse as I did. :) Now that I'm older I see it's definitely not a perfect show, and maybe if I hadn't grown up with it I would dislike it as strongly as a lot of people seem to. But I did grow up with it, and I continue to adore it. x) And I think I appreciate the serious episodes a lot more now than I did when I was little. "The Last Dance" is so good even though I'm not sure I'll ever be able to watch it again. ;_;
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I shall continue to list my Christmas presents despite the fact that I feel more selfish every time I do it. :D

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Aaaaaand now I feel totally gross and selfish for writing all of that. AS ALWAYS. (y)
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1) Today I was sitting at my mother's computer when my father bounded in, carrying a blow-up airplane that I guess he got on his last trip to Germany and making appropriate airplane noises. He then went on to explain to me his plans to hang it from the ceiling of his den at such an angle that it would look like it was crashing. And people wonder why I don't read the news articles this man writes? XD El oh el!

Fangirl alert! Full House and Escaflowne and H!P. :) )
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Oh man, I avoided doing anything with my Mixi account for the longest time because I didn't really understand how to do anything on the site, but now that I've started sending messages and stuff, oh my gosh. These people are so crazy nice. I feel like I should be more cynical and look at it more like "They're only nice because they want you to help them with their English!" but shut up you guys!! It's lovely to receive such polite and cheerful e-mails from practically total strangers, haha. *^_^*

THIS IS NOT WHAT THIS ENTRY WAS SUPPOSED TO BE ABOUT. As you may already know, I spent all day in anticipation of wobbly-legged, rum-soaked PIRATES! )
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So earlier this year I watched Escaflowne after not watching it for three years, and as I watched I typed out a bunch of observations I had because that is how much of a total dork I am. But anyway, I was reading over these observations earlier today after not touching them since May, and, as I usually do when I reread my writing, I was totally cracking up. Oh my goodness, past!Sarah is so hilarious, she should go into stand-up, or, like, something.

Watch out for spoilers! The dragon still lacks the courage to cross the line. )

Hahaha, don't you guys love how I use my LJ to write about, like, my LIFE? Ahahaha. Yes, excellent. I spent the last two hours watching Full House, because I am going through my VHS tapes and labelling them all good and proper. (I can't believe I taped over the Papouli episode, that's like my favourite one. ;_; ) And I was thinking: in recent years, Bob Saget has told the dirtiest joke in The Aristocrats, Mary-Kate Olsen has been brunette/bulimic/on drugs, and now John Stamos is playing the part of a gay wedding planner*. Does anyone else think now is the perfect time for a Full House reunion? I HOPE I'M NOT ALONE IN THIS!!!

* Well, obviously the fact that he is playing the part of a gay wedding planner does not bug me. I am only bugged by how I keep catching him on talk shows making dirty puns. Each time I am like, "Nooooo~, Uncle Jesse~~~!!!!," and the heart of five-year-old Sarah breaks just a little bit more.
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So I turned nineteen almost two weeks ago and today I did my first nineteen-ish thing. I bought lottery tickets! It is funny because my supervisor, who is turning eighteen on Tuesday, asked me if I would buy them for her, and I said I didn't have any ID with me (I don't actually have any ID that shows my age, anyway - the closest I have is my student card, which only actually shows that I am old enough to be at university), and she asked if I would try anyway even though she seemed to firmly believe I would be asked for ID. I wasn't, in the end. So really I didn't have to be nineteen at all, but let's ignore that part because I am getting a kick out of my first lottery ticket purchase! XD;;;

Cleaning, Reba, and MoMusu. )

Edit: I forgot to mention! I AM WEARING A GRYFFINDOR SCARF!! Oh yes, awesome awesome.
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Oh my goodness, I have no idea what the date is. I was doing pretty good, usually I'm not so good with dates, but I was doing okay until this weekend and then it all exploded and I think I wrote "Jan. 23" on all my notes today just like I wrote "Jan. 22" on all my notes yesterday and basically I should just give up on the whole thing.

I was going to write a post about how frustrating it is that every time I open my mouth in one of my language classes I end up feeling like a moron, but then I had a Spanish class after which I did not feel like a moron. And I sort of had a conversation, too! Somewhere between grade twelve and second year I managed to lose all faith I had in my Spanish ability, so this is a big step up!

What I love about Spanish lit. classes is how everything is about the Bible. I am lying, I don't love it. But at least I am understanding this stuff about Mary. Quite the contrast to last semester when we had to compare Paco of Réquiem por un campesino español to Jesus, and all I could come up with was "They're ... both ... men?" EVERYTHING I LEARNED ABOUT RELIGION I LEARNED FROM PASSION OF THE CHRIST REPRESENT!

Really the only reason I am making this entry is because I finally have six userpics uploaded. Amazing! Even when I had a paid account for those two precious months I didn't go past three. When I uploaded my Davy Jones icon and it was the fourth, that was a very big moment! Now there are so many pictures on my userpics page, wow! Nobody wants to read about your userpics, Sarah ... )

Also I have my first ever staff meeting next Saturday! Also I might be going to Calgary in March! (The e-mail my aunt was passing around about the planned get-together was titled something like "senior [last name] meeting" - probably I am destroying all their plans but so long as I get to go to Calgary I don't really care.) Also I wish I had someone who would come over and watch Full House with me, but the only other Full House fan I know came over and then passed out. The other night (while we were watching The Scarlet Letter, tee) my grandmother was telling me how her brother's girlfriend was like a sister to her. Well I am sure my brother's girlfriend and I would bond if she would watch Full House with me!!!! >_<

I am going to go clean my room now. I WROTE IT IN LJ SO IT MUST BE TRUE--!
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Hmm. Perhaps I should make a real entry here.

I wish I didn't talk about TV and J-pop in here so much, but at least I can hide it all behind a cut. )

Now that that's all done with, let's see. I voted today. I was going to talk more about my classes but I don't feel like it. I got Tarzan of the Apes out of the library. I read it when I was in eighth grade but I don't remember it very well except that I liked it even for all its strangeness. I like how sci-fi-y books from that era just do whatever they please. Well, I mean, I don't know much about them and am very much an outsider, but books like that and even Around the World in Eighty Days, where when they don't know certain things they just make them up. It reminds me of how I used to write when I was in middle school, but not in a bad way. Just like, the need for research won't stop my creativity!!! Not that I pay attention to the facts in my writing now anyway. OF COURSE JESSE WOULD BREAK BOTH HIS ARMS WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT.

Oh! I forgot! My big news is that I am twelve years old. Some lady came to the door on Saturday handing out pamphlets for the Conservatives, and when I answered the door (admittedly a rare thing) she asked, "Are your parents home?" And then today at school some guy was handing out pamphlets for the Green Party, and he totally skipped me! Most obviously so! So yeah. If you ever want to come see me, I should be easy to find, seeing as I'll be the only twelve-year-old wandering around campus ...

I have been dating all my writing since November. At some point I will get around to typing it up and I will see how much I actually write. I sort of kept a record of my word counts in summer 2004, but only sort of. It was really loose. This one will be SCIENTIFIC.

Also, I am getting really antsy re: the JLPT results. I want to know if I passed, man!! ;_;

Edit: I forgot I forgot! A week before the Soup Nazi I went to see Jack Layton (mostly for the novelty -- the most exciting bit was that we had to sneak around the side of the building and peer in the windows in order to see him), and then last night people were getting phone calls with a recording of his voice being all "vote for me!," and my grandmother totally hung up on him because her dinner was getting cold!! Hahahahahahaha MOST EXCELLENT.
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Someone else's tall ship pictures, with the Empress in the background and a tour boat in the foreground. I thought it was hilarious, the whole time we were there, while these huge ships were filling the harbour the wee little tour boats were still chugging along. Adorable!

Today my grandmother said "Want a pencil?" and showed me the creepiest pencil topper I have ever seen, some crazy blue clown faced thing. Still kind of funny though. We watch Full House together now! Tonight we watched the two Disney World episodes. I never really realized how weird those episodes are--!! Also, how much Aladdin promotion there was, seriously. I wonder how much Scott had to do with that or if they would have done an episode like that even if he wasn't in the cast. Hmm ...
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There are Full House books that go past the end of the series. THAT IS CRAZY!! This one looks hilarious, not only because of the Photoshopped bodies on the cover, but dude, Michelle works at a taco place! WE HAVE SO MUCH IN COMMON NOW WE ARE BEST FRIENDS!

These books are probably little more than glorified fan fiction, but I seriously want to read them so bad. I have watched twenty-four episodes of Full House in three days, shut up it's awesome.
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In my most recently published story, they replaced my "bookshelf" with "book-shelf." It is an anthology published by high school English teachers. I am all, "Uhm ... ?"

I went through all my Disney Adventures magazines yesterday. Well, I had gone through them before and got rid of some, but yesterday I went through in order to rip out anything interesting and toss the rest. It was sort of strange. Lots of Joey Lawrence and JTT (hahaha, I wonder if anyone calls him that anymore?). They're all from like 1995 or earlier, so it was all pretty interesting. Stuff about how Boy Meets World was a new show or something. XD; As you can tell, I don't know what I'm saying anymore. Probably it didn't help that I had Prisoner of Azkaban on in French in the background. Man, I definitely like the Spanish dub better. It's more to the point. I guess the French dub actors had time to fill or something, there's a lot of extra words. ^^;;;; It's funny though. XD;;

ALSO! I am sure that after clicking this link, Athena will have to agree with me that February 8 will basically be the best day ever. XDXDXDXDXDXDXD!!!


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