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So I don't know if any of you remember Kiva, but it's a site I mentioned way back when that works to improve the living conditions of people in low income countries by way of microfinance. Basically, people in these countries who are hoping to start or improve their business ask for a loan, through Kiva you can help to lend them the money they need, and then when they pay the money back you can either lend it again or take it back. I've been using Kiva for a few years now and just made my seventh loan. My preferred sponsorship organization doesn't work in Peru, so I like to lend to small Peruvian businesses through Kiva as a way to stay connected to my favourite South American country. :) Anyway, the reason I mention all this now is because apparently they are offering ~free trials~, where you can make a loan of $25 without having to use any of your own money. Check it out if you are interested: Kiva Free Trials!
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The mail started up again recently which means I have a bunch of new photos of my sponsored children to show you! I've only mentioned one of these kids before, whoops. x) Also, I apologize once again for my complete inability to use a scanner~~~

sponsorship update )

Meanwhile, Rocio's fundraiser is still going! Thank you so much to everyone who's donated. <3
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Backstory: I sponsor several children through Children International, and recently the fundraising site Aura's House has helped me to help them! :D

Child sponsorship update! )

The family was reportedly very happy to receive these gifts. Thank you to everyone at Aura's House - and thank you tons to everyone who donated - for helping Maria and her family! I can't imagine not having a proper bed, and can you imagine not having a table in your house?! I hope it's useful not just as an eating area but also perhaps as a place where Maria can sit comfortably when she's studying. I'm really glad to see this fundraiser completed. :)

But of course our work is never done! If you're interested, please take a look at Rocio's fundraiser, the goal of which is to raise enough money for Rocio's mother to be able to start her own small business! (Huge thanks to everyone who has donated to this one so far too!!)
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Backstory: I sponsor several children through Children International. This will have to be a quick entry because I'm supposed to be asleep, but here are some awesome photos that I got yesterday!

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Hey look, one of my favourite YouTubers made a video about Children International!!

Also, a few months ago a few of my other favourite YouTubers were hanging out with World Vision in Zambia! This video is probably my favourite of the videos they made, because it is amusing but it also talks about the awesomeness of sponsorship.

And in completely unrelated news, I was quite touched today when a bunch of my co-workers told me that they thought of me when they saw the On Stranger Tides trailer in front of Tron, hahaha! I already have someone to go to the midnight show with, which is awesome because there's no way I'm not going to the midnight show! xD
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So as I have talked about before, Aura's House recently hosted a fundraiser for my sponsored child John, who is seven and lives in the Philippines. They helped me raise enough money to provide him and his family with both a Special Gift and an Income Generating Project. Today I received (via e-mail!) the photos as well as a thank you letter from John. Click to see them! )

Aaaaand now of course I am going to remind you that Aura's House is still raising funds for my sponsored child Maria! Check it out if you would like to help us buy her family a bed and a table. And for any of you who might feel obliged to buy me a Christmas present, yes of course you can do this instead. ;)
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Long overdue sponsorship entry! :D

· I failed to mention this when it happened, but the fundraiser that Aura's House hosted for John has been completed! :D If all goes well I should receive the photos and the report in the next couple weeks, and I am pretty excited. If any of you donated to this fundraiser, thank you!!! Aura's House is still hosting the fundraiser for my sponsored child Maria. This fundraiser will allow her family to purchase some basic household items such as a bed, a table, and chairs. If you'd like to donate but for whatever reason don't want to do it through the site, then please let me know and we can figure something out. :)

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One! I had orientation this morning because on Monday the English language study centre opens for business, and I'm going to be one of the volunteers! :D I was kinda nervous about all this last night but now I am just STOKED! The woman in charge of the centre is super nice, and it's a really big and well-stocked room (ignoring the fact that all the audio material is still on cassette tapes!) decorated with tourism posters and anti-racism posters and "Let's speak English!" posters and lists of words that can be combined to make other words and also nametags with like four different languages on them!! In the past, whenever anyone has suggested I teach English overseas, my response has been "I love travelling, but I don't really want to teach English," but now that I am on the verge of teaching English, I feel like Monday is my Christmas!! STOKED!!!

(Okay, so I won't actually be teaching at this point - the volunteers are more there to help with projects or to be a conversation partner or to be a human tape recorder. But close enough!)

It's kind of bad how everyone is reacting to this though, haha. [ profile] the_wykydtron said, "It's been a while since you've had something awesome in your life!," which is a nice way of putting it, at least compared to my dad's "It's good you're doing something." Wait, you mean you guys don't approve of my lazing about the house all day?!?

Two! I cross-posted my ~meeting Michelle~ entry to my Lift One page (Lift One is basically CI's version of Facebook, it's kind of adorable) with a new intro that basically went, "Sorry for all the emoticons, I wrote this for my friends who I should hope are used to my ridiculousness by now." I've already gotten a ton of awesome comments to this entry, but my favourite one is from someone who wanted to tell me that there's no need to apologize for my writing style, as it's "engaging." Awwww! :D

Also I failed to mention but my sponsored child Maria now has a fundraiser up at Aura's House! And both her page and John's page have ~bonus photos~ that I've never posted on LJ! So you should go check them out like right now! :D
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I will soon enough be finishing up my Peru trip report, but this entry is about something that happened while I was away: I received the reports for the Income Generating Projects that you guys helped set up for two of my sponsored children! :D

Pictures and info behind the cut~~ )

Meanwhile, the awesome people of Aura's House and I are still working on getting an Income Generating Project set up for John and his family - check that out here. :)
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On May 21st!

I will be in Quito, Ecuador!

Visiting my sponsored child Michelle!! :D

I just decided I was doing this like, three days ago. xD I am nervous but excited!

Now back to stressing out about how this means I only have one weekend left in Lima and also should I fly back on the Sunday morning or risk it and fly back on the Monday morning and stress stress stress etc.!! xD

My housemates are being super supportive about this which is awesomesauce! But they also won't stop trying to convince me to accompany them on their trip to Huacachina this weekend. Huacachina seems nice and all, but I need one last weekend in Lima so that I can watch all the plays I haven't seen yet!! First up: "El Rapto de Perséfone"!!! Looking at the photo on that page I really feel like I have no idea what to expect, but man am I stoked!

(Also up this weekend is "Homenaje a Michael Jackson," which I put in parentheses because I understand it even less than the Persephone one. It's a play about a murder ... performed on a moving bus ... in Lima's crazy traffic ... and at the end there's an MJ tribute. I shall have to let you know how it goes.)
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So I may be in Peru but that doesn't mean I've forgotten about my sponsored children! It is actually killing me a little bit that I have to wait until I'm home to dive into the pile of photos and letters that my parents tell me is piling up on my bed. xD I am super thrilled that the web site Aura's House, which helps sponsors fund projects for their sponsored kids, has been willing to work with me even though I have none of my sponsorship stuff with me here, and so I am happy today to announce the start of a new fundraiser! :D

In this post I talked about John, one of my sponsored children from the Philippines. The purpose of this new fundraiser is to set his mother up with an Income Generating Project where she would be raising and selling hogs, making use of the pigpen that the family already owns and has experience with. You are most welcome to read more about it on the site, and of course I'll love you forever if you could spare even just a couple dollars to help make this happen! :D

Project for John!
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child sponsorship update! )
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I feel like it's been forever since I wrote one of these, but apparently it's only been a month!

child sponsorship update )
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child sponsorship update )
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Very quick entry because, as usual, I am minutes away from leaving for work. D:

text-only child sponsorship update )
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So, uh, remember how in my last sponsorship entry I said it would be my last entry on that topic until the new year? Well, guess what I got in the mail yesterday!

~update~ )

In other news, thanks to another amazingsauce donation, Keyly's Fundraiser has now reached 36%! :D

In tooootally unrelated news, today while flipping channels I caught a clip of a local talent show where two guys were dancing to "Heartbreaker." AWESOME SONG I NEVER THOUGHT I'D HEAR ON TELEVISION!!
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Quick recap: I sponsor several children through Children International, and have recently begun helping their families set up small businesses (what CI calls Income Generating Projects) in order to increase their income. I finally received the report on Ma.Fe's IGP, and so it's time again for another update! )

And so ends what will probably be my last sponsorship entry of 2009, unless the next report I'm waiting on surprises me and arrives early. xD If you haven't already, please take a second to visit Keyly's Fundraiser, which, thanks to another awesomesauce donation, is now 33% of the way to completion! :D
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I have another entry about my sponsored kids to make when I'm not about to pass out, but I just thought I'd post a reminder re: Keyly's Fundraiser! An amazing donation recently helped it reach 20% of the goal. <3 Then I decided I could match that, so now it's 30% of the way to completion!

To any rl friends who might feel obligated to get me a Christmas gift: you are morrre than welcome to donate to this instead. >xD
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~ First off, if anyone cares, I edited the answers to my movie quiz into the post. And now I am stealing another meme. )

~ I should probably mention at some point that I have kinda-sorta-mostly dropped out of NaNoWriMo this year. In a previous entry where I was freaking out about my ability to finish NaNo and pass the JLPT, [ profile] the_wykydtron correctly pointed out that I would be more upset if I failed the JLPT than if I failed NaNo, and ... there it is. I'm glad I made this decision, because I have definitely felt less stressed since I made it, but at the same time I'm really bummed and really frustrated that I let myself get so behind in both tasks that in the end I had to drop one completely. I shall just have to do lots of writing in December to make up for it, I guess! :3 (lol, but remind me to change my excerpt before it's too late! I'm not sure I like the current one enough for it to be up for an entire year. ^^; )

UGH though, the amount of work I'm having to do to protect my precious little study time! It's like as soon as I decided that studying was my number one priority, all of my co-workers have a desperate need for me to take their shifts. Often because they have exams to study for, lolariously enough. Well too bad, I booked this time off and it is MINE. :P

~ My mom's work is doing this thing through the Salvation Army where each employee is assigned a child in need to buy a Christmas present for! My mom was supposed to buy a gift for a five-year-old girl, and so yesterday she and I went and bought a bouncing Tigger board game sort of thing (and the necessary batteries) and a Dora the Explorer puzzle. (lol, yes, a puzzle - I'm totally going to be one of those adults from whom no kid wants to get presents, haha!) So that was fun! Mom asked what my work is doing for the holidays and I kind of laughed at that. Like, one year I think they did a can drive, and that's about it. I don't have a lot of faith in the humanitarian spirit of this company. :X

~ November has gone way too quickly, what the heck. :|
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omg people are texting me and I don't know what to do!! For those of you not in the know, I am pretty well stuck in the eighteenth century when it comes to telephones. My co-workers don't know life without their cell phones; I don't know or understand life with one. xD; So when I turned on my phone this morning and found not zero, not one, not two, but THREE text messages waiting for me (one from each of the past three days, hahaha), man. IT IS LIKE A FIST IN MY EAR BUT I WILL TRY TO ADJUST!

Unrelated, my fundraiser for Keyly got its first donation today, omg exciting!! I am super grateful especially because it's from someone I only kinda sorta know! I sure hope you guys don't intend to let him show you up, lol lol lol. ;)

Also I am going to force myself to start my NaNo after work tonight. Three full days of not writing is quite enough!! Bug me for an excerpt if you don't see one appear. xD


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