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Ahhhhh, I just saw my friend walk by!

But I only have two hours in which to write this entire essay!

And I already spent eleven minutes of that socialising!

Waugh I am such a bad student AND a bad friend!

In other news, my sob story for yesterday is that I almost stepped on a bunny rabbit. :( Because it was white, and sort of hiding underneath one of the tables outside the cafeteria (the snow on top of which I was making handprints in, DON'T JUDGE ME), and so I took a step forward and felt something sort of kind of under the tip of my shoe but I thought it was just compacted snow until I saw something dart away. SORRY, BUNNY!! I think it was okay though. :/

My sob story for today (SO FAR!!) is that I was walking to the bus stop and not two steps after I left the driveway, I slipped and fell on my bum. Waaaaahahahaha! This is really ridiculous, but the times I feel most grateful for being young are times like this, where I do something silly and end up wounding myself but can still get myself up and walk away.

Nevertheless! OUCH!!
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So one of my best friends began and finished her NaNoWriMo over the course of four days. Which is a total joke!!!!! And I am really mad, etc. But never mind that. So far today I have written four thousand words. I need six thousand words a day to win, so two thousand more before I allow myself to work on my homework, haha. :P But man, I totally had this mad plan, that I would go to school and after class would sit in the computer lab from 2:30-9 just horking away at it. Because the campus is all closed today, I instead have taken over my mother's computer, but I am so much more of a slacker at home. I was eating chocolate bars and reading about old school Disneyland more than I was writing. XD;;; Hahaha, well, oh well. I like snow. I liked that today was very relaxing and I've sort of been doing whatever I want but at the same time being sort of productive. It's cool. I'm down with that.

I haven't posted a new excerpt but I shall link to my profile anyway, so you can all be impressed at how I have FINALLY broken 25k, and not only that, but 27k as well. :)

Oh, and in news that is of equal importance in my life (haha), it looks like on Sunday (or maybe not Sunday, I don't actually have a clue) we could be getting some new Morning Musume members. XD!!! Personally, I am rooting for Ayami. And I actually kind of like Aika, despite the fact that she talks like an alien and fails at being 105% genki. (Oh Tsunku, I love you, hahaha.) I apologize to Minami that everyone keeps making fun of her wonky eyes. (I never even notice the wonky eyes of potential and actual H!P members until other people point them out.) And if Sumire gets in I will have angst. Her version of "Oosaka Koi no Uta," what was that? A joke? It is not a rap song!!!! Hopefully if she does get in they will inform her of that fact, hahaha. Oh gosh I'm so harsh on these poor auditionees. ^^;;;

Anyway, yes. This is how lame I am, that I have learned the names of these six girls whom I might not ever even see again. XD;;;

Anyway! Back to writing!! XD
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It is snowing outside and I have begun watching all the extra goodness on the Aladdin DVD (I bought it two years ago and it's taken me this long to touch anything besides the language tracks, which is funny because when I got the Lion King DVD I watched it all in one weekend and still have no desire to ever again watch anything related to that movie, haha). I just wish that this upcoming week was not going to be the week of death - then maybe I could enjoy the snow and enjoy the DVD without feeling all guilty all the time. :(

This weekend I've written four responses for Japanese lit. (NO MORE GENJI HAHA TASTE IT!!!!!) and read most of The Whale Rider. And I still have so much stuff left. x_x; Two more reading responses for Indonesian Lit., a test and a quiz and an assignment for Japanese, a test for PACI, an essay for Japanese lit. x_x And that's not counting the stuff that's due after classes end. x_x x_x x_x

OH AND DID I MENTION 27,000 WORDS IN FOUR DAYS? ;_; ;_; ;_; ;_;

I was going to write a longer entry before I started feeling overwhelmed again. Probably if I keep watching the Aladdin DVD (but maybe I should save it for after classes end? ahaha, decisions are hard!!) such an entry will show up later anyway. Because basically it was going to be all Aladdin Aladdin Aladdin with a hint of how my family and I pretended for ten minutes that we were pioneers. XD;;;;

Aha, I was thinking earlier, if I actually get the PotC2 DVD on the day it comes out, any schoolwork I have left at that point is going to suffer dreadfully. XD XD XD XD XD!!!!

Edit four hours later: Zomg, my package is now in Richmond! SO CLOSE I CAN ALMOST TASTE IT!! Oh, this is exciting. I hope you guys find this as exciting as I do. I've never tracked a package so obsessively before! I hope it doesn't distract me from my schoolwork! Ahahahahahaha . . . XDXDXDXD;;;
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AND THERE IS SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Edit: To do today-- (1) Christmas list (2) Vancouver (3) type (4) study Japanese!!!
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If they filmed so many different versions of Yossie hitting the gong for the "Chokkan 2" close-up PV, why on earth didn't they put them in the actual video? So that those of us who watch the close-up version will feel frustrated that, once again, an alternate PV is so much better than the one people are actually going to see?


And I still wish there was a dance version. :(

Edit: I love when I pass up an entry about real news in favour of an entry about MoMusu. Well, the real news is this:

It's snowing. <3

Edit 2: And now to ruin this perfectly good entry with anger!! There's this commercial where an actress' agent tells her she has to keep her teeth white so she should avoid drinking things that will stain her teeth. Cut to shots of the actress drinking things she was told to avoid. But it's okay because she used Crest Whitestrips! (or some other whitening product, who can tell them apart) I think this is the stupidest thing ever. This woman would rather stick chemicals to her teeth than avoid drinking coffee for a week, coffee being bad for you anyway. This commercial never used to bug me until I realized it should disgust me!!!!

The whole explosion of teeth whitening products seems really braindead to me anyway, but whatever.

Edit 3: AAAAAAAAAH new MoMusu album in February!!!! Aaaahahahaha~~~!
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There was snow when I woke up on the first! And the snow is still here! It is like I have entered a bizarro world! Back is front, up is down! You say "hello" for "good-bye" and Victoria has snow for more than one consecutive day! It is all very trying. XDXDXD;;
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Picture of the day. Doesn't this crack you up? It cracks me up. Maybe I'm just too silly for my own good.

Also, here is where I become one of those people who posts pieces of chats that no one else will find the least bit amusing.

atashi no daisukina uta o kuchizusamu says:
It snowed today did you see?
I'm Not Supposed To Be Here, I Am Not Supposed To Be! says:
I'm Not Supposed To Be Here, I Am Not Supposed To Be! says:
I think it hailed a bit too
I'm Not Supposed To Be Here, I Am Not Supposed To Be! says:
Or snow just learned to make noise and bounce

That's me brother, folks. X)

The title of this entry and the music which has unfortunately gotten itself wedged into my brain are actually of no relation, although they may seem to be at first glance. Well, maybe. To me. There was a Pride & Prejudice orchestra pit rehearsal today and so I have trumpet echoes ringing in my ears. Ee~!


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