Apr. 30th, 2013

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I'm getting a little tired of the people who write on my Facebook just to say "I miss you! When are you coming back?," completely ignore my attempts to start an actual conversation with them, and then write the exact same thing on my Facebook a couple months later. Is that better or worse than the people who promised to send me care packages and snail mail letters and then never so much as e-mail me? Is it impossible to keep friendships going over long distance? Lately my hope in that idea has taken a mighty hit ...

In other news, my neighbour M loves technology and uses it for everything he can, including studying. And so long as he's not trying to give me unasked-for advice (which luckily has mostly stopped since I snapped at him the last time he did it ... oops), this is totally fine. I mean, I really don't care how you study or whatever. But the other day he had a need to write several words in hiragana, and he had to keep looking the hiragana up on his phone in order to be able to do so. After seeing someone who's studied Japanese for two years struggle to remember how to write hiragana, I think I'll be sticking to my mostly pen-and-paper study routine ...

In better news, I very much enjoyed the first long weekend of this year's Golden Week. I worked quite a bit on my writing, which I haven't done at all since February and then September before that. One thing I've noticed here is that my mood when I've been writing is always vastly better than my mood when I haven't been writing. So why don't I do it more often?!? Seriously, I think I need to start making time for it not because of any goals towards being published or whatever but just because it seems to keep me happier.

In other news, the other day in junior high we were at my least favourite page in the textbook, where an American character talks about Japanese spring traditions for like two full paragraphs and then throws in a "In America, we paint Easter eggs" at the end. Pretty weak attempt at cultural exchange there, you guys. Luckily my JTE has started asking more of me and so I got to do a short presentation about Easter. Well to be honest I didn't do a super fantastic job, but I did pass around an empty bag of Mini-Eggs to be all "This is my favourite Easter candy~" and then all of the kids decided to smell it which was the highlight of my week. xD I accidentally left it on my desk at school when I left on Thursday so here's hoping my entire work area now smells like chocolate-y goodness lol lol lol~~


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