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· We are halfway through what should, if all goes well, be my final semester of undergrad. School, school, decluttering, and pirates! )
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All apologies, guys, but it looks like the next installment in my series of awesome Pirates entries won't be up until after I return on Thursday. But to tide you over till then, here is the almost-4,000-word essay I wrote about Will's Hero's Journey for the film class I was taking the summer that At World's End was released. I'm not going to claim that this is a fantastic essay, I mean I think you can tell that I wrote it very quickly (and didn't even cite my sources, for shame!!). But I think I did a decent job at pinpointing the different stages of Will's Journey and hopefully it's a somewhat interesting read. I think it'd be fun to map out the Journeys of all the main characters in the trilogy, just to see them all show up as different things in each other's paths. xD

'There is a Cost Must Be Paid in the End': The Hero's Journey in the Pirates of the Caribbean Sequels )

In other news, I have acquired an On Stranger Tides poster from my work!! It's totally supposed to go up in the lobby but we already have two standees and a banner promoting this movie, plus a Cars 2 poster and set of window stickers, so my managers have decided the lobby is Disney enough as it is. haha!

Today there was also some talk of me being Cast Member of the Month again, because I worked like three weeks' worth of shifts where I was supposed to have a co-worker to help me and did not ... but as I've already been Cast Member of the Month I can't decide whether my managers are joking about this or not. :X

ON THAT NOTE! See you guys Thursday! :D <3
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So I only have six classmates in my Advanced Spanish Conversation class and five of them are more than twice my age, but omg you guys it feels so good to be in a classroom again! Today I was super nervous about this class and definitely had to talk myself into going, but the teacher and the other students are all really friendly and it seems like it'll be at an okay level for me. I even have homework!! hahaha. How awesome that I was so sick of school when it was supposed to be my priority but now that I've been away from it for a year and a half I miss it so bad~~. D:

Anyway, I guess that's all I have to say about that. In other news, I am currently reading Dan Simmons' Ilium, a Trojan War novel in which PEOPLE GET EATEN BY DINOSAURS. Seriously I don't even know, this book is made of crazy.
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Oh LiveJournal, why do you keep asking questions you already know my answer to?

[Edit: I just realized that two decades ago is 1990, holy crap. I was thinking 1980-now. Oh whatever, Michael stays.]

Also, today I was all productive and stuff and went to the university to get an alumni card so that I could get my book-borrowing priveleges back (and seriously, through this I feel like balance has been restored to the universe or something), and the only reason I finally got out and did this was because I'm annoyed at the public library's pitiful selection of books on Greek tragedy. My hobbies: you are jealous of them.
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So I somehow managed to force myself out of bed this morning in time for my first Korean lesson! My only other classmate is travelling to South Korea later this year, so mostly what we did today was memorize travel expressions, and I was a bit like :| But at the end of the class I asked the teacher (who is CRAZY ENTHUSIASTIC, hahaha love it) if we're going to learn the writing system, and she asked if I want to learn Korean a bit more academically, and I was like YES PLEASE. So next lesson we'll be mixing it up a bit more. I AM EXCITED TO STUDY GRAMMAR.

And then I went to the university bookstore and bought this, despite the fact that I am annoyed someone got around to writing such a book before I did. The movies in it are actually not my favourites, but Tarzan is in it!! And seriously, I am just crazy surprised that a book based on learning Spanish through dubbed American children's movies (uh, and Rocky III?) actually exists, and got published, and everything. Today the world is awesome. xD

FUN FACT: One of my dreams is to one day write a super awesome but also super useful language textbook. I might or might not sometimes work on such a thing in my spare time, DON'T JUDGE ME.

Edit: (What the heck at the review on that Amazon page - the reviewer laments the fact that this book doesn't include a phonetic guide for the Spanish vocab words. Uh ... you're doing it wrong. I also enjoy how she suggests that if you can't make your own sentence using the words in the scene you just watched, the solution is to WATCH IT AGAIN. Because ... that'll help ... ???)
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~ Apparently everyone who wrote the JLPT in Japan or the U.S. has their results already. Uncool!! I can understand Japan getting them early, but why does the States get their results before Canada does? I am getting pretty impatient over here. It sucks to not have any idea how you did. D:

~ So, remember that Korean class I was going to take that got cancelled? It's kinda sorta happening anyway! xD The teacher e-mailed me a couple days ago to see if I'd be interested in group lessons with her and one of the other students who'd signed up for the course. Um, awesome?? We're starting next Saturday. :D And right now I am paying all this attention to my other two most favourite second languages, just so they don't feel neglected. xD lol!

~ I was going to write a longer entry but ... I've changed my mind. Have a good night, everyone! xD
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~ Soooooo my MJ class got cancelled. I am seriously unimpressed. :| How did that combat trauma in Euripides class not get cancelled but these two rather more mainstream ones did? I guess people who are interested in mainstream things are not always the same people who take university classes just for funsies, but geeze. How frustrating for me.

~ Went to the doctor today and got a list of shots that I need to get before my trip! Typhoid, tetanus, hepatitis, and, if our plans change to include places outside Lima, malaria as well! hahaha oh my goodness, how exciting. (Originally we were definitely going to visit places other than Lima, but now Machu Picchu has been closed indefinitely due to flooding. My life right now is full of disappointments, apparently.)

~ Off to work again ... Two more shifts until my weekend! Which has become even more of a weekend, now that I don't have any classes~~~ ;_; ;_;
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Dear Sarah,

I am sorry to inform you that the course of Korean for Beginners - Part 1 (ASLA009) for which you have registered has been cancelled due to insufficient enrolment.



If my MJ class gets cancelled, srsly. I don't even.

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So I just signed up for the Continuing Studies Korean class, because I am insane and apparently I like to pretend I don't already have two languages on the go. xDD But oh man I am excited!! Studying languages is the best. :DD

So to sum up: a month from now, I will have an MJ class on Wednesday nights and a Korean class on Thursday nights, and I'm pretty sure you are jealoussssss. xD
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So you may or may not remember that a while back I posted about taking a class on Euripides via UVic's Continuing Studies program. They recently sent me their course guide for 2010, and I didn't bother to look through it until just a couple minutes ago, and now you cannot see me but I am phreaking out. The fifth course listed in this book is none other than Michael Jackson: The Man, The Myth, The Legend. So yeah, I definitely just broke the promise that I'd made to myself to not spend any more money until January. >xD Some of you may remember when I found out that UVic offered a class on MJ a mere month after I had graduated (and the ensuing phreak out I had then), but this class is much better because I can actually take it!!


[ profile] aurora_lime, take this class with me!! xD

They also seem to have expanded their foreign languages department, which is awesome! This year they're offering two Beginner's Korean classes, for example. (And yes, I am definitely tempted.) Although I would still argue for the need to add some more advanced classes for all the other languages they offer. :|


Nov. 1st, 2009 01:59 am
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Today SUCKED but now it's OVER. Let's do a MEME! I love these interview memes, hahaha. This time it was [ profile] athena_crikey who asked the questions. Read more... )

Feel free to ask me to ask you five questions! x)
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~ Not gonna lie, probably my favourite thing about the Michael Jackson fandom is that there are so many people in it who go out and do good deeds! I mean, I've been in the Morning Musume fandom for years now, and Morning Musume has a couple songs that talk about environmental issues, but it seems those songs are only ever mentioned so that people can make fun of the Engrish in them. I love that MJ fans can make fun of the total lack of enunciation in "Man in the Mirror" while still taking its message to heart. <3 haha, so what I am trying to say here is I finally signed up to be a volunteer through my local rec centre, and today I went to a (very small! I was surprised) meeting in order to fill out the necessary paperwork to get a criminal records check and all that. They seem to only be looking for volunteers for one-day events (eg. a Hallowe'en party here, a Remembrance Day ceremony there), which is not my ideal kind of volunteering, but it should be fun and it'll definitely work until I find something more. :)

After the meeting, I was waiting at the bus stop to go home, and one of my co-workers drove by and offered me a ride! Aaaah so that was kind of the highlight of my day, hahaha. I love awesome surprises like that. xD

~ I signed up for a continuing studies class through my alma mater (lol, it's so weird saying that) today. If you want you may roll your eyes at the ridiculousness of me missing school as much as I am, but believe me, this class is relevant to my interests! In May I read Dr. Jonathan Shay's book Achilles in Vietnam, in which he compares the combat trauma experienced by American soldiers in Vietnam with the combat trauma portrayed in the Iliad. I am surprised there is not more fangirling in my review of it, because that was probably my favourite book of the summer. The class I signed up for is a two-hour class that will look at Euripides' play "Herakles" through the lens of Shay's work. SO I AM PRETTY EXCITED. There is very little these days that will get me up at eight-thirty in the morning, but hopefully combat trauma in Euripides is it! xD

(Uh ... for those of you not in the know? I am a Greek mythology FANGIRL.)

~ We have reached that time of October where I am OBSESSED with NaNoWriMo and I basically need November to get here NOW before I get sick of thinking about my novel. I'm so excited for this year, you guys. :D I am really excited about my story (I've actually used this story for NaNo before and lost; I think it needed a couple years of getting knocked about in my head), and I'm really excited to be NaNoing with so many new people! :D haha, and hopefully they don't get sick of me telling them that before it's even time to start writing. xD <3!
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~ So who else is doing National Novel Writing Month this November?? 50,000 words in thirty days and it really is a blast! Here's my author page so add me! xD I am looking forward to a good attempt this time, after my total failure of last year. D:

~ As of today, I have a ticket to This is It (Oct. 28, 7pm) and a ticket to New Moon (Nov. 19, 10pm). So now I continue the wait for the two autumn movies I am most excited for, haha! Also, a shout-out to [ profile] misfits_united because I totally forgot she was on my friendslist until she asked if we were getting tickets for the Michael Jackson movie, hahaha. xD

~ For its thousandth post, [ profile] fandomsecrets asked for only positive secrets, and I convince this turned out a lot more awesome than I thought it would. And there were two Morning Musume secrets in the mix! One and two. <3 Now if only the "Kimagure Princess" PV would leak already, because I am way too impatient for it! xD

~ I have had a blast with my phandom phriends over these past five unasked-for days off, but tomorrow I go back to work! And I need to restart my job search. Even if I stayed at the movie theatre part-time, it would be nice to do something new as well. I also need to start researching grad schools more thoroughly, which is hard to get started on since the idea of me going to grad school still seems so foreign. Plus I'm not sure yet if I want to apply this year or wait until next year ... woohoo for uncertainty. :/

~ Let's end on something fun! Here's Rick Mercer in zero gravity! Feel free to skip ahead to 2:40, although my favourite bit is at 5:38, if just for the look on his face!! xD
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Oh I love me and the way I get more excited about meaningless things than I do about things most everyone else thinks are important. <33

In perhaps related news, I think I forgot to mention this when it actually happened, but about a month ago I went to pick up my diploma, and when the guy handed it to me he said, "I'm sorry this doesn't come with much pomp and circumstance, but - congratulations." When I told my mom he said that, her response was, "And I bet that made you happier than the actual pomp and circumstance would've, right?" Why yes, in fact. It did. :)

In unrelated news, I have one month left in my verbal contract with the movie theatre, and the job search has begun anew~!
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First Aid tonight went really well again, despite the class ending right when I was feeling like an idiot for messing up my simulation a little bit. ^^; But I got to faint three times! Once with impeccable comedic timing! "Well," said my partner, "at least you're still conscious." Oh ho ho, that's what you think!! xD Man I always put off taking these sorts of classes (mostly due to being too lazy to walk down and register for them - a problem which is hopefully fixed now by my having an online code for the thing) but I generally end up enjoying them. LIKE MY SEWING CLASS omg that was the highlight of second year. *_*

Meanwhile, number one on my list of ways I annoy myself is that when I'm busy, I desperately want to have nothing to do, and when I have nothing to do, I desperately want to be busy. I feel like I shall be very happy when someone hires me because then hopefully I'll have some sort of schedule around which I can fit some volunteering and some more classes. I mean I do have stuff I could be doing right now but of course I'm the textbook example of "if you want something done, get a busy person to do it," which means that these days whenever I am reminded that I should be working on my writing my response is generally "Why do that when I can just SIT AROUND SOME MORE???"

Oh my gosh let's hope this job search ends soon, then maybe I can write some entries I won't hate. >_<;
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Have yet to hear anything from potential employers, but Mom did send me the link to Staples' job site, which is kind of hilarious: Staplesville.

Had my first of four First Aid classes last night! :) I'm quite enjoying it so far. Wow, though, I really didn't realize how tiring CPR is! The teacher had us working on the dummies for like half an hour, I think just to drive in that point. D: She also said our legs would really hurt in the morning, but I seem to have escaped that at least. Also I have learned that I'm not very good at pretending to be unconscious!

Anyway, one more book:

4. The Gift of Fear, Gavin de Becker
One of the reviews on the back cover called this a self-defense book that reads like a thriller, and I definitely agree with that description. I learned of this book through [ profile] cleolinda -- and please note that it is Edward Cullen, Everyone's Ideal Boyfriend, who caused her to recommend it. ahahaha amazing.

I'm not in a serious enough mood right now to write about this book properly, but it was a really interesting read, the parts where de Becker talks about how women can defend themselves in everyday situations were amazing, I definitely recommend it, and the chapter about celebrity stalkers made me never ever want to be famous. Ever. o_o

And two more movies, complete with spoilers:

7. My Dear Secretary, 1949
I actually watched this before any of the other movies on this list, and it left such a deep impression on me that I totally forgot to list it until now. :P Uh, it was really wacky to the point that I had no idea what to think of it, but then the end came around and I decided I didn't like it because she doesn't dump the jerk!!

8. The Heiress, 1949
... but I kind of loved this movie, because she does. xDD I borrowed this movie because it stars Olivia de Havilland (in her second Oscar-winning role!), an actress I seem to have become a big fan of in a rather short time. I wasn't sure what to expect from this movie but it turned out to be really interesting. I especially liked how it kept playing with the viewer's opinion - like there'll be a character you like at the beginning, and by the end you totally hate him. So yes, I did like this one quite a bit.

(Wow I love that my movie list is already twice as long as my book list. This does not make me feel very intelligent. -_-; )
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Enchanted once ...



hahahaha, oh~ UVic. I miss you already. <3
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So I just bought two tickets to a kabuki performance in Tokyo. xD (YES my dad is coming with me HE DOES NOT EVEN KNOW WHAT KABUKI IS!!) I don't even know what these plays (it is 3-in-1, by the looks of it!) are about, but I once wrote an essay about a particularly gruesome kabuki play in which a bunch of people got nailed to doors and thrown into rivers, so I mean. We can only hope. xDD;

The bunraku tickets I am looking to get go on sale on the eleventh. I AM EVEN MORE EXCITED FOR THAT ONE!!! xDD!!

haha of course all this excitement comes after an hour of fiddling with Google Maps trying to find out what the best located hostel in Osaka is. (Aaaand also which ones have private showers. I know, I know, but I'm sorry, public bathing is one cultural experience I'm just not prepared to experience right now!) GOSH parts of planning a trip can be TEDIOUS. >:/

(I am going Tokyo - Osaka - Kyoto - Fukuoka and Kitakyushu, for if anyone wants to tell me some nifty places to visit. ;) )
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The CliffsNotes version of my life right now:

· Disney World doesn't want me to work for them so I am going to Japan! I have no idea how to plan a trip so despite the fact that I am leaving in early January I still have pretty well no idea what I'm going to do when I get there (besides turn twenty-two in Tokyo Disneyland! xD; ). AWESOME! xD

· As soon as I had to start thinking about the one essay I have to write this semester, all the love I had for school completely disappeared. Okay well mainly I am stupidly annoyed because this essay is for my Greek Epic class, and the prof doesn't want me to write about the topic I thought up because it's "not very original." I am frustrated by this twofold: one, I have no idea how I'm supposed to come up with something original to say about a super famous three-thousand-year-old piece of literature that people spend their entire careers analyzing. (Maybe I should act my major and write an essay comparing the Iliad to Genji?) Two, what does it matter if this topic isn't original? It's not like I'll be making attempts to publish it. Shouldn't essays be about researching and learning about stuff you want to learn about? GOD it drives me bonkers that my HATRED of writing essays is threatening to completely destroy the love I've had for this semester so far. D:<

· I have just now beaten Level 2 of my favourite Nintendo DS game, Nazotte Oboeru Otona no Kanji Renshuu. This is sorta pathetic because Level 2 is Grade 2, as in elementary school, but I STILL FEEL ACCOMPLISHED! xD;

· I quit my job at the movie theatre today, something I seriously should have done back in May, and yet somehow I don't feel happy about this ... ?! I mean I'm seriously so tired of the job (it's a great job but there's only so many times you can answer THE EXACT SAME QUESTIONS, you know?), so I'll be glad to be free of it, but at the same time I adore almost all of my co-workers, and I'll definitely miss them. :( Oh and also I have seriously no idea what kind of job I want to look for now, a problem which is quite nicely contributing some anxiety to this whole issue. :P (Oh, and also my main manager doesn't know yet that I quit. So ... this could be exciting!! -_-; )

· I haven't really been doing NaNo, but I've definitely been writing this month! :D I plan to spend December hardcore working on my novel in order to finish a sorta kinda readable first draft by Christmas. Which is ... only a month away. But that's okay, I have faith in me. xD;
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You guys I thought of another one!! :D

Spanish: Personal "A"
Basically, in Spanish, when a person or "higher animal" is the direct object in your sentence, you have to stick an "a" in front of them, eg. Yo veo a Adriana = "I see Adriana." In Spanish 11, my friend and I were reading some example sentences and were quite confused when we came across this mysterious "a." (To a student of French, it makes everyone seem like an indirect object, haha.) So we asked our teacher about it, and she gave the two of us a quick explanation, and the next day even brought us some photocopied pages from another textbook that explained it further.


Ahahaha, man. I don't really think I want to be a teacher (lulz I have no idea what I wanna be :| ), but thinking about this stuff really makes me think I should, just so I can go back there and MAKE THINGS RIGHT.


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