Feb. 26th, 2010 05:28 am
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~ I am getting really sick of being told, by co-workers and by bloggers, that if I don't care about the Olympics, I obviously don't care about my country. Please. I am not interested in the Olympics because I am not interested in sports. Don't waste your time trying to turn it into anything more than that.

~ You've probably all heard of the trainer who was killed at SeaWorld Orlando on Wednesday due to an incident with one of the orcas there. I've had a variety of different reactions to this; the one reaction I have not had is surprise. Maybe I shouldn't even be talking about this, because I know I'm a total hypocrite on the subject of zoos and aquariums - I frequently visit them at the same time as I condemn them. And I guess I only really speak out against them when the specific animal in question is a marine mammal, because I am a hypocrite who plays favourites. But seriously, orcas and captivity just don't work. This is far from the first time that a captive orca has caused harm to a human (although I admit I was surprised to see that Wikipedia gives this subject its own page); captive orcas have also been reported to have injured themselves, for example by smashing their heads against the walls of their tanks. I find the arguments against keeping whales in captivity a million times more compelling than any of the arguments for it, especially if we're going to continue to use them as entertainers.

I have no idea how to write about this, so I'll link you to a blog post entitled A Few Thoughts on Tilikum which brings up a lot of the points I've been thinking about. It also briefly discusses Tilikum's history, which is not at all a happy one.

One thing that I'm really not impressed with is the number of people who are calling for Tilikum to be killed. This incident may have been an accident or it may have been intentional, but either way, it seems absurd to me to fault a wild animal for reminding us that he's a wild animal.
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So I somehow managed to force myself out of bed this morning in time for my first Korean lesson! My only other classmate is travelling to South Korea later this year, so mostly what we did today was memorize travel expressions, and I was a bit like :| But at the end of the class I asked the teacher (who is CRAZY ENTHUSIASTIC, hahaha love it) if we're going to learn the writing system, and she asked if I want to learn Korean a bit more academically, and I was like YES PLEASE. So next lesson we'll be mixing it up a bit more. I AM EXCITED TO STUDY GRAMMAR.

And then I went to the university bookstore and bought this, despite the fact that I am annoyed someone got around to writing such a book before I did. The movies in it are actually not my favourites, but Tarzan is in it!! And seriously, I am just crazy surprised that a book based on learning Spanish through dubbed American children's movies (uh, and Rocky III?) actually exists, and got published, and everything. Today the world is awesome. xD

FUN FACT: One of my dreams is to one day write a super awesome but also super useful language textbook. I might or might not sometimes work on such a thing in my spare time, DON'T JUDGE ME.

Edit: (What the heck at the review on that Amazon page - the reviewer laments the fact that this book doesn't include a phonetic guide for the Spanish vocab words. Uh ... you're doing it wrong. I also enjoy how she suggests that if you can't make your own sentence using the words in the scene you just watched, the solution is to WATCH IT AGAIN. Because ... that'll help ... ???)
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I woke up in a horrible mood. Cheer me up? :| (lol, never mind that I did a post just like this only a few months ago. We all know I'm full of myself.)

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Today I just want to say that I am happy to have so many friends who aren't afraid to examine their own thoughts and opinions, and aren't afraid to have those opinions questioned. :)

Also, thank you so much to everyone who commented on my not-drinking post! I was not expecting to get so many awesomesauce comments. I'll try to reply to you all when I am feeling slightly more intelligent. xD


Jan. 29th, 2010 12:09 am
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So for those of you not in the know, I don't drink alcohol. I made this choice before I was of drinking age and I have kept with it because it is the choice that makes sense to me. I cannot articulate my reasoning any clearer than that, but that's fine; this is not a choice I feel the need to justify. I have no problem with the thought of other people drinking, but I have no interest in being one of them.

Having said that. Obviously I do have friends and co-workers and relatives and acquaintances who drink. This does not bother me, but it seems very much to bother them. I can go months at a time without this being brought up, but then it begins again: "Sarah, we're gonna take you out drinking. I really want to see you drunk, it'd be so funny! I'll take you to my favourite clubs, you can crash at my place, it'll be so much fun!!" A fine proposition, but one that I am sick to death of hearing. Look: I don't drink. You know I don't drink. You know that I have been of legal drinking age for four years and I have never had a drink, or wanted to have a drink. You know I don't see any appeal in getting drunk. I have told you that alcohol just makes my parents sleepy, and is likely to affect me the same boring way. I am so not interested in this plan at all and yet people keep suggesting this to me. My friends are mostly over this stage, but every time I have a new group of co-workers it's the same thing all over again. And how sure of themselves they must be, to think that they will be the ones to change my mind, that they will be the ones I let take me to the clubs. Look, dudes - my best friends have not been able to get me drunk. What makes you think you'll be able to.

I think I just realized that I've been living under the impression that peer pressure ceases to exist once you hit twenty.

Post inspired by an annoyance in an otherwise fantastic last night. A minor annoyance, but an annoyance nonetheless. :|
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I'm late, but today was Elvis Presley's 75th birthday! My mom is a fan of Elvis and, as a result, he's the topic of several anecdotes from my childhood. Way back when, January 8th was actually the date I was due to be born, leading my parents to refer to me as "Elvis." Or, if I am to be completely honest, "Elvis Arnold." Whenever I heard this story as a kid, I always assumed Arnold was Elvis' middle name. It wasn't until we got a channel that showed reruns of Green Acres that I learned that the "Arnold" in my nickname actually came from a fictional pig. :| I ... don't even know, lol.

Anyway, so yes, that's my connection with Elvis - until I was born, I was named after him. xD Oh, and if you had asked four-year-old me what my favourite song was, I do believe I would have said "All Shook Up." xD That plus "Beat It" plus some Sharon, Lois and Bram ... yeah, that's pretty much all the music I listened to as a preschooler, lol. xD

~*~SURVEY~*~ )
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~ First off, if anyone cares, I edited the answers to my movie quiz into the post. And now I am stealing another meme. )

~ I should probably mention at some point that I have kinda-sorta-mostly dropped out of NaNoWriMo this year. In a previous entry where I was freaking out about my ability to finish NaNo and pass the JLPT, [livejournal.com profile] the_wykydtron correctly pointed out that I would be more upset if I failed the JLPT than if I failed NaNo, and ... there it is. I'm glad I made this decision, because I have definitely felt less stressed since I made it, but at the same time I'm really bummed and really frustrated that I let myself get so behind in both tasks that in the end I had to drop one completely. I shall just have to do lots of writing in December to make up for it, I guess! :3 (lol, but remind me to change my excerpt before it's too late! I'm not sure I like the current one enough for it to be up for an entire year. ^^; )

UGH though, the amount of work I'm having to do to protect my precious little study time! It's like as soon as I decided that studying was my number one priority, all of my co-workers have a desperate need for me to take their shifts. Often because they have exams to study for, lolariously enough. Well too bad, I booked this time off and it is MINE. :P

~ My mom's work is doing this thing through the Salvation Army where each employee is assigned a child in need to buy a Christmas present for! My mom was supposed to buy a gift for a five-year-old girl, and so yesterday she and I went and bought a bouncing Tigger board game sort of thing (and the necessary batteries) and a Dora the Explorer puzzle. (lol, yes, a puzzle - I'm totally going to be one of those adults from whom no kid wants to get presents, haha!) So that was fun! Mom asked what my work is doing for the holidays and I kind of laughed at that. Like, one year I think they did a can drive, and that's about it. I don't have a lot of faith in the humanitarian spirit of this company. :X

~ November has gone way too quickly, what the heck. :|
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Yay, I got interviewed again!! :D This time the questions are from [livejournal.com profile] frauleinfrog. News travels fast in Vienna. )

In other news, tomorrow I am going to This Is It for the second time in three days, and a Twilight t-shirt party for the second time in eight days. ahahaha, my life this week is so ridiculous but I love it. FANDOM ALL OVER THE PLACE!! xD Hopefully I can fit some studying in here somewhere. D:
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Uuuugh my sleeping habits are sooooooo gross right now. I had to FORCE myself out of bed at one in the afternoon today. I hate this. D:

But in other news, I just watched this unsubtitled Morning Musume interview and understood quite a large chunk of it, so yay! :) (And yay for Aichan talking about Disney Sea. xD )

Answers to yesterday's book meme:

1) The Elephant Vanishes, Haruki Murakami, and I'm kinda surprised no one guessed this just because I was under the impression that Murakami's so hot right now. I don't love his writing but I like it well enough; mainly I keep this book around because I find collections of short stories somehow really inspiring and motivating. x)

2) The Odyssey, Homer. I thought this would be slightly less obvious than if I had gone with The Iliad but perhaps I am incorrect in that assumption.

3) Full Frontal Feminism, Jessica Valenti, although [livejournal.com profile] the_wykydtron is correct, I ignored the fact that there's an introduction.

4) Notre-Dame de Paris, Victor Hugo. Guys, what's the point at which you recognized this one? I'm curious. xD

lol, one non-fiction and then three translated fiction. Actually I think most of the books I own these days are non-fiction, and a lot of those are language textbooks ... I don't think this meme would work very well with those. :|

In other news, it's Friday night and I hope This Is It sells out tonight because it still hasn't yet!! Meanwhile we have nine showings a day of A Christmas Carol, what is this madness.


Oct. 17th, 2009 04:26 pm
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One little compliment can make you feel amazing. So give me a compliment, anything in the entire world, even that my shoelaces are pretty. Put this in your journal. And once you get some comments, put that entry in a memory or tag and when you are feeling down, just go to that entry and this will remind you of how great you are.

lol, watch this get no comments. I will be all "What do you mean, no one wants to stroke my ego??" xD xD xD
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So I have been spending this afternoon rediscovering the gorgeousness that is Nelly Furtado's "All Good Things (Come to an End)." What do you think is the difference between an artist you're a fan of and an artist you only like? I was thinking, even though I like most of her songs and even own all of her albums so far, I wouldn't consider Nelly Furtado one of my favourite singers, and I'm not sure why that is.

In other news, today when I was walking to the library, two snakes slithered across the path in front of me. I have seriously never come across snakes randomly in the wild before!! This was a new experience for me, lol.
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Today is CI's made-up holiday! Happy Special Hug Day, everyone! xD; I got a letter from one of my sponsored kids today, yay. <3

Anyway, I am really just posting to say that I cannot stop listening to the preview of Morning Musume's new single, "Kimagure Princess." I have no idea why they thought it would be a good idea to chipmunkify the girls' voices, but other than that I love it! Although that's nothing new, there's only ever been like three MoMusu singles I don't like. xD

I was thinking the other day about how there was a long while where I was really embarrassed to be a MoMusu fan, to the point where I actually stopped listening to them for a year or so. Actually, I guess that happened around the time the MoMusu forum I'd been visiting closed, and so I felt like I was the only one continuing to like this group that everyone else thought was awful. Eventually I just decided WHATEVER, I love MoMusu and I don't care what anyone else thinks!! I feel like this is an attitude I need to take up in other areas of my life. Like, I continue to be embarrassed when people ask me what my hobbies are (answering with "Writing" or "Studying languages" always ends with my conversation partner asking, "... And??") or what kind of music I listen to (lol, my vague answers to this question have my managers on a constant quest to find out - although they definitely know I like Miley*), and I have been putting off telling my parents what I want to go back to school for for fear of being teased. :/ So ... yeah. I gotta stop being so embarrassed of my interests, I guess.

Okay, time to study!

* The lobby's Top 40 station has "Party in the USA" in its rotation, and there are two of us who have to constantly defend this song from everyone else who is hating on it. During one such discussion, one of my co-workers accused me of having a girlcrush on Miley. Well I guess I can't deny it, lololololol~ xD
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So I'd totally forgotten that I once forced my mom to listen to BoA's Best of Soul for like a month straight until she came home from work yesterday all "Someone on my bus was talking about BoA!" hahaha awesome!! Today I lent her my copy of BoA's English album and she said she's going to put some of the songs on her iPod. brb, turning my mom into a J-pop fan! xD (Uh, because somehow BoA's English album counts as J-pop in my head?)

Driving lesson tomorrow. After this one, I'll only have two left. Ugh, I'm still so bad though. D: And I still don't enjoy it. [livejournal.com profile] the_wykydtron is on a quest to find the one thing that will spark in me a love for driving but I don't have high hopes. I do kind of get a kick out of picturing me driving my friends around and in this way forcing them to listen to my favourite music, haha, but still. That's not quite enough to keep me motivated here. :/

Anyway! I'm sure a lot of you have seen this already, but just in case, I am posting it again. I feel confident saying that this video is pretty awesome even if you aren't a fan of Michael Jackson. A one-man a capella group who manages to layer like six songs on top of each other without it turning into a huge mess? This will always and forever be one of my favourite YouTube vids, hahaha. <3

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Five questions for me from [livejournal.com profile] sourfacekitty! :D

interview! )

Wanna be interviewed? Let me know! ;)
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Oh I love me and the way I get more excited about meaningless things than I do about things most everyone else thinks are important. <33

In perhaps related news, I think I forgot to mention this when it actually happened, but about a month ago I went to pick up my diploma, and when the guy handed it to me he said, "I'm sorry this doesn't come with much pomp and circumstance, but - congratulations." When I told my mom he said that, her response was, "And I bet that made you happier than the actual pomp and circumstance would've, right?" Why yes, in fact. It did. :)

In unrelated news, I have one month left in my verbal contract with the movie theatre, and the job search has begun anew~!
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My parents don't remember!! :(
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In middle school I was working on a story featuring a character named Sharia, which is "Sarah" with the letters mixed up and an "i" thrown in. (NO SHUT UP SHE WAS NOT A MARY SUE!!) One day in the library I don't even remember what I was reading but I discovered that Sharia is the name of the body of Islamic religious law. When I was signing up for an LJ a year or two later, I didn't want to use the name of an actual thing, so I mixed up the letters again and got Arisha. Which has led to at least one fellow LJ user asking me if I'm Russian, because apparently it is a Russian name. So ahahaha I fail at making up original words. xD
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First Aid tonight went really well again, despite the class ending right when I was feeling like an idiot for messing up my simulation a little bit. ^^; But I got to faint three times! Once with impeccable comedic timing! "Well," said my partner, "at least you're still conscious." Oh ho ho, that's what you think!! xD Man I always put off taking these sorts of classes (mostly due to being too lazy to walk down and register for them - a problem which is hopefully fixed now by my having an online code for the thing) but I generally end up enjoying them. LIKE MY SEWING CLASS omg that was the highlight of second year. *_*

Meanwhile, number one on my list of ways I annoy myself is that when I'm busy, I desperately want to have nothing to do, and when I have nothing to do, I desperately want to be busy. I feel like I shall be very happy when someone hires me because then hopefully I'll have some sort of schedule around which I can fit some volunteering and some more classes. I mean I do have stuff I could be doing right now but of course I'm the textbook example of "if you want something done, get a busy person to do it," which means that these days whenever I am reminded that I should be working on my writing my response is generally "Why do that when I can just SIT AROUND SOME MORE???"

Oh my gosh let's hope this job search ends soon, then maybe I can write some entries I won't hate. >_<;
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Hmm, what do you think, should I also try keeping track of all the movies I see this year (post-Japan trip because I've forgotten what I watched before that ^^; )? Only movies I see for the first time, though; if I include repeats it could get embarrassing. x)

1. Mansfield Park, 1999
I quite enjoyed this movie, except that it decries slavery as the evilest of evil things and then ... ignores it. Awsm!

2. The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex, 1939
Why does everyone love Bette Davis? I don't get it yet. :/ But so far I've only seen her in this and in Of Human Bondage (co-starring Leslie Howard as Ashley Wilkes, lawl lawl lawl), neither of which are her most famous roles, I don't think ... ?

3. A Streetcar Named Desire, 1951
YES I finally watched it. It was actually less violent than I thought it would be, with more nervous breakdowns. I'm not sure whether or not I liked it, but is this the sort of movie that one "likes"? Vivien Leigh did a pretty amazing job, though. I actually think I find her more belivable as Blanche than as Scarlett.

4. Arsenic and Old Lace, 1944
So I have this problem where movies that most people think are the funniest things ever, I don't find half as amusing. Yes this movie definitely had its funny moments (and omg Cary Grant's expressions! hahaha), but for a large chunk in the middle of it I just thought it was creepy. D:

Speaking of funny movies, did you know the AFI considers Some Like it Hot to be the funniest movie evar? I watched it pre-Japan and I definitely enjoyed it, maybe it's the funniest older movie I've seen, but even so I was hardly rolling on the floor laughing ... :// Maybe my expectations are just too high.

Man I need to write a real post soon here, geeze. :P Well, actually, if you will allow me to completely change the subject here, I was just reading this post on Pandagon (the photo might be NSFW), and though this isn't really the main point of the post it does bring up the issue of how well young women (and young men) are able to get to know themselves when they're in a relationship versus when they're not. This is something I kind of randomly think about every once in a while. It's true I've yet to be in any sort of romantic relationship; it's also true that I don't regret this at all. And part of the reason for that is I do feel that I know myself better than I would if I had been in a relationship (or more than one relationship, whatever) during my teen years. Maybe this is true, maybe it's not, maybe I'm writing all this much too vague, but nevertheless I think it's a really interesting discussion. Any thoughts? :)
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Movies I Saw Multiple Times in Theatres
by Spuzzy :)

13 - Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End
8 - Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest
4 - Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl
4 - Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
4 - Enchanted
3 - Twilight
2 - Stardust
2 - Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
2 - Troy
2 - Mysteries of Egypt (an educational IMAX but I still count it!)

What does your list look like? :D


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