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I don't make New Year's resolutions because the way my mother used to force me to make them hasn't exactly endeared them to me. But everyone's favourite Chris Baty has decided that 2007 is a year for doing big, scary things, and that sounds to me much more better than New Year's resolutions, although I'm sure you could argue that they are exactly the same thing. XD

My list is neither big nor scary. )
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I seem to have immersed myself in fandom-y goodness this winter break. Which I do enjoy, but at the same time it does have a tendency to throw me off-balance and make me all OCD and frustrated with regards to my future. (Besides the montage, the part of Treasure Planet that hit me the most when I first watched it on DVD was when Jim's mother tells him to think of his future and he says, "What future?" I may not be on my way to juvenile hall, but still I feel like that sometimes, too.) So perhaps for this entry I shall talk about things that neither H!P nor fictional. XD;

Well, allow me one thing. ^^; watching the 'Treasure Planet' audio commentary + writing )

being productive )

watching anime )

cutting up T-shirts )

writing a novel )

Anyway. I had no intention of making this entry so long, but at least I only wasted an hour writing it. My today was not so proudly productive (besides the beating of KH2, if that counts, hahahaha!!), but that's okay, I guess I can live with it. ;) Now I shall leave you with a link to my current favourite H!P performance: Morning Musume's "Yah! Ai Shitai!" from their fall 2006 concert. being a fangirl )

Ahaha, sorry that my plan for this entry failed and I still ended up talking about H!P and fiction. XD!!!

being excited for disneyland!!!!!! )
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I just deleted an LJ for the first time and I feel POWERFUL!!!! hahaha.

June was the month this summer when I felt most productive, and that was the month I did all my mad cleaning, so I have decided that apparently in order to feel productive I have to keep cleaning, even if only for a little bit each day. So yesterday I organized my little drawers-on-wheels thing (and found the most HILARIOUS piece of eighth-grade Trojan War fan fiction, hahaha oh god, maybe I should post it but then I'd have to kill myself) and then I was cleaning my blinds (using what is probably the most labourous method, but that's okay) and while I was cleaning them my brother came in without knocking. Said I, "I'm washing my window!" Said he, "You have issues." YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO JUDGE, YOU OF THE DIRTY BLIIIIIINDS~~~!

Man, the subject line makes me kind of wish I still worked where I worked, because I always used to be able to say things like "I just got home from work and I am tacolicious!" and my friend would always say "Ewwwww~." Hahahaha, that was excellent.

Oh, and I also started going through my inheritance. The sewing machine and all that goes with it isn't actually my inheritance, haha, but I claimed it anyway, because my official inheritance is the bedroom furniture and my room isn't exactly big enough to have two sets of furniture in it, haha, although I should try, it has hilarious potential. Well anyway! I went through some of the patterns and got rid of most of them, because most of them were for some very heinous '80s clothing. But there's still sooo much fabric and sooo much other stuff and I don't know anything about sewing and I don't know how to organize it and my father has moved half of his den into that room so I can barely get to the sewing machine anyway, which is where everything is piled. I kind of think maybe it would just be easier to start a sewing collection from scratch, especially as my grandmother in Calgary was going on about how it's no good to be using a sewing machine from the '70s, but at the same time in a way it's easier to start with what I have ... and so yeah. I guess my mom will help me with some of it and then I can start fiddling around again, pretending I can sew. Yay. :)
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I should stop staying up all late. I always end up either getting way too depressed or way too excited about something. I still have to go spend some time learning keigo, waaaaaaaugh~!

I went to work today. My feelings about work have been all over the place lately, but today was good. And I work on Monday, which I'm kind of glad of, just because it means I can get out of the house for my least favourite holiday ever. _-_;; And then on Friday! Which means I don't have to close on any school nights, which is brilliant!!

I've called in sick twice in the past two weeks, though, and attempted to call in sick a third time ... and I've actually been missing quite a bit of school ... augh, see? Now I'm going to get way depressed about this!! >_>

So I guess I should go do my keigo worksheet and then go to bed. How exciting. I still haven't finished my friend's birthday present and her birthday was on Sunday. I'm amazing. XD;;;;;;

Sewing classes start in two weeks yaaaaaaay~! XD!
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I made NINJA GLOVES to go with my NINJA STORY and all of you are JEALOUS!!!

(It is really hard to type in these things.)
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So I was watching 6teen the other day (shut up, it's cute XD ), and I had already known that one of the characters is named Jude, which I only find at all remarkable because that's the name of one of my characters in my current novel project. So yay! But when I was watching it the other day I also learned that one of the characters is named Caitlin but her friend calls her Cait. And I was all !!!!! Cate is the name of another of my characters in my current novel project!!!!!!! I'm sure you find this all completely fascinating. XDXDXD!!!

Yesterday in sewing class there was an ironing board with a pictured of a naked man on it! And then I shot hot water in my face! And then when the teacher put masking tape on to mark the ruler thingy I blatantly ignored it, causing HAVOC! As you can tell, I am fast becoming a world-class seamstress.

I forgot what else I was going to say. >_<;
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Got some marks back today. I feel like I am doing fantastically well in my Japanese class, and awful awful awful in everything else. ;_;

I don't really want to go to school tomorrow. ~_~;;

But after school! SEWING CLASS!!!!!!!!! <33333
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I start sewing classes in a week and a half, and I am seriously* dying of having to wait! I am so disgustingly obsessed with looking at patterns! Everything is so pretty! I should make everything in pink! I love pink! And I will put stars on! And it will be SO AWESOME!!!!!!!!

I think Athena will agree that this would be the perfect Hallowe'en costume for my brother. XDXDXDXDXD!!

If it turns out that I like sewing just about as much as I liked Ancient Greek, probably I will be very upset indeed. :'( :'( :'(

* I should take out "seriously" and replace it with "literally figuratively" just because LOOK AT ME I AM HEE-LAR-EE-OUS!!!!!! OMG SERIOUSLY.

Student: C'est comme si quelqu'un prenait un marteau et faisait BANG BANG BANG sur la tête.
Prof: C'est une métaphore assez frappante que vous utilisez.
Class: ...
Prof: Hein ? Hein ?
Class: ......
Prof: That's a good one!

Someday I will write a movie about language majors, and it will be a box office smash!!!



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