Jul. 24th, 2015

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As of yesterday, I have finished my first full rewatch of the anime Vision of Escaflowne since the last time my friends and I marathoned it, which I suspect was in 2009. (It's true that last year I said I was rewatching it, but due to a lack of emotional fortitude I stopped three episodes from the end so it doesn't count. I also attempted a rewatch while I was in Japan but after watching the first five episodes in one night I got busy and kind of forgot I was doing it, whoops.) I am very happy to say that, fifteen years after I first saw it, I still love it completely. (Fifteen years omg, fifteen years is the same age as the protagonists of this thing.) I was a little worried that I wouldn't, not because of anything Escaflowne does but because this year has been a year of discovering I no longer like shows that I used to love! I attempted to rewatch Reba, Blossom, and Disney's Hercules and couldn't make it through any of them. I also read all of Full House Reviewed in a weekend and enjoyed it thoroughly but it's made me terrified to rewatch Full House for fear I will hate it, and if that happens then there goes my childhood! (In all honesty I am really not looking foward to Fuller House, although I'm glad it's providing Scott Weinger with the first regular non-Aladdin work he's had in quite some time.)

Well all that is off-topic when all I want is to ramble forever about Escaflowne like the good old days. <3


The dragon still lacks the courage to cross the line. )

To avoid ending this awkward entry on that awkward note, here are the ten most played songs in my Escaflowne playlist:

Zone of Absolute Fortune )


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