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· We are halfway through what should, if all goes well, be my final semester of undergrad. School, school, decluttering, and pirates! )
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So I promise one day I'll try to post about something else again, but in the meantime I saw 'On Stranger Tides' again today ... )
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More On Stranger Tides spoilers!! Things I meant to write about last night but forgot. x)

Read more... )

Okay I guess that's all for now~
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Brief but spoilery first thoughts on On Stranger Tides below the cut!

A mermaid, Jack. )

Those of you who have seen it, what did you think?? :)
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So we've started to get some Deathly Hallows: Part 2 promotional stuff at the theatre where I work, and my co-workers keep showing it to me expecting me to be excited. My only response is that I cannot bring myself to care about Harry Potter when we're getting a new Pirates movie in FIVE AND A HALF HOURS.

I feel like I haven't been posting about On Stranger Tides even half as much as I posted about At World's End before it came out, but that is simply because I have been spending all my free time playing Lego Pirates of the Caribbean. BELIEVE ME I AM STOKED.

Speaking of which, here's the rest of that entry that I intended to finish a month ago, written rather more quickly than the previous installments because apparently I am never going to finish it otherwise!


And on that bittersweet note! x) I shall most likely return in the wee hours of the morning to offer yet another fangirling entry, haha.
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All apologies, guys, but it looks like the next installment in my series of awesome Pirates entries won't be up until after I return on Thursday. But to tide you over till then, here is the almost-4,000-word essay I wrote about Will's Hero's Journey for the film class I was taking the summer that At World's End was released. I'm not going to claim that this is a fantastic essay, I mean I think you can tell that I wrote it very quickly (and didn't even cite my sources, for shame!!). But I think I did a decent job at pinpointing the different stages of Will's Journey and hopefully it's a somewhat interesting read. I think it'd be fun to map out the Journeys of all the main characters in the trilogy, just to see them all show up as different things in each other's paths. xD

'There is a Cost Must Be Paid in the End': The Hero's Journey in the Pirates of the Caribbean Sequels )

In other news, I have acquired an On Stranger Tides poster from my work!! It's totally supposed to go up in the lobby but we already have two standees and a banner promoting this movie, plus a Cars 2 poster and set of window stickers, so my managers have decided the lobby is Disney enough as it is. haha!

Today there was also some talk of me being Cast Member of the Month again, because I worked like three weeks' worth of shifts where I was supposed to have a co-worker to help me and did not ... but as I've already been Cast Member of the Month I can't decide whether my managers are joking about this or not. :X

ON THAT NOTE! See you guys Thursday! :D <3
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Continuing from yesterday's post, here is PART TWO of FIFTEEN REASONS WHY I THINK THE PIRATES SEQUELS ARE AWESOME! )

hahaha oh gosh why is it taking me so long to write these. STAY TUNED FOR THE EXCITING CONCLUSION!!
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So as I'm leaving for Disneyland this weekend I've been reading Disneyland forums a lot, and as a result of the On Stranger Tides promotion that the park is doing there are several Pirates of the Caribbean-related threads that were recently started. I was fairly excited to read these threads until I remembered the crucial point that everyone hates these movies but me. Not Curse of the Black Pearl, most people seem to be okay with that one, but anytime anyone mentions Dead Man's Chest or At World's End it's open season. And I am getting really quite annoyed at all these people posting things like "The only reason people watch the sequels is for Johnny Depp" or "The only thing good about the sequels was the special effects." So, with the hopes of injecting some Pirates positivity into the Internets, here is PART ONE (because it is four a.m. whoops) of FIFTEEN REASONS WHY I THINK THE PIRATES SEQUELS ARE AWESOME. )

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I used to have a Facebook app that was like ~life goals~ and one of the goals I wrote was to go to the premiere of PotC4 hahaha yesss. brb trying desperately to replenish my bank account because I continue to be so. broke. D:
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So through watching the Spanish dub of Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End (yes I am finally watching the DVDs I bought in Peru and they are AWEsome!), I just learned I've been mishearing a piece of dialogue for three whole years.

What I heard:

Will: "How long do we continue not talking?"
Elizabeth: "Once we rescue Jack, everything will be fine."
Will: "'When we rescue Jack'?"
*awkward silence ensues*

What it apparently (oh god I just spelled that "happarently," my mind really is going) actually is:

Will: "How long do we continue not talking?"
Elizabeth: "Once we rescue Jack, everything will be fine."
Will: "Then we rescue Jack."
*awkward silence ensues*


Well to be honest, I think the actual dialogue is more in-character ... but I like my version and I think the awkward silence works better with it.

It's also only through watching these dubs that I've managed to completely understand the Liar's Dice game for the first time ... oh my life. x)
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Today I:
- bought my ticket for the midnight showing (oh yes) of Face Punch 2 Eclipse
- saw this post featuring the very first two photos from PotC4
- read up on the Bad tour DVD and also the new album in November?!?!

In conclusion, I AM VERY EXCITED. :D :D :D

(omg I have a tag for Twilight what have I become)
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Thank you to everyone who indulged my request to hear your list of favourite Disney songs!! :D Now of course I am wondering how many of you are hardcore enough to make a list, however long or short you'd like, of your favourite Disney background music! >xD


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Sometimes I feel the need to write an entry about Pirates of the Caribbean just to ensure everyone knows that my love for these movies runs deeper than my love for pretty much anything and everything else.

That's a bit of a winding introduction just to say I've discovered that on YouTube one can watch the entire trilogy dubbed into Spanish. As one of my nearest and dearest hobbies is watching and rewatching my favourite movies dubbed into any of the languages I can kind of understand*, I think I can safely say that the rest of my weekend is shot. :D

* I've already seen the Pirates trilogy in Japanese, and was perhaps way too fascinated by the whole "kokoro"/"shinzou"/"haato" thing. xD AND THEN IN AT WORLD'S END THEY MESSED UP MY FAVOURITE LIIIIIIINE D':

Anyway, I apologize if this is all I want to talk about for the next month or so. :D Who here remembers when I was equally obsessed with Prisoner of Azkaban in its Spanish dub? OH WHO AM I KIDDING I STILL AM
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So when New Moon broke Dark Knight's opening day box office gross, I was more amused than anything. But I have just now seen this:

If that number holds up (and it should), the film will replace Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End for third place on the list of all-time best opening weekends (domestic)



Man, my best guest of last night was the guy who came up and asked me which of the Pirates movies is my favourite, and then told me that his favourite is the second one because it has such an epic ending, and sometimes he goes on YouTube just to watch that ending over and over and over again. UM PRETTY SURE WE TWO WERE MEANT TO BE!!
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I've done this before but I'm doing it again!

1. Pick fifteen movies you know/like/love. (I'm only doing eleven because I'm having issues thinking of movies I didn't use before!)
2. Go to IMDb and find a quote from each movie.
3. Post them here for everyone to guess.
4. Strike it out when someone guesses correctly, and put who guessed it and the movie. (lol, I never do this. Everyone can guess!!)
5. No Googling/using IMDb search functions.

guess guess guess )

Edit: answers answers answers )

SPEAKING OF MOVIES, the theatre I work at is currently in the middle of its BUSIEST WEEKEND IN FIVE YEARS. Today alone we sold SIX THOUSAND TICKETS, when on an average Saturday we usually hover around four thousand.


brb passing out from exhaustion. If it doesn't slow down tomorrow, I don't even. Thanks, SMeyer. DDDD:

(Meanwhile, our New Moon-less partner theatre downtown sold like five hundred. HAHAHAHAHA wut)
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I've been going to the movies so much lately. What's up with that?!

48. A Christmas Carol, 2009
The sets in this movie are amazing; the character animation is not. The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come was really cool, but unfortunately it was one of the very few original things the movie did, and what the heck was up with that totally random chase sequence? In the end I think this is a completely unnecessary remake, but I feel bad saying that because my mom rather liked it. :P

49. Pirate Radio, 2009
I went to see this during a very spontaneous evening I spent with my co-workers. It's definitely not my kind of movie but I liked it better than I thought I would. Amusingly enough, this movie has "pirate" in its title and stars Bill Nighy and Jack Davenport! lol, I can think of two movies that I like rather better that also fit that criteria. xD

50. New Moon, 2009
Holy crow, I didn't realize this would be number fifty, how exciting! Anyway: not enough lulz as the first one but with just as much awkwardness. Definitely my favourite part of this movie is the brilliance that is Face Punch.

BRB NANOING. I am not completely panicked yet, but I have definitely reached the stage where every spoken line comes complete with a dialogue tag, horribly awkward or not!
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Yay, I got interviewed again!! :D This time the questions are from [ profile] frauleinfrog. News travels fast in Vienna. )

In other news, tomorrow I am going to This Is It for the second time in three days, and a Twilight t-shirt party for the second time in eight days. ahahaha, my life this week is so ridiculous but I love it. FANDOM ALL OVER THE PLACE!! xD Hopefully I can fit some studying in here somewhere. D:
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So tonight I discovered Cleverbot and found it way too amusing. Read more... )

In other news, today I played the new Kingdom Hearts game for two hours and then had to stop because my hand was cramping up. I don't understand how you are supposed to hold the DS in order to allow this to be a comfortable experience! Have I been spoiled by playing so many games that only require the use of the stylus? :(
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So I definitely used my carbon tax rebate in exactly the way it isn't supposed to be used, but I was in the mood to throw money at two of my favourite web sites. xD For the first time ever I have a halo on my NaNoWriMo profile, woohoo! Maybe this will act as motivation to actually finish this year ... but I doubt it. :P

I am also taking bets on how many of my thirty-five icons I actually use, and how soon I regret purchasing them, lol. xD But oh well, going out and collecting them all provided me with a couple hours of distraction last night that I would've otherwise spent just whining about how sick I am. So. :D (Hilariously enough, I think I've actually used like half of these icons before, but I never keep icons so I had to go out and find them all again!!)

Nothing much else to report except I watched Dead Man's Chest the other day for the first time in an unusually long time, and so now Pirates is back to being my favourite thing ever. <3 I have Pirates of the Caribbean on my nametag at work (we have our favourite movies on our nametags), and the other day a guest asked me why I like it so much. I was just like, seriously, I could write an entire book on why I love this trilogy so much, don't ask me such a question when I'm trying to keep the line moving!! xD <33
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I had a dream last night that I got my hands on a DVD of PotC4, and I didn't get very far into it because it was one of those dreams where you keep getting interrupted, but Will was in it and Tia Dalma was in it and it was AWEsome!!!!!! and needless to say now I am awake and really disappointed. :(

Man some days I really wish I could erase my memory just so I could watch all the PotC movies again for the first time. xD


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