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Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking, Malcolm Gladwell
My goodness but I'm failing at finishing any book that isn't pop psychology. :/ This book was interesting enough and I whipped through it pretty quick but I dunno, it wasn't amazing. I felt like its conclusion contradicted itself. The part where he talked about how improv works was really interesting to me though, and actually answered some of the questions I often have while watching Whose Line is it Anyway? x)


Libeled Lady (1936)
Man, how awesome are Myrna Loy and William Powell, I wish they could star together in every movie ever. I really enjoyed this movie, and I loved that it includes a scene where a woman proposes to a man. I don't even know if I've ever seen that in a movie before! How awesome. :D

Ladrón que roba a ladrón (2008)
I took this out of the library expecting a fairly bland thriller; the only reason I borrowed it was because it was in Spanish. So I was quite surprised when it turned out to be pretty much a comedy! And I really enjoyed it - it was really well done, ignoring the plot holes I'm choosing to ignore. x) Also, I loooove that the movie takes place entirely in the U.S. but like 95% of the dialogue is in Spanish. (And there's also a shot taken at those who think monolingualism is awesome, aw man I loved it.) You can watch the trailer here although it makes the movie seem a lot cornier than it actually is.

Easy to Wed (1946)
A colour remake of Libeled Lady that stars Lucille Ball. I almost didn't even make it to the end of this movie; they pretty much took the exact same script used for Libeled Lady, changed the locations, added some filler, and then filmed it in such a way that made it SO AWKWARD. I felt like all the jokes that worked in the original version just fell flat in this one. I did like the very last scene a bit better in this version, but overall I'd definitely say to avoid this one and watch the original.

Black Rain (1989)
A Japanese movie about a family and their neighbours in the years following the atomic bombing of Hiroshima. This actually wasn't as completely depressing as I thought it would be, which in a way made it feel more realistic to me. Like, of course the family had bad days, but they managed to have good days, too. This was a really good movie, although both the ending and the alternate ending left me going, "... What? That's the end? It can't end there!! I don't get it~~~~"

Toy Story 3 (2010)
This is definitely not the deep thought I promised, but I was telling my brother about this movie today and very minor spoiler )
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So I somehow managed to force myself out of bed this morning in time for my first Korean lesson! My only other classmate is travelling to South Korea later this year, so mostly what we did today was memorize travel expressions, and I was a bit like :| But at the end of the class I asked the teacher (who is CRAZY ENTHUSIASTIC, hahaha love it) if we're going to learn the writing system, and she asked if I want to learn Korean a bit more academically, and I was like YES PLEASE. So next lesson we'll be mixing it up a bit more. I AM EXCITED TO STUDY GRAMMAR.

And then I went to the university bookstore and bought this, despite the fact that I am annoyed someone got around to writing such a book before I did. The movies in it are actually not my favourites, but Tarzan is in it!! And seriously, I am just crazy surprised that a book based on learning Spanish through dubbed American children's movies (uh, and Rocky III?) actually exists, and got published, and everything. Today the world is awesome. xD

FUN FACT: One of my dreams is to one day write a super awesome but also super useful language textbook. I might or might not sometimes work on such a thing in my spare time, DON'T JUDGE ME.

Edit: (What the heck at the review on that Amazon page - the reviewer laments the fact that this book doesn't include a phonetic guide for the Spanish vocab words. Uh ... you're doing it wrong. I also enjoy how she suggests that if you can't make your own sentence using the words in the scene you just watched, the solution is to WATCH IT AGAIN. Because ... that'll help ... ???)
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· From the BBC's Newswipe, an amusing lesson on How to Report the News.

· Why Film Schools Teach Screenwriters Not to Pass the Bechdel Test vs. How the Bechdel Test Could Save the Oscars

· 11 Extinct Animals That Have Been Photographed Alive

Also, yesterday I was browsing Peruvian news clips and came across one with the description Beyonce rodó nuevo video en una favela brasilera, al igual que Michael Jackson lo hizo en el año 96 (Beyonce filmed her new video in a Brazilian shanty[town], just like Michael Jackson did in '96). Surprise reference to "They Don't Care About Us," I am down with that!
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Yay, I got interviewed again!! :D This time the questions are from [ profile] frauleinfrog. News travels fast in Vienna. )

In other news, tomorrow I am going to This Is It for the second time in three days, and a Twilight t-shirt party for the second time in eight days. ahahaha, my life this week is so ridiculous but I love it. FANDOM ALL OVER THE PLACE!! xD Hopefully I can fit some studying in here somewhere. D:
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~ I just had a surprisingly pleasant five days of work! I say "surprisingly" because I was in box office the entire five days, and so it could easily have gone worse, but I don't think I had a single frustrating guest the entire time! Faith in humanity: RESTORED!! I also sold a bunch of tickets to This Is It, including once while "The Love You Save" was playing over the lobby radio (I still don't quite understand how that song has made it into our Top 40 station, but it's cool that it has!).

~ I studied Japanese for an hour today, awesomesauce!! :D I learned a couple new grammar points, so that was awesome. I basically cannot explain how happy studying grammar makes me. Anyway, for much of my JLPT studying this year I've been doing the exercises in this book, but now that I'm very nearly done it I decided to shake things up a bit and start doing the exercises in this book, which just arrived for me this week. :3 WHY YES that book is all about learning the Level 2 grammar points in a mere forty-five days! We are getting close to test date and I am getting nervous. D: I also got another book that's all for learning the Level 2 vocabularly in fifty days, hahaha. Too bad I no longer have fifty days!!

(Man I do love my growing collection of foreign language textbooks. xD I definitely also own a textbook or two for languages I'm not even studying ...)

In conclusion, I fully expect my November 2009 to be all about NaNoWriMo and the JLPT, and not much else. I am looking forward to a month of obsessing over studying, it reminds me of when I was studying around the clock for the AP Spanish exam and pretty well lost my ability to understand English. xD WORTH IT.

~ In other news, Facebook just told me I should reconnect with a co-worker I saw every day this week and last saw four hours ago. Oh Facebook, you know me so well.
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Some of the things I did today:
another chance to get burned )
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In one week I have an interview with one of the biggest companies in the world, and if today was any indication, I am going to spend it as a complete nervous wreck.

I have been purposely vague about this interview (and shall continue to be for at least the next little while) in my LJ because I am TERRIFIED of jinxing this. Oh man you guys have no idea how superstitious I can be sometimes. xD;;

Hmm, I feel like I should have some other news to report here. Last night I watched Casi casi, a Puerto Rican movie, which I bought mainly for Spanish listening practice but it was fairly enjoyable just as a movie. I mean, as enjoyable as you'd expect a silly teen comedy to be, haha. I was totally impressed with myself because I was able to adjust to the actors' crazy Puerto Rican accents a lot faster than I would've predicted I would, and I felt I understood quite a bit considering the off-and-on way I've been studying Spanish for the past four years. :P Anyway, now I think I'll watch it with the English subtitles on, to see how much I missed the first time around. Haha! xD

On that note, if any of you know of any Spanish language movies (or TV shows, or music, or anything!) you can recommend, please do! It's easy for me to find things to watch/listen to in Japanese, but when it comes to Spanish media, I have no idea where to start ... :( (My Spanish language CD collection so far consists of Shakira, Juanes and Belinda, making it the most mainstream collection possible I'm sure. ^^; )
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You guys I thought of another one!! :D

Spanish: Personal "A"
Basically, in Spanish, when a person or "higher animal" is the direct object in your sentence, you have to stick an "a" in front of them, eg. Yo veo a Adriana = "I see Adriana." In Spanish 11, my friend and I were reading some example sentences and were quite confused when we came across this mysterious "a." (To a student of French, it makes everyone seem like an indirect object, haha.) So we asked our teacher about it, and she gave the two of us a quick explanation, and the next day even brought us some photocopied pages from another textbook that explained it further.


Ahahaha, man. I don't really think I want to be a teacher (lulz I have no idea what I wanna be :| ), but thinking about this stuff really makes me think I should, just so I can go back there and MAKE THINGS RIGHT.
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Some days the only reason I post is because I notice I have been completely knocked off of [ profile] athena_crikey's friends page. xD;

So today I was thinking about my high school language classes, and some of the weird things we were taught that I would do my very best to teach much more better, were I ever to become a high school language teacher.

Spanish: Stem-Changing Verbs
As much as I adored the teacher I had for Spanish 11, 12 and AP, taking her class was somewhat of an adventure. For example, one day, halfway through class, she decided I had missed a test and was going to write it RIGHT NOW. As I was the most hardcore Spanish 12 student you ever did see (99% on the provincial exam and a 4 on the AP exam, if I may brag for just a moment about my only bragable accomplishments so far), I was able to write it and do just fine on it, but at the same time ... what??? And that's pretty much how she taught us stem-changing verbs. One day, halfway through class, she decided it was time to tell us about their existence. And so she did. And then we moved on.

Hopefully this is not a common experience in high school Spanish classes, because dude. It's kind of important, don't you think? hahaha I love that I wrote the Spanish AP exam not even really understanding this stuff. xDDD; And yet I got a 4, and that's just how hardcore I am. <3

Spanish: "Me Gusta"
"Me gusta" does NOT equal "I like" and yet that's how we were taught it, and I strongly suspect this is how it is taught in most high school Spanish classes. And don't get me wrong, I can definitely see why it's done this way. "Me" is a direct object pronoun, and "me gusta" seems to usually be taught very early in Spanish classes, long before students have to deal with the more nitty gritty bits of grammar. Also, I had the rowdiest classmates my first year of Spanish, and I don't doubt for a moment that teaching "gustar" as "to please" would have caused giggles and comments galore. But I still think it's wrong to teach it wrong! I mean, oh man, all the problems my classmates were having with "me gusta" even into Spanish 12, it was ridiculous, and could've perhaps been prevented by better explaining the grammar of the phrase, or maybe even going so far as to not teach it at all until it's time to learn about direct object pronouns.

(Meanwhile there are kids like me who go home and look all this stuff up. The Internet was willing to teach me about direct object pronouns even when my teacher wasn't! xD; )

French: Preceding Direct Object
I know [ profile] athena_crikey has heard me rant on this subject before, way back in grade 12 when I began to decide exactly how awesome a language teacher I would be. xD But man, I still can't get over this one! As Language Guide tells us, The past participle of the passé composé will always reflect the gender and number of a preceding direct object. Were we taught about this necessary agreement when we were taught about preceding direct objects? Uhm, no. Decidedly not. When were we taught it? AN ENTIRE YEAR LATER. That's absurd. ABSURD!!

Now, okay, I admit. When I was first presented with the idea that in French, direct object pronouns came before the verb, I definitely left class that day with a headache. It just completely blew my mind. So perhaps that was not the day to bring up this nasty agreement business. But it's ridiculous that they waited a whole year to inform us about it. I mean, I'm pretty sure that in the meantime I wrote sentences that were completely wrong. I definitely remember reading things in French and being confused by all the extra letters. Unfortunately this is one thing I didn't think to look up. :/

Japanese: "-masu" Form Before Dictionary Form
I was teaching myself Japanese for about a year and a half before I was able to get into a class that my school didn't cancel a week into the semester, and I knew there might be some weird little issues as I adjusted to the way my classmates had been learning the language during the time I was unable to join them. The only one I really remember (other than the fact that I was way ahead of everyone, oh man it was ridiculous - I was in Japanese 11 in the same classroom at the same time as the tiny Japanese 12 class, and on occasion they would lean across the aisle to ask me for help), though, is that every verb my classmates had been taught, they had been taught in the "-masu" form. My guess is that this was done because "-masu" form is more polite than dictionary form, but my opinion is that it's ridiculous. Two years into their Japanese studies and these guys can't even properly look up a verb in the dictionary?? And now they're being taught how to convert verbs from "-masu" form to dictionary form?? That's the most backwards thing I've ever heard!! Students in the Romance languages have to get used to conjugating ALL VERBS ALL THE TIME, so I don't know why our teachers felt it necessary to hide even the existence of the dictionary form from their students for two whole years. I mean, honestly.

(And let's ignore for the moment the many issues I have with the teaching of kanji. You just ... don't want to go there.)

IN CONCLUSION, were I to ever become a high school language teacher, I believe I would have a little speech to give on the first day of each of my classes, and it might go a little something like this. Learning a language is hard work. You'll memorize a lot. You'll practice a lot. You'll fill page after page with verb conjugations and kanji practice. And still you won't understand everything. You'll make millions of mistakes. You'll leave class sometimes with a headache. And I'm not going to dumb it down for you. Because learning a language is hard work. But it's never impossible, and it can be one of the most awesome and fascinating and rewarding things you ever do.

I daresay I would be the least popular teacher at my school. xD;

ahahaha YES I have been feeling like quite the language major lately, despite the fact that I'm not actually taking any language classes this semester ... ? xDDDD!
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I have been very good at staying productive these past two or three weeks, and today especially -- instead of coming home and doing nothing for my six-hour break between classes, I stayed on campus and did my PACI reading and wrote a Mixi entry and then two scenes for my novel and I also went for a couple little walks. :) So tonight I let myself slack off and watch some piratey goodness. XD XD XD PotC2 with Spanish subtitles, awesome! I didn't take a Spanish class this school year because when I was making my schedule I was really only focusing on classes that I need to fulfill my Japanese Language and Literature requirements ... but I do kind of miss having a Spanish class. :( Augh, let's not go into all the messy detail of my university Spanish classes, let's just talk about piratas borrachos. XD )

And in other news, my brother is taking me to see Meet the Robinsons next week, he totally promised, and he works at the theatre so we'll totally get in for free! I hope he keeps his word for once, I am way too looking forward to this. XD; And I am totally hoping they play the PotC3 trailer in front of it, that would be splendid. XD XD XD XD
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Man, my brother has been totally nice to me today. It makes me not want to leave, hahaha. XD His semester has switched over and so I've been helping him with his Spanish homework the past couple of days. I'm glad to see I can still do it! :) I took two third-year Spanish lit. classes last year (which means I've read part of Don Quixote in the original, this is my only accomplishment in life hehe), but I haven't taken any this year. I do quite like Spanish, it's just that when I let UVic know I got a 4 on the AP exam, it messed everything up ... But this helping my brother with his homework makes me want to read my Harry Potter y el Prisionero de Azkaban again, hehehe. XD Gosh, HP in Spanish is so much better than in the original, I can't even explain it. I think it's just because it makes it seem more exotic, but not enough that I can no longer understand it. And I like the deeper voices of the Spanish dub. <3 And it just really fascinated me the first time I watched it in Spanish dub, which is probably also part of it, haha. Haha, man, now I really want to watch PoA in Spanish again, but I can't, I should really go to bed soon, hehehe. XD;

When I was in middle school, one of my friends told me I talk about my brother an awful amount. Haha, do I? I don't feel like I do ... XD;;;

He keeps getting "muy" and "mucho" confused, like a lot of Spanish learners seem to do. Which is something I've never really understood, it's not like "por" and "para" where they translate into the same English word ... but okay, haha.

I feel like I should make this a fantastic entry because it's my last before Disneyland. ^^; But as you can see it's not going so well! XD So I am going to leave you with some unfinished rambling about Escaflowne AMVs. XD I wrote this in the wee hours of Christmas morning but apparently after the holiday I completely forgot about it, only to rediscover it today when I was pretending to write my kyogen essay. XD And I never even wrote about the "Because of You" video I was going to write about! hahaha. XD

My pendant is a perpetual motion machine! )

And with that, I shall see you all next Sunday! Have an awesome week! XD XD XD XD
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So the song "Poor Unfortunate Souls" was the basis of an article I read for the part of my paper that was about The Little Mermaid (because it is in that song that Ursula shows off her drag queen persona and Ariel learns that gender is a performance, EH? EH??) and as a result it has been stuck in and out of my head for a week now. But I gotta say, Ursula doesn't lip synch it half as well as this guy, ahahahaha.

Anyway! This post is filled with EXCITING THINGS!! Which I have told to everyone already, is how exciting they are. Never mind that!! I'm sure you're all dying to hear about them again anyway!!

I fiiiiiiiiinally got my JLPT results! What a ridiculously ridiculous wait that was. But I passed! v(^_^)v

Writing/Vocab: 75/100 (six times better than I thought I did)
Listening: 57/100 (... ouch)
Reading/Grammar: 188/200 (worse than I thought I did but I think I got kind of cocky with it, haha)
TOTAL: 320/400 = 80%


But please don't ask me if I'll be taking Level 2 any time soon ... ^^;;

(Oh, and they also confused my name very terribly on the envelope, but on the certificate it's all right.)

Tomorrow I am going to karaoke for the first time in my whole entire life.



My excitement was only dampened slightly by the realization that my knowledge of popular English songs is, uh, lacking. And so I am going through my folder of English-language MP3s, and realizing that they are all rather risqué. Well, the ones that have any chance of being at the karaoke place, anyway. Hahaha, oh man, I somehow doubt "I Don't Want to Live on the Moon" will be there, despite it being only THE BEST SONG EVER WRITTEN EVER holy man. Perhaps I will end up singing "La Tortura" and showing off my hideous Spanish OH MAN AWSM.

More about karaoke, bad things people do to popcorn, and hilarity ensues daily. )

... the end.
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My Reading Break is not the Reading Break I would have preferred, although it is indeed the Reading Break I could have predicted. In light of this, I have decided to revise my to-do list. Allow me to present to you ...

¡Sarah's New & Improved Reading Break 2006 To-Do List!
· sleep until 2pm whenever possible - CHECK!
· get caught up with Animal Crossing - CHECK!
· spend hours upon hours watching my brother play Spider-man 2 - CHECK!
· get hooked on Katamari Damacy - CHECK!
· watch six billion trillion hours of Escaflowne - CHECK!
· eat a full bag of popcorn every day - CHECK!
· candy candy candy - CHECK!

Man, would ya look at that. According to my new and revised to-do list, I am spending this Reading Break being insanely productive.


work work work )

Also, I wonder if I will ever ever find myself sick of "Special Generation," because I know I get a little bit obsessive about songs sometimes, but I don't remember the last time I was so obsessed with a song for like three months, man oh man. (Although I have yet to see a live performance of this song that doesn't suck.)
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So all the menus at work are going to be changing, and because of this we're going to get new pictures to hang up. Guys, pretty soon I will be working underneath a sign that says, and I quote, "MUCHO MUCHO TACOS."

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Oh my goodness, I have no idea what the date is. I was doing pretty good, usually I'm not so good with dates, but I was doing okay until this weekend and then it all exploded and I think I wrote "Jan. 23" on all my notes today just like I wrote "Jan. 22" on all my notes yesterday and basically I should just give up on the whole thing.

I was going to write a post about how frustrating it is that every time I open my mouth in one of my language classes I end up feeling like a moron, but then I had a Spanish class after which I did not feel like a moron. And I sort of had a conversation, too! Somewhere between grade twelve and second year I managed to lose all faith I had in my Spanish ability, so this is a big step up!

What I love about Spanish lit. classes is how everything is about the Bible. I am lying, I don't love it. But at least I am understanding this stuff about Mary. Quite the contrast to last semester when we had to compare Paco of Réquiem por un campesino español to Jesus, and all I could come up with was "They're ... both ... men?" EVERYTHING I LEARNED ABOUT RELIGION I LEARNED FROM PASSION OF THE CHRIST REPRESENT!

Really the only reason I am making this entry is because I finally have six userpics uploaded. Amazing! Even when I had a paid account for those two precious months I didn't go past three. When I uploaded my Davy Jones icon and it was the fourth, that was a very big moment! Now there are so many pictures on my userpics page, wow! Nobody wants to read about your userpics, Sarah ... )

Also I have my first ever staff meeting next Saturday! Also I might be going to Calgary in March! (The e-mail my aunt was passing around about the planned get-together was titled something like "senior [last name] meeting" - probably I am destroying all their plans but so long as I get to go to Calgary I don't really care.) Also I wish I had someone who would come over and watch Full House with me, but the only other Full House fan I know came over and then passed out. The other night (while we were watching The Scarlet Letter, tee) my grandmother was telling me how her brother's girlfriend was like a sister to her. Well I am sure my brother's girlfriend and I would bond if she would watch Full House with me!!!! >_<

I am going to go clean my room now. I WROTE IT IN LJ SO IT MUST BE TRUE--!
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How interesting it is that in this post I noted how the Spanish dub of PoA is much more concise than the French dub. Today I discovered the Spanish dub is also much more concise than the original English. It is much less wishy-washy. For example, instead of Hermione saying "The Grim. Probably," she says "El Grim. Yo lo vi." I prefer the Spanish dub and I don't think that's the reason I prefer it, but who knows, maybe that's part of it.

I actually found watching it in English a lot more difficult than watching it in Spanish. Like, I really had to pay attention in order to understand what was being said. Why would that be? I suppose it must have something to do with how I've watched it so many times in Spanish and so I kept expecting them to start talking before they did, or to say different things, but ... I dunno, it was weird. An interesting thing: when I first saw PoA in Japanese, I did not at all feel like I was watching it for the first time. The entire time I felt very much like I had seen it before, like I had heard this dub before. The only explanation I have for this is that maybe because I had seen the movie so many times in a language that was not English, watching it in another language that was not English felt the same ... ? What a dumb theory though. When I watched it with the French dub for the first time I didn't get that feeling. But I guess I watched it in Spanish less times before seeing the French dub than before seeing the Japanese dub.

I told that story to one of my friends, during our ferry ride back from Vancouver on Monday, and she said that someone told her that even though Sin City was in black and white, they were remembering scenes from it as if they had been all in colour. Which is interesting, too.

There is one line in the French dub of PoA that I really like -- "sa vie vous libère," said by Harry to Sirius. I think it's a lot more poetic than the other versions, none of which I remember exactly but which are pretty well "if he's alive, you're free." How clunky that seems in comparison!

I totally didn't want to stay up this late tonight. _-_; Argh!
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From my notes for my Spanish Lit. essay, which I'm writing at four-ish in the morning because I'm, er, what's the word? Oh yes, that's right: stupid.

pg. 115 -- MADRE: “Yo tengo que estar en mi casa.”
    **La Madre needs a hobby.

(Haw haw haw.)
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I love how the ideas in the lyrics are so simple. That my mother doesn't die, that my father remembers me, that my village doesn't shed so much blood, that my people rise. For the days that I have left and the nights that still haven't arrived. It just makes me really happy.

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(that's my favourite joke ever ever ever ever ever omg ever)
(except maybe the "let's get on the ship, men!" joke, which will be forever fabulous)
(hahahahaha, I am laughing just thinking about it! oh man, hahaha, "let's get on the ship, men!" I can't even take it!)
(someday I will write a joke book and I will buy six trillion copies)

My schedule as it looks right now, although who knows what it will look like when I actually register tomorrow. )

In other news, Entertainment Weekly said Fijación Oral is Shakira's best work to date, which makes me wonder if they've actually heard any of her other Spanish albums, because don't get me wrong, I love "La Tortura" and that song about inglés is pretty cool too, but the rest of it is going to take me quite a while to get used to I think. Especially the part where she sings in French for the sole purpose of messing with my head, geeze Shakira.

The neighbour that hates me I think is outside with her loud friend. Fantasmic.

Last night I had a dream that one of my aunts had moved to Victoria and had a new kid and I was baby-sitting this kid who was so so adorable. I seriously wish I had a so so adorable kid I could baby-sit. You have no idea. I sure hope this isn't a sign of maternal instinct, because if it is, Athena will hunt me down and kill me.

Tall ship pictures coming soonish. :)
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Just for Athena, here is my stupid Petit Prince fanfiction assignment, the prof's corrections included so it actually looks like I knew what I was doing.

La Petite Princesse )

If that's not the best thing you've ever read in your whole life ever, then I must admit I'm confused.

In other news, today someone asked me if I was fluent in Japanese. Why does this keep happening to meeeeeeeee?? We have to write a composition on the Tuesday after reading break and we have to write it vertically and from right to left, which I have never ever done before. My hand is going to get all inky! This doesn't seem at all practical! XD;;;

I had an epiphany regarding Spanish grammar last night (oh shut up), but now I have forgotten it. Siiiiiigh.

Also, when I was walking home today (a longer walk than usual, 'cause I took the wonky bus), a school bus drove by and one of the girls sitting in the back blew me a kiss. I ... really don't know what to think of that.


And then when I got to my street my mom was sitting there in the car and I was all "--???" and she said that she and my brother had driven past me walking across the bridge and so she had stopped in order to give me a ride up the hill but my brother didn't want to wait and so he got out of the car and walked home by himself. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA AWESOME. I always knew I was the favourite. XDXDXDXD!!

Edit: The Disco Ascenseur!!!!! Be warned, it's a video, but such a cute one! XDXDXD!!

Aaaand I think I'm going to get off this computer now. @_@


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