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So one of Disney's big promotions this year is Give a Day, Get a Disney Day, where if you volunteer at one of the events listed on their site, you get a free one-day pass to Disneyland or Walt Disney World. Awesome, right?! I've been really excited for this for like six months now, and earlier this week the list of volunteer positions finally went up. I searched for "Victoria, BC" and got one Victoria posting followed by a whole bunch of postings in Washington state. DISNEY THAT'S NOT EVEN IN THE SAME COUNTRY. I tried multiple methods of searching and could still only find this one posting, so even though I wasn't terribly enthusiastic for it (selling raffle tickets at a hockey game ... woohoo), I signed up. Note that I definitely signed up on the day the listings went up. Just now I got an e-mail from the coordinator of the event saying that all of the positions have been filled, and I'm not actually needed.



There better be more Victoria events popping up soon or I am going to be very disappoint. >:(
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1) I am not a fan of Earth Hour because, in my opinion, it encourages people to feel like they are doing something to help the environment when they are not actually doing anything of the sort. I tend to dislike symbolic acts in general, but another reason I hold this opinion is because I spent my first Earth Hour sitting at work, listening to guests tell me that they'd been bored sitting at home with all the electronics off, so they got in their car and drove to the movie theatre. Wow, guys, you're a regular ol' Captain Planet over there!

2) I am very frustrated that we hear so much about the need to save energy and resources and everything like that, and yet just as many houses this year are decked out from top to bottom in Christmas lights. I am very frustrated that I can look out the window at four in the morning and see that these unnecessary lights have been left on all night.
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The first two entries on my friendslist right now both mention me! xD This wouldn't usually merit its own post but I have been having a rough week and this has suddenly improved my mood tenfold. So thank you to [ profile] missmomoko and [ profile] trumpydoesmagic for randomly throwing my name into your posts, hahaha. <3 <3 And, as always, thank you to Apostles for keepin' it supernatural. xD

Now I guess I should actually write something here ... I haven't started my NaNo yet because of this awful mood I've been in but I'm not really concerned about it yet, it's only day three so I figure I've still got time. :P

Oh, I guess I should tell you how my Hallowe'en volunteering went, but I'm kind of not even sure how I feel about it. Read more... )
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~ Not gonna lie, probably my favourite thing about the Michael Jackson fandom is that there are so many people in it who go out and do good deeds! I mean, I've been in the Morning Musume fandom for years now, and Morning Musume has a couple songs that talk about environmental issues, but it seems those songs are only ever mentioned so that people can make fun of the Engrish in them. I love that MJ fans can make fun of the total lack of enunciation in "Man in the Mirror" while still taking its message to heart. <3 haha, so what I am trying to say here is I finally signed up to be a volunteer through my local rec centre, and today I went to a (very small! I was surprised) meeting in order to fill out the necessary paperwork to get a criminal records check and all that. They seem to only be looking for volunteers for one-day events (eg. a Hallowe'en party here, a Remembrance Day ceremony there), which is not my ideal kind of volunteering, but it should be fun and it'll definitely work until I find something more. :)

After the meeting, I was waiting at the bus stop to go home, and one of my co-workers drove by and offered me a ride! Aaaah so that was kind of the highlight of my day, hahaha. I love awesome surprises like that. xD

~ I signed up for a continuing studies class through my alma mater (lol, it's so weird saying that) today. If you want you may roll your eyes at the ridiculousness of me missing school as much as I am, but believe me, this class is relevant to my interests! In May I read Dr. Jonathan Shay's book Achilles in Vietnam, in which he compares the combat trauma experienced by American soldiers in Vietnam with the combat trauma portrayed in the Iliad. I am surprised there is not more fangirling in my review of it, because that was probably my favourite book of the summer. The class I signed up for is a two-hour class that will look at Euripides' play "Herakles" through the lens of Shay's work. SO I AM PRETTY EXCITED. There is very little these days that will get me up at eight-thirty in the morning, but hopefully combat trauma in Euripides is it! xD

(Uh ... for those of you not in the know? I am a Greek mythology FANGIRL.)

~ We have reached that time of October where I am OBSESSED with NaNoWriMo and I basically need November to get here NOW before I get sick of thinking about my novel. I'm so excited for this year, you guys. :D I am really excited about my story (I've actually used this story for NaNo before and lost; I think it needed a couple years of getting knocked about in my head), and I'm really excited to be NaNoing with so many new people! :D haha, and hopefully they don't get sick of me telling them that before it's even time to start writing. xD <3!
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Some of the things I did today:
another chance to get burned )


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