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(I also apologize for the terrible writing in it. Unfortunately I really want to get this posted before I go home for Christmas and as such I don't have time to make it coherent! >xD )

So for the past two months I have basically been nine years old again, in that I suspect there are artists other than Michael Jackson on my iPod but I sure haven't heard them in a while. I totally blame being in Japan, where for the bulk of October you could go see Captain EO, the MJ costumes exhibit and the show Thriller Live all in one day. (Also, four fifths of the original Jackson 5 were here last week - and also felt the longest earthquake we've had since I got here - but for some reason both concerts they held were in the middle of the work week?? Someone tell me whether or not I'm bummed that I had to miss them, I can't decide.)

ANYWAY since I keep missing things when they are first announced I didn't see Thriller Live until the end of November. I had absolutely no idea what to expect but in the end I saw it twice because it was TOTALLY AMAZING. Click the cut for super awesome ramblings~~~

Get the point? Good. Let's dance. )
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So near the end of October I had a pretty awesome fangirl weekend in Tokyo that started with a French performance of Gérard Presgurvic's musical Roméo et Juliette. fangirl fangirl fangirl )

Uhhhh anyway. When I got off the train to go to the musical, Shibuya Station was plastered with posters advertising a museum exhibit of Michael Jackson music video and concert outfits that I have no idea how I didn't hear about before!! fangirl fangirl fangirl )
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Placements are going out today but nobody's heard anything from the Vancouver consulate yet so I think I'll take a moment in between inbox refreshes to write a fangirly entry. Subject: the "Behind the Mask" music video was revealed yesterday!!! This is my favourite song from the first posthumous Michael Jackson album (and for six months it was the most-played song on my iPod; I am a little ashamed to admit that it was recently dethroned by f(x)'s "Pinocchio (Danger)"), and when they asked for fan submissions for the video I admit I was worried how well it would turn out. Well I totally underestimated how great the submissions would be and how well they would be edited together and omg I love the result. They fit so much in!! I've watched it like ten times already and I still haven't seen everything. And I guess it does make sense for "Behind the Mask" to have a fanmade video, seeing as how one of my favourite parts of the song is the cheering crowd you can hear through a lot of it. :)

You guys know I like the international tributes, so you probably won't be surprised to hear that my favourite thing about this video (besides the little girl dressed like Captain EO at 1:05, omg best ever) is how it features fans from all over the world. I definitely wasn't expecting it to start with an awesome flag montage!! (Peru is in the top left corner at 0:15!) Also watch out for cameos by the Coliseum, the Washington Monument, Niagara Falls, the Eiffel Tower (twice!), the Taj Mahal and the pyramids! xD It is really cool to see people of all ages and races and abilities and countries just having a blast being fans. I like to think that even if I wasn't a fan of MJ, I'd still find it fascinating how he managed to reach so many people all over the world. Seriously, who else is even half this famous?

In conclusion, this video is awesome and you should all help me put names to the landmarks in it that I suspect are famous but that I don't recognize. xD
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Today I:
- bought my ticket for the midnight showing (oh yes) of Face Punch 2 Eclipse
- saw this post featuring the very first two photos from PotC4
- read up on the Bad tour DVD and also the new album in November?!?!

In conclusion, I AM VERY EXCITED. :D :D :D

(omg I have a tag for Twilight what have I become)
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Oh LiveJournal, why do you keep asking questions you already know my answer to?

[Edit: I just realized that two decades ago is 1990, holy crap. I was thinking 1980-now. Oh whatever, Michael stays.]

Also, today I was all productive and stuff and went to the university to get an alumni card so that I could get my book-borrowing priveleges back (and seriously, through this I feel like balance has been restored to the universe or something), and the only reason I finally got out and did this was because I'm annoyed at the public library's pitiful selection of books on Greek tragedy. My hobbies: you are jealous of them.
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On May 21st!

I will be in Quito, Ecuador!

Visiting my sponsored child Michelle!! :D

I just decided I was doing this like, three days ago. xD I am nervous but excited!

Now back to stressing out about how this means I only have one weekend left in Lima and also should I fly back on the Sunday morning or risk it and fly back on the Monday morning and stress stress stress etc.!! xD

My housemates are being super supportive about this which is awesomesauce! But they also won't stop trying to convince me to accompany them on their trip to Huacachina this weekend. Huacachina seems nice and all, but I need one last weekend in Lima so that I can watch all the plays I haven't seen yet!! First up: "El Rapto de Perséfone"!!! Looking at the photo on that page I really feel like I have no idea what to expect, but man am I stoked!

(Also up this weekend is "Homenaje a Michael Jackson," which I put in parentheses because I understand it even less than the Persephone one. It's a play about a murder ... performed on a moving bus ... in Lima's crazy traffic ... and at the end there's an MJ tribute. I shall have to let you know how it goes.)
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We interrupt this program to bring you THE PERU POST! )
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So you may recall how, about a month ago, I said I was going to post a great big list of videos that I've found on YouTube where international artists cover Michael Jackson songs. This entry is taking me forever because I keep finding more!! So I've decided to post it in parts, with apologies to those of you who are uninterested and thus will simply have to scroll. x)

I was going to write an introduction to this ~series~ but my brain isn't working right now so hopefully it's pretty self-explanatory. "Tributes" isn't quite the word I want - this is more a collection of covers, dance performances, even just mentions of MJ by singers and dancers from other countries. I just find it really interesting how impossibly famous MJ was and continues to be, and what a huge influence he had on the evolution of pop music. That plus my enjoyment of listening to music from around the world means that I find these sorts of clips ridiculously fascinating!

Please let me know if you find any mistakes or broken links, or if you have anything you think I should add. :) Enjoy~!

International Michael Jackson Tributes: Japan )

Up next: South Korea, probably!
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· From the BBC's Newswipe, an amusing lesson on How to Report the News.

· Why Film Schools Teach Screenwriters Not to Pass the Bechdel Test vs. How the Bechdel Test Could Save the Oscars

· 11 Extinct Animals That Have Been Photographed Alive

Also, yesterday I was browsing Peruvian news clips and came across one with the description Beyonce rodó nuevo video en una favela brasilera, al igual que Michael Jackson lo hizo en el año 96 (Beyonce filmed her new video in a Brazilian shanty[town], just like Michael Jackson did in '96). Surprise reference to "They Don't Care About Us," I am down with that!
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~ Soooooo my MJ class got cancelled. I am seriously unimpressed. :| How did that combat trauma in Euripides class not get cancelled but these two rather more mainstream ones did? I guess people who are interested in mainstream things are not always the same people who take university classes just for funsies, but geeze. How frustrating for me.

~ Went to the doctor today and got a list of shots that I need to get before my trip! Typhoid, tetanus, hepatitis, and, if our plans change to include places outside Lima, malaria as well! hahaha oh my goodness, how exciting. (Originally we were definitely going to visit places other than Lima, but now Machu Picchu has been closed indefinitely due to flooding. My life right now is full of disappointments, apparently.)

~ Off to work again ... Two more shifts until my weekend! Which has become even more of a weekend, now that I don't have any classes~~~ ;_; ;_;
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Dear Sarah,

I am sorry to inform you that the course of Korean for Beginners - Part 1 (ASLA009) for which you have registered has been cancelled due to insufficient enrolment.



If my MJ class gets cancelled, srsly. I don't even.

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I have spent pretty much the entirety of this past week on YouTube looking up covers and performances of MJ songs (and the odd Lady Gaga song) by non-American artists, and believe you me I am planning on making a monster post about it on my next day off (SHUT UP YOU'LL LOVE IT >xD ), but for now here's a teaser: "Dirty Diana" as sung by Piotr Cugowski, for the Polish film Kochaj i Tańcz. They even used the song in one of the trailers, how cool is that! brb, listening to this on repeat forever.

In ~longer letter later~ news (once again I am on LJ right before work), my flights are booked! From late March to late May, don't look for me in Canada, 'cause I'mma be in Peru!! xD
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1. Reply to this post and I will pick five of your icons.
2. Make a post (including the meme info) and talk about the icons I chose.
3. Other people can then comment to you and make their own posts.
4. This will create a neverending cycle of icon squee. Whoo!

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I'm late, but today was Elvis Presley's 75th birthday! My mom is a fan of Elvis and, as a result, he's the topic of several anecdotes from my childhood. Way back when, January 8th was actually the date I was due to be born, leading my parents to refer to me as "Elvis." Or, if I am to be completely honest, "Elvis Arnold." Whenever I heard this story as a kid, I always assumed Arnold was Elvis' middle name. It wasn't until we got a channel that showed reruns of Green Acres that I learned that the "Arnold" in my nickname actually came from a fictional pig. :| I ... don't even know, lol.

Anyway, so yes, that's my connection with Elvis - until I was born, I was named after him. xD Oh, and if you had asked four-year-old me what my favourite song was, I do believe I would have said "All Shook Up." xD That plus "Beat It" plus some Sharon, Lois and Bram ... yeah, that's pretty much all the music I listened to as a preschooler, lol. xD

~*~SURVEY~*~ )
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So I just signed up for the Continuing Studies Korean class, because I am insane and apparently I like to pretend I don't already have two languages on the go. xDD But oh man I am excited!! Studying languages is the best. :DD

So to sum up: a month from now, I will have an MJ class on Wednesday nights and a Korean class on Thursday nights, and I'm pretty sure you are jealoussssss. xD
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Since I'm unlikely to finish another book by tomorrow night, I guess I'll go ahead and post this now. The numbers link to the entries where I wrote about each book; the books that I liked the best/would recommend the most are in bold.

Books I Read in 2009 )
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So you may or may not remember that a while back I posted about taking a class on Euripides via UVic's Continuing Studies program. They recently sent me their course guide for 2010, and I didn't bother to look through it until just a couple minutes ago, and now you cannot see me but I am phreaking out. The fifth course listed in this book is none other than Michael Jackson: The Man, The Myth, The Legend. So yeah, I definitely just broke the promise that I'd made to myself to not spend any more money until January. >xD Some of you may remember when I found out that UVic offered a class on MJ a mere month after I had graduated (and the ensuing phreak out I had then), but this class is much better because I can actually take it!!


[ profile] aurora_lime, take this class with me!! xD

They also seem to have expanded their foreign languages department, which is awesome! This year they're offering two Beginner's Korean classes, for example. (And yes, I am definitely tempted.) Although I would still argue for the need to add some more advanced classes for all the other languages they offer. :|
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~ omg how do I always end up having to go to the mall the week before Christmas? So many people, omg. D: I was really glad to be bussing, because there was practically no one else on the buses while meanwhile the parking lots were jammed full. Oh, Christmas ... I don't even know what I think of you anymore.

~ My brother is hamster-sitting this week. I don't know if there's anyone on my friendslist who remembers what happened the last time someone in my family watched someone else's hamster, but, um, it did not end well. I just told my brother I'm worried and he replied, "Don't go near it!!" D:

~ Oh my gosh you guys look what I found! Pink Lady performing "Stop! In the Name of Love" and, even more amazing, The Peanuts singing "Love Child"!! "Love Child" is pretty much my favourite Supremes song. I'm so shocked that this recording even exists but I love it! I need to listen to the Supremes more often, they were awesome.

~ For my fellow Shamoners who are following this thing as it makes its way around the world, my Opus arrived today! It was left just outside my front door, complete with a note taped to the window letting me know it had been left by the front door. lol, thanks, dude. xD I managed to get it upstairs by myself (I'm stronger than I thought, apparently), but I have no idea where I'm going to keep it. Srsly, I have owned encyclopedias that were smaller than this thing! hahaha xD


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