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Yay, I got interviewed again!! :D This time the questions are from [ profile] frauleinfrog. News travels fast in Vienna. )

In other news, tomorrow I am going to This Is It for the second time in three days, and a Twilight t-shirt party for the second time in eight days. ahahaha, my life this week is so ridiculous but I love it. FANDOM ALL OVER THE PLACE!! xD Hopefully I can fit some studying in here somewhere. D:


Nov. 1st, 2009 01:59 am
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Today SUCKED but now it's OVER. Let's do a MEME! I love these interview memes, hahaha. This time it was [ profile] athena_crikey who asked the questions. Read more... )

Feel free to ask me to ask you five questions! x)
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OKAY I GUESS I'M DOING THIS because I want to see what lolarity will ensue. xD Aaaaand hopefully if I actually finish the requests*, it will inspire me to finish all the other memes and fanfic I once said I would finish! Oh, how awesome.

* I am unlikely to actually get any requests. >xD;

So, as stolen from [ profile] athena_crikey:
The first TEN people to comment in this post get to request a drabble of any pairing/character of their choosing from me. In return, they have to post this in their journal, regardless of their ability level. If you absolutely can't write, I don't see why you wouldn't be able to offer drawings or icons or something instead.

In real life news, as usual I have very little to say about myself, but one of my best friends got married this past weekend and what is up with that!! xD Meanwhile I am still trying to figure out what to do with my life, argh argh argh. Well I have been studying quite productively for the JLPT and learning some more ridiculous H!P dances, so for now I guess that is good enough for me. :D
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In middle school I was working on a story featuring a character named Sharia, which is "Sarah" with the letters mixed up and an "i" thrown in. (NO SHUT UP SHE WAS NOT A MARY SUE!!) One day in the library I don't even remember what I was reading but I discovered that Sharia is the name of the body of Islamic religious law. When I was signing up for an LJ a year or two later, I didn't want to use the name of an actual thing, so I mixed up the letters again and got Arisha. Which has led to at least one fellow LJ user asking me if I'm Russian, because apparently it is a Russian name. So ahahaha I fail at making up original words. xD
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You guys you guys I am going to a Hello! Project concert! :D To be more precise, the Hello! Project Wonderful Hearts concert in Osaka on January 18th! :D And I have just discovered that the title of this concert tour is 革命元年, or FIRST YEAR OF THE REVOLUTION, hahahaha what the heck H!P I love you. xDDD

I sorta kinda asked for the cheapest seat, hahaha, so I won't be surprised if I find myself sitting in the very back row, but oh man I so don't care. xDD After seven years of being a fan of Morning Musume I'll finally get to see them, how weird is that?!?! xD I mean I'm looking forward to seeing Berryz and C-ute as well but definitely MoMusu is the main draw for me here. xD; Oh, and with any luck Buono! will make an appearance. And probably Kirari, but I am slightly less excited about her ... JUST KIDDING KOHARU I LOVE YOU TOO! ;D

I feel very calmly excited right now, hahaha. xD Also, last night I found out that like six of the places I want to go in Osaka are within something like five blocks of each other, so the current status of my trip planning: AWESOMESAUCE. xDDD

(Meanwhile, the current status of the novel I'm supposed to be revising this month: ... novel? What novel? :/ )
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The CliffsNotes version of my life right now:

· Disney World doesn't want me to work for them so I am going to Japan! I have no idea how to plan a trip so despite the fact that I am leaving in early January I still have pretty well no idea what I'm going to do when I get there (besides turn twenty-two in Tokyo Disneyland! xD; ). AWESOME! xD

· As soon as I had to start thinking about the one essay I have to write this semester, all the love I had for school completely disappeared. Okay well mainly I am stupidly annoyed because this essay is for my Greek Epic class, and the prof doesn't want me to write about the topic I thought up because it's "not very original." I am frustrated by this twofold: one, I have no idea how I'm supposed to come up with something original to say about a super famous three-thousand-year-old piece of literature that people spend their entire careers analyzing. (Maybe I should act my major and write an essay comparing the Iliad to Genji?) Two, what does it matter if this topic isn't original? It's not like I'll be making attempts to publish it. Shouldn't essays be about researching and learning about stuff you want to learn about? GOD it drives me bonkers that my HATRED of writing essays is threatening to completely destroy the love I've had for this semester so far. D:<

· I have just now beaten Level 2 of my favourite Nintendo DS game, Nazotte Oboeru Otona no Kanji Renshuu. This is sorta pathetic because Level 2 is Grade 2, as in elementary school, but I STILL FEEL ACCOMPLISHED! xD;

· I quit my job at the movie theatre today, something I seriously should have done back in May, and yet somehow I don't feel happy about this ... ?! I mean I'm seriously so tired of the job (it's a great job but there's only so many times you can answer THE EXACT SAME QUESTIONS, you know?), so I'll be glad to be free of it, but at the same time I adore almost all of my co-workers, and I'll definitely miss them. :( Oh and also I have seriously no idea what kind of job I want to look for now, a problem which is quite nicely contributing some anxiety to this whole issue. :P (Oh, and also my main manager doesn't know yet that I quit. So ... this could be exciting!! -_-; )

· I haven't really been doing NaNo, but I've definitely been writing this month! :D I plan to spend December hardcore working on my novel in order to finish a sorta kinda readable first draft by Christmas. Which is ... only a month away. But that's okay, I have faith in me. xD;
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child sponsorship update! :) )

~ Round-up of other news: later this month I am going to Calgary to meet my cousin's baby boy, and in preparation I bought him a baby-sized shirt that says "I [heart] UVIC"; this fandom!secret makes me stupidly happy only because of the Cate and Jude characters in my novel (this is the only reason why I ship it, too xD; ); this article about the phrase "the customer is always right" makes me happy because it's someone outside the customer service world recognizing how much it can suck to be inside it; and, after hearing it on my manager's iPod last night, I am now rather obsessed with Kelly Clarkson's "Haunted," despite the fact that it's exactly like every other song she's ever released. :D
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So my today started very uneventfully, and then went off in an unexpected direction! Read more... )

Now for a spot of homeworking and then bed. :3
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Apparently there is some speculation regarding a possible sequel. SO IT COULD STILL HAPPEN!!!

(Waiting for this DVD is kind of gnawing at my soul.)

Also: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA and how fantastic is it that I recognized these guys right away? hahahahahaha oh the lulz~. xDDD

Okay I am actually kind of ashamed to be reading fandom!secrets so let's pretend I'm not.

(HAHAHAHAHAHA oh gosh why??!!)
(I very much agree.)
(And I am totally guilty of this.)
(And maybe I have to agree with this one too?)
(Ahahahahaha!! Now I really want to watch Muppet Treasure Island. D: )

So ... now for something completely different?

child sponsorship easter presents )

I'm sorry that there is nothing much of interest in this entry. D:
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The highlight of my today was that I decided to buy my copy of AWE at Future Shop since I'd gotten a couple gift cards from my manager, and almost by accident I took the route that would take me past the craft store next to it, and I peered in the windows at just the right moment to see my brother's girlfriend getting ready to go on her break. And so she came with me to buy PotC3! :D AWEsome! xD And they had a Jack Sparrow standee and a million bajillion copies of the million bajillion versions of the movie and they had it playing on a fancy pants widescreen TV. AWEsome!! xD


It's not getting to the land of emoticons that's the problem. It's getting back. )

And I have been working on my novel quite a lot this past week, so yay! :D

Edit: I am allowing this AWE babble to escape the cut because at the moment I think it is just so brilliant. xD A thought I had while watching the movie today: looking at the parallels created between Davy and Will, I daresay PotC deals with the theme of your choices making you what you are a hundred times better than Harry Potter does.

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I'm sure this is really random considering I never ever write fanfiction and consider myself really bad at it when I do, but I was wondering if anyone would like to exchange fanfiction for Christmas. xD (And I do hope someone says yes, otherwise I will feel like a huge dork!!) Not the most original idea, I know, but original for me considering I so rarely write the stuff. xD

fanfic I would luv xD; )

Okay okay, so. Does anyone want to do this with me? You write a fic for me and I write a fic for you? To be finished in time for Christmas? Just tell me what to write you and I will! Although I make no promises as to the quality ... xDDD
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Here is a summary of NaNoWriMo 2007 so far:

· My story very quickly got a lot darker than I ever intended it to be. I can't decide if I like it or not. Like, one moment I'll think it's all so brilliant and then the next moment I'm like, wow. It's terrible. D:

· My main character keeps changing personalities and I can't figure out how to write her properly. :(

· I remembered why I always write fake fantasy. Writing real fantasy is HARD. Rules? For magic?? Pffffttt.

· I am pretty well a hack. Also I feel like I have forgotten everything I ever learned about writing.

· At least my main characters have NAMES this time, looool. xDDD (For those of you not in the know, I just did two years of NaNo during which four of my six most important characters were never given names. Not on purpose, but just because I was too lazy to think of any. xD; When I do have to finally go and name them, it is going to be THE MOST DIFFICULT THING EVER. For serious.)

· I feel very clever because I started writing this short story two years ago and I decided to steal all of its characters and backstory and it actually all fits rather nicely into my NaNo! So now I feel like I must have had some awesome foresight or something, haha. It's so funny, I barely even remembering making the decision to include these guys ... and now all of a sudden they are like, really important characters. o_o Crazy!

· I haven't posted an excerpt yet because I don't want anybody to see any of what I've written so far. x) haha it's bad. I HATE not having an excerpt up, that's my favourite part of NaNo! So I am going to try very hard to get one up tomorrow, embarrassing or not.

· ALSO I AM SEVEN THOUSAND WORDS BEHIND. D: Oh well. Tomorrow. Right now I'm going to bed. :P


Oct. 25th, 2007 08:13 pm
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A little detective work while I was searching for something completely different has revealed that the seventh issue of The Claremont Review (published, apparently, in 19995) included a story entitled "Naming the Baby."

Okay, yes, I'll admit, I am a little saddened by this news, but now that I know I don't have to worry about being blamed or honoured for such an awful title (I'm sorry but I hate it! ^^; ), I can get back to watching YouTubey goodness such as this video of the Jungle Cruise in Japanese (I love this ride so much I sometimes think I might die of it).


Edit: I added the answers to that lyric entry I did last week. If anyone cares. Which probably they don't. @_@
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My high school hosts a biannual literary magazine in which I have been published a few times, and this fall they've published a book to celebrate the magazine's first fifteen years. Which I think is pretty cool, especially because I'm in it. xD; Today I got a letter-of-sorts informing me of the book's launch party, but more interesting than that is I finally got to find out the book's title: Naming the Baby.

"Wow," I thought to myself. "I really hate that title."

And then I remembered that my story "Adelante," which is in the book, ends: ... like a baby, the baby you will name Adelante.

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Sarah: "Today I joined the Disney Movie Club! They sent me stickers!"
Brother: "Yeah, right. You made that club up yourself. Then you made those stickers. And died a little inside."

Aaaaahahaha, oh gosh, I really did die a little inside, I think. I felt very dirty filling out the form, because it was totally admitting that I buy enough Disney DVDs that, "obligation to buy" or not, this thing is easily going to save me money. :X Ah, I spend way too much money on DVDs, my mother tells me that's all I ever buy. xD But today I ordered three Disney sequels of varying quality all for just two dollars total, so who cares~~~~~~ XDDDDD

In completely other news, I went to the doctor today to get the wax washed out of my ears. cut for gross? )

What else ... I worked on my JaNo novel today and yesterday, which is really terrible of me because I should be working on the novel I want to have a first draft of by the end of the year. ^^; But I randomly started getting ideas for this one so whatever. This evening I went to betaraider's and saw 300 for the first time, but I think listening to six months of people praising it was bound to leave me disappointed. :p (Wow, it was only released in March?? I feel like it was released soooooooooo much longer ago!)

I feel like I am slacking re: studying but at the same time I feel like we're still so early in the school year and already I've done a lot. My classes so far are fine but I dunno, I sort of lost my drive in third year and I thought I might get it back but so far that's not the case. :( I mean, I like university, but I really don't care for all the work they shove into three months. And it makes me just want to not do any of it. Because I'm mature like that, haha. But whatever, so far so good, I have a Japanese literature class that is the MOST INTENSE CLASS I'VE EVER TAKEN. There's only five students and it's all Japanese all the time which means the other four get to listen to my aaaaaaaawful speaking. xDDD Why do I hate when people are all, "lol, this is my friend Sarah, lol, she's so totally fluent in Japanese"? BECAUSE I'M NOT. Feel free to ask any of these classmates if you don't believe me, hahaha, they're the ones who get to listen to me stumble through my answers to the hundreds of questions the prof asks every class. xD But I really like this prof, though! He is so friendly and happy and enthusiastic, and maybe it's horrible to say this but he kind of reminds me of Matthew from Matthew's Best Hit TV. Well, considering how awesome I think Matthew is, I guess that's not really a mean thing to say, and anyway this prof isn't quite as crazy as Matthew is ... yet. xDDD

AND BEFORE I FORGET! XD Here are two YouTube videos that are currently ruling my life:

After Today
A group of college kids got together and made a live action version of "After Today" from A Goofy Movie. WHICH IS AWESOME ENOUGH IN ITSELF, RIGHT??? xDDD But it is pretty amusing in other ways, too. XD XD And then I watched it so many times I had this song stuck in my head the entire next day. A little tiring! ^^;; I am actually really amused by all the love A Goofy Movie seems to get on YouTube, hahaha, because I remember when it was like the most neglected of Disney movies. xDDD There's a Hercules video done to "Stand Out" (omg I love that song) and there's even a PotC video done to "On the Open Road"!!! PRETTY AWESOME!!! XDDD

Why is the Rum Gone? Remix
I watched this expecting it to be like the I've Got a Jar of Dirt Remix, which I have never been able to listen to all the way through because it drives me insane. >_O;; So I am glad to report that this one is much more awesome and even my PotC-hating brother liked it so much that he spent the next day going around the house shouting, "That's not good enough!" xD (Hahaha, when we were watching it he was like, "It sounds like Will's getting angrier every time, but you know that's not true!" xD xD; ) So please watch it and love it and send me all the awesome (AWEsome?) PotC videos you find because I devour them like candy. :X

((Oh man that reminds me! My brother's (nick)name is Will and my favourite character in my favourite trilogy is named Will. Okay, whatever. But one of my brother's favourite movies is Requiem for a Dream and one of the main characters in that is named Sara!! Either we just have two way common names, or this is some bizarre sibling psychology at work. xDD ))
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I feel bad for not posting a real entry in a while, but if I had posted more these past two weeks, you would have had to read a lot about H!P and Harvest Moon: Magical Melody and how I've been ridiculously angsting over work and trying to get obsessed with my writing so I can distract myself from the aforementioned angst. x_x; I am halfway done the next Disneyland entry, though, I've just been working on it now. :) And it's gonna be a good one! XD Or I think so, haha. XD So hopefully I can post that tomorrow. :)

Oh! And also I have been obsessing over Whose Line is it Anyway? and was going to make a post with links to all my favourites of the clips I've been able to find on YouTube, hahaha, but right now it is three in the morning so I will just link you to one: Improbable Mission -- Doing the Laundry. I showed this clip to betaraider yesterday (after our second walk to Sidney, woo!) and it was pretty funny to watch her reactions, hahaha. XD

Okay, I can't live with myself if I only post one. XD So here are two more: Three-Headed Broadway Star -- "I Lost My Leg Warmers" and Three-Headed Broadway Star -- "You've Got Sole." I <3 Whose Line, I think it is the most consistently hilarious show I've ever seen. I think I sort of went off it after seeing them live and uncensored (you know my delicate sensibilities! haha), but now watching these clips again, man, they are the best things ever. How could a show like this get cancelled? And why are only ten episodes out on DVD?? ;_; ;_; ;_; ;_;
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I hate working on my résumé, it makes me feel so inferior. I haven't updated it since the summer after first year, and back then I felt justified in filling it with the awards I received in high school and using my high school teachers as references and pimping the measly volunteer work I did in high school ... Now that I'm in third year, I feel like maybe those things don't really count anymore, and so I'm going through and taking stuff out, and now it looks so wimpy. :( Hopefully the fact that I survived fast food for almost a year and a half will make up for that. Right? And my manager from said fast food job said I could use her as a reference, so that makes me feel really encouraged. (Haha, I asked if I could use her as a reference right after I told her I'd bought a present for her daughter, so it wasn't like she could say no! XD I think this is a good tactic. I'll have to keep it in mind for any future requests I get nervous about. XD )

Oh, haha, why did I write that I know HTML? I was only applying in fast food, hahaha, I think I was kind of desperate for skills ... dear me.

This is a really loser post but I don't really have anything else to say. I went through all my papers from my month in Winnipeg and threw out a good chunk. It made me really nostalgic for SLP though. :( Today I got rid of some posters I know I'll never hang up. (I feel I must make a note that none of the posters I rid myself of were given to me by [ profile] the_wykydtron. Just so we're clear, haha.) This is hilarious - you remember that movie A Kid in King Arthur's Court? I went with my dad to see an early showing of this movie and I guess there we were given free posters or something, because I found two of them in one of my poster tubes. This is hilarious!! I was thinking about that movie the other day, actually, because I remember watching that movie and being totally fascinated by it, and then all of a sudden there was a villain, and I remember being TOTALLY disappointed. I did not want there to be a villain in this movie, I already thought it was perfect as it was. (We have a copy of this movie but I haven't watched it in forever. I kind of don't want to destroy the truly positive opinion I have of this movie. I may have loved it in elementary school, but who knows how corny I'll think it is now?) Looking back on that I think it's great, because I don't know if you've noticed, but none of the stories I write ever have villains in them. I thought this was a recent development but apparently not as much as I had thought! Villains are boring! Internal conflict is much, much better. XD

All righty, back to the résumé ... x_x;
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90,412 is the number of words currently in the .doc file that is my novel.

... That's a lot of words. ^^;;

There are some notes thrown in there too, though, so not all of it is actual scenes ... and then there's my file made specifically because I needed a place to organize all of my other notes, and that is thirty-seven pages ... ^^;;;;

Please nobody be impressed or feign being impressed or anything like that. This month means I'm starting my fourth year of working on this thing. I mean, really I've only written 30,000 words a year, which is 83 words a day, which makes me feel like the biggest slacker in the world.

Anyway, that is all.
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I don't usually post Hello! Project news in my LJ because my friends list is made up of people who don't care, and people who care enough that they have probably already heard. But the piece of news I came home to today is the most hilarious, most bizarre, most unpredictable H!P news that I think I have ever heard. Two Chinese girls to join to Morning Musume (temporarily? ignoring the fact that all MoMusu members are temporary anyway). Interesting, considering how MoMusu is all "JAPAN! JAPAN! JAPAN!" all the time.

And! Apparently they only informed the current MoMusu girls of this yesterday. XD XD XD XD XD Oh, Tsunku. You make me laugh. XD XD XD

Other news from today: for the second time, my brother is wearing the Indiana Jones shirt I bought him; I went to the doctor and the saga of the toenail seems to be coming to a close! YES! FINALLY!; I got my copy of Disney Rarities and have been fangirling over the Alice Comedies; I spent my break working on my musical and my novel because the reading about eco-governmentality was way, way, way, way over my head; my manager sent me photos of her four-day-old baby. :)


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