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I hate working on my résumé, it makes me feel so inferior. I haven't updated it since the summer after first year, and back then I felt justified in filling it with the awards I received in high school and using my high school teachers as references and pimping the measly volunteer work I did in high school ... Now that I'm in third year, I feel like maybe those things don't really count anymore, and so I'm going through and taking stuff out, and now it looks so wimpy. :( Hopefully the fact that I survived fast food for almost a year and a half will make up for that. Right? And my manager from said fast food job said I could use her as a reference, so that makes me feel really encouraged. (Haha, I asked if I could use her as a reference right after I told her I'd bought a present for her daughter, so it wasn't like she could say no! XD I think this is a good tactic. I'll have to keep it in mind for any future requests I get nervous about. XD )

Oh, haha, why did I write that I know HTML? I was only applying in fast food, hahaha, I think I was kind of desperate for skills ... dear me.

This is a really loser post but I don't really have anything else to say. I went through all my papers from my month in Winnipeg and threw out a good chunk. It made me really nostalgic for SLP though. :( Today I got rid of some posters I know I'll never hang up. (I feel I must make a note that none of the posters I rid myself of were given to me by [ profile] the_wykydtron. Just so we're clear, haha.) This is hilarious - you remember that movie A Kid in King Arthur's Court? I went with my dad to see an early showing of this movie and I guess there we were given free posters or something, because I found two of them in one of my poster tubes. This is hilarious!! I was thinking about that movie the other day, actually, because I remember watching that movie and being totally fascinated by it, and then all of a sudden there was a villain, and I remember being TOTALLY disappointed. I did not want there to be a villain in this movie, I already thought it was perfect as it was. (We have a copy of this movie but I haven't watched it in forever. I kind of don't want to destroy the truly positive opinion I have of this movie. I may have loved it in elementary school, but who knows how corny I'll think it is now?) Looking back on that I think it's great, because I don't know if you've noticed, but none of the stories I write ever have villains in them. I thought this was a recent development but apparently not as much as I had thought! Villains are boring! Internal conflict is much, much better. XD

All righty, back to the résumé ... x_x;
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I took a hundred more pictures in Disneyland in a week than I did in Winnipeg in a month.

How ... how did that even happen? That is so bizarre ...
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Read Into Thin Air and it gave me a nightmare. Have been cleaning my room again. There is more dust in there than in any attic in any haunted house anywhere EVER. Last night I dreamt about cookies, bad Aladdin remakes, plants, and slow elevators. I still miss Winnipeg. Rrrgh.

My friend and I are giving flute lessons to two fellow band members, it's awesome. Hopefully soon I will also be able to tutor languages. I'm excited! :)

Today I practiced the saxophone, yay me~.

Something that really bothers me is that my store-bought Playskool dollhouse has always meant more to me than the wooden dollhouse my father built and my grandmother furnished. I think now that I have realized that, though, it'll change. I was dusting the wooden one today and began to see it in a much nicer light than I ever did when I was younger. I don't know.

Had a huge sneezing fit earlier today because of all the dust. At least I managed to get rid of some of it. -_-;

I've been feeling really uneasy lately, like something bad is going to happen. I don't like this feeling at all. Hopefully now that I've finished that book it will go away?

I have to finish typing out SFF ... in the notebook the novel is almost finished but on the computer there's still a lot to go. :X
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Today is the first day of school (though it doesn't start until one thirty :P ). Last year on the first day of school someone popped the tires of my dad's car and I had to wait for my mom to get home before I could get to school. This year's first day has been interesting, too!
But I am too lazy to type it out again so you'll have to do with a cut-and-paste snippet from a chat! ^^; )
And another stupid story written all in caps! )

Yeah. First day of school, shyeah, whatever. >_
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Am not depressed today because last night I went with a friend and her mother to see a certain movie again (it wasn't even my idea this time!!), and this morning I had pizza and saw bits of Gone With the Wind and so far today have chatted with three of the friends that I met in Winnipeg so life today is not so bad at all. ;D

Haha. Well, all righty then. ^^;

Edit: And now I take this useless entry and add a story to it! XD; Heehee. )


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