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Not to be ungrateful or anything, but I am really sick of writing essays I don't want to write. :/

Oh well I guess. Less than a month and then the semester is OVER!!

Also my mom and I went to my first place of employment for lunch today and I didn't know any of the people who were working there but man, going there makes me realize I actually kind of miss the job. :( I mean, I didn't hate it or anything ... Working there last summer was really awesome because I knew everyone and we were all pretty close and I really knew the job well and felt very confident with it. But then everyone started quitting and so yeah. I'm definitely glad to have the job that I have now. :) (Even if I can't believe people are still asking when we're getting The Seeker. OH MY GOD WE HAD IT ALREADY!!!1!!!!!!!!!1!!)

ALSO, MAN. My dad just returned from a weekend in Calgary with the news that my cousin and his wife have decided they want to go to Tokyo and they want me to go with them and be, like, their guide or something. (Which I think is pretty hilarious because when I was given the job of guiding them around Victoria, a city I supposedly have some actual knowledge of, we ended up walking an unnecessary twelve blocks. xD;; ) So basically I am in LOVE with this idea and want to do it post haste!! Only problem is my cousin's wife is pregnant which means I'm going to have to wait like a decade for this to ever happen ... Imagine me weeping into my sleeves in a Genji Monogatari-like fashion. ;_;

BLAUGH I want to quit school and move to Calgary and work in the Disney Store and baby-sit my new little cousin. <333
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So I haven't posted in two weeks which is kind of funny because for once things have actually been happening around here! xD On Thursday the second, I went to the very last showing of PotC3 at the theatre where I work (and enjoyed it ridiculously), and I was going to write a huge big long ridiculous entry about that but then I was distracted by the fact that my brother's girlfriend had been in a car accident while I was gone!! haha wow!! She's okay, obviously, otherwise the tone in which I tell this news would be rather more somber. ^^; Then I guess nothing much happened for a while ... a little old lady told me she thinks the Harry Potter series are simply wonderful, we got a new computer which I am still kind of hating on, we watched Memento in my film class and I thought it was totally awesome, [ profile] the_wykydtron and I watched three Disney movies in one afternoon and then we did the same thing a couple days later (and I was going to write a big long entry about The Lion King but got lazy), I went to Calgary for four days and hung out with my family and betaraider (haha betaraider asked me if I am still in Disneyland withdrawal hahaha well yes I am and it hurts!), [ profile] the_wykydtron and I watched two Disney movies in one afternoon (and I am such a Hercules fangirl right now, oh man that movie), my dad joined Facebook just out of pure curiosity ... and I guess that about sums it up, really. xD I'm going to hate myself in the future for skipping over all the details of all of this but at the moment I don't really feel like writing a huge long entry about all of this and you guys probably don't feel like reading it, so that's just too bad for my future self. xD;;;;

I realized today that as I grow older, the reading level of the books I own seems to grow younger. Having run out of PotC artbooks to buy, today I bought two PotC books that I'm pretty sure were intended for grade schoolers. xD;; One of these is The Pirate's Code Guidelines by one Joshamee Gibbs! xD;;;; The idea behind this book is total hilarity to me - Mr. Gibbs wrote a book on the Code, then years later went back through his copy and filled the margins with handwritten notes, then years later this copy was discovered on the wreckage of the Titanic! Oh Disney, you never fail to amuse. xDDD PotC3 spoilers )

hahaha ANYWAY what I was going to say there was that I hope the fact that I finally ordered myself a copy of Ovid's Metamorphoses will make up for my growing collection of books that are really way too young for me. XD

I am feeling very obsessed with my novel today. o_o I am sorta kinda in the process of rewriting one of the very first arcs I wrote for it, which is fun and interesting but at the same time kind of frustrating, because a lot of what I had before is now in total conflict with the rules of the world, and I have to fix all of that. Well, oh well, I do enjoy it, and I do like going back and making scenes better. :)

And this icon totally makes me laugh. XD; My favourite thing about Al and Jas is my theory that nobody else would be able to stand being with either of them. XD Al is always all "zomg I suck!!1!" and Jas has that irrational anger thing ... I mean, who would put up with all of that but each other? XD That is why they are OTP!!11!#!#!1hahaha I am so amused~ xD

PS: This is entry #999! hahaha wow, I can't believe the internets have put up with me for that long! XD
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Prehistoric Park: The Calgary Zoo's unique Prehistoric Park is an outdoor re-creation of southern Alberta as it might have appeared millions of years ago. The park features life-sized dinosaurs in their re-created geographical environment. This exhibit will be removed once construction starts for Antarctic Landing and Arctic Shores.

oh my god.

This is the worst news I've ever heard in my life.

;_; ;_; ;_; ;_;
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Today is one of those days where I don't want to go to bed because when I wake up it will be tomorrow and tomorrow couldn't possibly be as awesome as today!! Because here is what I did today: saw PotC2 with a friend, wrote, saw PotC2 with a co-worker, and also my brother is actually in a good mood!!! Man I am so overwhelmed with the awesomeness of seeing PotC2 twice in one day. I hope this isn't as lamesauce as I think it is. I think I should quit work and quit school and live like this forever. YOU KNOW I'M RIGHT!!!

When I was in Calgary we took pictures of the Silvercity there because it is SO COOL and features a SPHINX THAT SHOOTS LASERS(!!!!!), and anyway I was all "When I go back home, my first day off I'm going to Pirates!" And then I got back home and OH MAN I NEEDED A DAY OFF but it didn't come for four days!! And then today I didn't have to work and I saw Pirates TWICE and I don't know if you can tell but I think this is the best thing in the world, ever.

Not to bash tomorrow, though. I do have high hopes for tomorrow, because a friend and I are embarking on a five-hour walk to the nearest town. I love my parents but they are not exactly encouraging me here!! "Bring your cell phone," they said. "And your cell phone." I am surprised they did not suggest taking the GPS thingerdinger so that when they will inevitably need to come pick me up they will know exactly where I am. When I say "inevitably" I mean that is what THEY think, for I do not agree with it one whit!!

Hahaha, I totally want to see PotC2 again. This whole thing is so ridiculous because when I saw it the first time I was all "OMG WHAT THE HECK WAS THAT CRAZY PIECE OF JUNK." And now it is AWESOME, in distilled form!

Also it hurts to type because the fan at work decided to eat my pinky finger. YUM. Now there are three appliances at work that I am deathly afraid of! The fun just keeps increasing!!
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So I am obsessed with Disneyland right now, don't ask questions. My family went to Disneyland when I was seven and though I like to believe I have quite a good memory for things that happened when I was younger, the collection of memories that I have from Disneyland is pretty dismal.

So anyway, I just came across a picture of Disneyland City Hall, and was surprised to find how clearly I remember the building and its insides.

Because it was our first day in California and that was the first building I ever went inside when I was in Disneyland.

... Because I had to go to the bathroom.


(I think it's pretty funny that the only time we ever talk about our trip to Disneyland is to talk about how I threw up on my father during the plane ride there and we couldn't get into our hotel so we couldn't get our luggage so he couldn't change his pants for a whole afternoon. Ahahahaha, this is probably why when I go to Calgary next month I am flying by myself. Hahahahaha ...)
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Saturday is our annual neighbourhood garage sale (in which we participate even though we are at the top of the hill and so everyone else ignores us), and tomorrow is my last day off before then, so I've sort of been looking forward to it as a big EVERYTHING MUST GO!! sort of crazy purging day. But now I am feeling nervous and hoping I don't wuss out. UGH. When I was last in Calgary for my grandparents' birthday celebration my aunt was talking about how my grandmother's family gave up all they had in order to come to Canada, and wouldn't it be just awful to lose all of your stuff, and I am a horrible person but all I could think was AT LEAST THEN I WOULDN'T GUILT MYSELF ANYMORE, because man.

I have been thinking about getting bangs but I keep putting it off as is my wont. And so anyway last night I had a dream that my dad cut my bangs, and he did a really horrendous job but I loved them anyway. I have no idea if this is supposed to be some premonition or what ...

Anyway I have been looking through [ profile] ourbedrooms and it is driving me INSANE because seriously, none of these people own any actual belongings. Hahahaha. I dunno. My brother has a full bookcase and he has two whole shelves free! (I am counting the shelf on which he keeps his army men.) This boggles my mind. I feel like if I have a bookshelf I have a duty to keep it filled. Which is ridiculous? I barely even read anymore. Right now the part of my bookcases that I pay the most attention to is the part where my CDs are stored ... :p

Basically it is two in the morning and I wish I were a better person, is what I am trying to say.

(And today I had part of my shift with my two favourite co-workers whom I hadn't seen for two weeks; one of them announced he was quitting and the other spent the remainder of the time trying to hide that she was upset about it. Which is, I dunno. But then they told me their stories about sketchy Danish roller coasters and that was awesome, and my mom came and bought a cinnamon stick and I gave her my discount and my co-worker questioned it and I was like "It's my mom!" and she was like "Oh right, duh." It was a all a little strange. But I was grateful that my feet didn't hurt even after eight hours of standing and I was grateful that my friend came and spent my break with me, yay. :) )
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So the song "Poor Unfortunate Souls" was the basis of an article I read for the part of my paper that was about The Little Mermaid (because it is in that song that Ursula shows off her drag queen persona and Ariel learns that gender is a performance, EH? EH??) and as a result it has been stuck in and out of my head for a week now. But I gotta say, Ursula doesn't lip synch it half as well as this guy, ahahahaha.

Anyway! This post is filled with EXCITING THINGS!! Which I have told to everyone already, is how exciting they are. Never mind that!! I'm sure you're all dying to hear about them again anyway!!

I fiiiiiiiiinally got my JLPT results! What a ridiculously ridiculous wait that was. But I passed! v(^_^)v

Writing/Vocab: 75/100 (six times better than I thought I did)
Listening: 57/100 (... ouch)
Reading/Grammar: 188/200 (worse than I thought I did but I think I got kind of cocky with it, haha)
TOTAL: 320/400 = 80%


But please don't ask me if I'll be taking Level 2 any time soon ... ^^;;

(Oh, and they also confused my name very terribly on the envelope, but on the certificate it's all right.)

Tomorrow I am going to karaoke for the first time in my whole entire life.



My excitement was only dampened slightly by the realization that my knowledge of popular English songs is, uh, lacking. And so I am going through my folder of English-language MP3s, and realizing that they are all rather risqué. Well, the ones that have any chance of being at the karaoke place, anyway. Hahaha, oh man, I somehow doubt "I Don't Want to Live on the Moon" will be there, despite it being only THE BEST SONG EVER WRITTEN EVER holy man. Perhaps I will end up singing "La Tortura" and showing off my hideous Spanish OH MAN AWSM.

More about karaoke, bad things people do to popcorn, and hilarity ensues daily. )

... the end.
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Oh my goodness, I have no idea what the date is. I was doing pretty good, usually I'm not so good with dates, but I was doing okay until this weekend and then it all exploded and I think I wrote "Jan. 23" on all my notes today just like I wrote "Jan. 22" on all my notes yesterday and basically I should just give up on the whole thing.

I was going to write a post about how frustrating it is that every time I open my mouth in one of my language classes I end up feeling like a moron, but then I had a Spanish class after which I did not feel like a moron. And I sort of had a conversation, too! Somewhere between grade twelve and second year I managed to lose all faith I had in my Spanish ability, so this is a big step up!

What I love about Spanish lit. classes is how everything is about the Bible. I am lying, I don't love it. But at least I am understanding this stuff about Mary. Quite the contrast to last semester when we had to compare Paco of Réquiem por un campesino español to Jesus, and all I could come up with was "They're ... both ... men?" EVERYTHING I LEARNED ABOUT RELIGION I LEARNED FROM PASSION OF THE CHRIST REPRESENT!

Really the only reason I am making this entry is because I finally have six userpics uploaded. Amazing! Even when I had a paid account for those two precious months I didn't go past three. When I uploaded my Davy Jones icon and it was the fourth, that was a very big moment! Now there are so many pictures on my userpics page, wow! Nobody wants to read about your userpics, Sarah ... )

Also I have my first ever staff meeting next Saturday! Also I might be going to Calgary in March! (The e-mail my aunt was passing around about the planned get-together was titled something like "senior [last name] meeting" - probably I am destroying all their plans but so long as I get to go to Calgary I don't really care.) Also I wish I had someone who would come over and watch Full House with me, but the only other Full House fan I know came over and then passed out. The other night (while we were watching The Scarlet Letter, tee) my grandmother was telling me how her brother's girlfriend was like a sister to her. Well I am sure my brother's girlfriend and I would bond if she would watch Full House with me!!!! >_<

I am going to go clean my room now. I WROTE IT IN LJ SO IT MUST BE TRUE--!
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I must force myself to make this a short entry because I have to go do stuff. Yes it is midnight and I still have to study and write down what I thought up while washing dishes at work, leave me alone~~~~~.

Reba, The Mummy, and French dubs, and this entry is awful )


NO SOUP FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PPS: Forget it, I will study tomorrow.

Me = dumb. x_x

Tiny PPPS because it is dumb too: My favourite Escaflowne character is Van and my favourite Reba character is Van. THIS IS HILARIOUS DON'T YOU SEE
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Sarah: That'll be $3.36, please.
Customer: Is that American or Canadian?

Customer [gesturing towards the juice cooler]: すみません! Excuse me! オレンジ!

I am making this a short entry so you can't tell how painfully I am missing Calgary.

... This sucks.

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Now that Amadeus has been on The Daily Show and Morning Musume has been on The Colbert Report, I ... I guess I can stop watching television.


Edit: I wish I was still in Calgary like I was this morning. :(


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