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So it seems to be the time of year when all of a sudden I am really really really ridiculously looking forward to NaNoWriMo.

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So I totally forgot to change the excerpt on my NaNo profile before I went to work today, and by the time I got home it was too late! xD hahaha, oh well. But huge congratulations to everyone who won!! I know I've said this to several of you already but I'm just so proud of you guys that I feel the need to say it again, lol! I'm already looking forward to the next crazy novelling season. :)

In other news, tomorrow is my sixth of six straight days at work. I'm not too happy that I ended up working six days in a row the week before the JLPT, especially when I booked time off specifically for studying purposes. I'm really getting sick of how understaffed we constantly seem to be, it's ridiculous. At least tomorrow I have the option of leaving early. :/ Fingers crossed I can somehow wrangle my way out of my Friday shift, although I don't really see it happening, so maybe you should save your finger crossing for the hope that I somehow manage to pass the test!! x)

ahaha, won't you guys be so glad when it's December seventh and I can finally stop talking about this?? YES!!!
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~ First off, if anyone cares, I edited the answers to my movie quiz into the post. And now I am stealing another meme. )

~ I should probably mention at some point that I have kinda-sorta-mostly dropped out of NaNoWriMo this year. In a previous entry where I was freaking out about my ability to finish NaNo and pass the JLPT, [ profile] the_wykydtron correctly pointed out that I would be more upset if I failed the JLPT than if I failed NaNo, and ... there it is. I'm glad I made this decision, because I have definitely felt less stressed since I made it, but at the same time I'm really bummed and really frustrated that I let myself get so behind in both tasks that in the end I had to drop one completely. I shall just have to do lots of writing in December to make up for it, I guess! :3 (lol, but remind me to change my excerpt before it's too late! I'm not sure I like the current one enough for it to be up for an entire year. ^^; )

UGH though, the amount of work I'm having to do to protect my precious little study time! It's like as soon as I decided that studying was my number one priority, all of my co-workers have a desperate need for me to take their shifts. Often because they have exams to study for, lolariously enough. Well too bad, I booked this time off and it is MINE. :P

~ My mom's work is doing this thing through the Salvation Army where each employee is assigned a child in need to buy a Christmas present for! My mom was supposed to buy a gift for a five-year-old girl, and so yesterday she and I went and bought a bouncing Tigger board game sort of thing (and the necessary batteries) and a Dora the Explorer puzzle. (lol, yes, a puzzle - I'm totally going to be one of those adults from whom no kid wants to get presents, haha!) So that was fun! Mom asked what my work is doing for the holidays and I kind of laughed at that. Like, one year I think they did a can drive, and that's about it. I don't have a lot of faith in the humanitarian spirit of this company. :X

~ November has gone way too quickly, what the heck. :|
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Things that are not awesome:
1) NaNoWriMo ends in nine days and I have only just now passed 10k. I'm not even really sure why this year is going so pathetically for me ... it just is.

2) The JLPT is in fifteen days and I am so completely unprepared. I am starting to seriously feel like I am going to fail. One of my co-workers asked me what will happen if I fail, and I replied with "Nothing," but ... I still don't want to. I'll really hate myself if I do. I don't want to have to wait another full year to take Level 2 again when it's already been five years since I passed Level 3!!

3) The above two points are frustrating me very much right now. :( I feel almost as if I should give up on NaNoWriMo so I can focus completely on the JLPT, but at the same time I intensely don't want to. ffffffffff I dunno. My next couple days off I just gotta BUST IT. And I have to ignore the temptation to fill up my days off with social outings, because I've just had an awesome four days off, but I definitely did not get any work done. :/

Things that are awesome:
1) I woke up this morning to a Christmas card from [ profile] firecrackerrrr! <3

2) My co-workers being their ridiculous selves.

3) I've finally written over 8,000 LJ comments!! bahahahaha. >xD I'm pretty sure the last like 2,000 of those are entirely from July till now.

4) This song.
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I've been going to the movies so much lately. What's up with that?!

48. A Christmas Carol, 2009
The sets in this movie are amazing; the character animation is not. The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come was really cool, but unfortunately it was one of the very few original things the movie did, and what the heck was up with that totally random chase sequence? In the end I think this is a completely unnecessary remake, but I feel bad saying that because my mom rather liked it. :P

49. Pirate Radio, 2009
I went to see this during a very spontaneous evening I spent with my co-workers. It's definitely not my kind of movie but I liked it better than I thought I would. Amusingly enough, this movie has "pirate" in its title and stars Bill Nighy and Jack Davenport! lol, I can think of two movies that I like rather better that also fit that criteria. xD

50. New Moon, 2009
Holy crow, I didn't realize this would be number fifty, how exciting! Anyway: not enough lulz as the first one but with just as much awkwardness. Definitely my favourite part of this movie is the brilliance that is Face Punch.

BRB NANOING. I am not completely panicked yet, but I have definitely reached the stage where every spoken line comes complete with a dialogue tag, horribly awkward or not!
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(Backstory: I just typed up a bunch of my writing from NaNo08. Instead of spending that time writing new stuff for NaNo09? Yeah, basically.)

1) After spending so much time last year stressing out about how I was going to spell Leika's name, I unknowingly started spelling it differently this year. haha, whoops! Last year I preferred it spelled with a "y" instead of an "i," but this year I feel that looks as weird as I never wanted to admit before. :P

2) I LOVE when you're working on a longish writing project and you make a decision about it that you think will cause you some grief and rewrites ... and then you take a look at the writing you've already done and discover that your new decision fits in perfectly. I don't have a good example of this right now but hopefully this has happened to you as well and you'll know what I mean. xD;

So my goal for tomorrow is to break 10k. AT LEAST. 15k if possible! Because this is getting ridiculous. :|
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Time for a totally random picture post!

hontou ni waratteru ko nante iru no kana )
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Another day, another excerpt. Current word count is 6,359 when it should be over 20k; I need to force myself to make my daily word count more consistently than I have been.

In other news, I feel like work has taken over my life, although I suspect I only feel this way because I've returned to my yucky routine of sleeping all day and staying up all night, which means I never do anything else. :| Hopefully this changes with my upcoming week of excitement! On Saturday I'm going to my theatre's special showing of Gone With the Wind; on Sunday I'm going to This Is It with [ profile] the_wykydtron (and I didn't even have to con her into it!); on Monday and Tuesday I am studying and writing, natch!!; on Wednesday I'm going to the university's production of "Romeo and Juliet" with [ profile] the_wykydtron and betaraider; and on Thursday I'm going to the very first showing of New Moon with a bunch of awesome peeps and, inevitably, a bunch of screaming fangirls. hahahaha this is going to be the most ridiculous week ever but I love it. xD
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Just had two awesome days off but omg they went by waaaay too fast. And I didn't study half as much as I should have. D:

Just broke 5k! :D My current word count is 5,111 (plus the scene I still haven't typed up), so I still need to write about 2,250 a day to win. But it's all good, I've been feeling pretty encouraged these past couple of days! And of course you get a new excerpt! This is soooo not my best writing, but when it comes to NaNo, my desire to post a new excerpt overrides my embarrassment, el oh el. xD Also I'm pretty sure that these excerpts I've been posting give you pretty much no idea of what the story is actually about ... I'll try to write something more useful soon!
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I busted out 2,300 words just now, making this the first day I have actually met my word goal, hahaha saaaad. xD Ridiculously enough, after confessing I find it so much easier to write longhand, I owe these 2,300 words pretty much entirely to the web site Write or Die, which punishes you with annoying colours and sounds if you stop writing. Apparently the threat of my screen turning red is enough to keep me going - who knew? :P

Anyway, so yes, I posted a new (and short, oops) excerpt. My total word count right now is actually probably somewhere around 4,300, but I have yet to type up the scene I wrote last night which is why I am officially only at 3,831. KEEP MOVING FORWARD!

Completely unrelated, I am pretty frustrated at the prospect of another week of avoiding TV. And just earlier today I was thinking about how when I was a kid I used to be frustrated that you could never see anything about MJ on TV?! HA IT IS TO LAUGH.

nano again

Nov. 8th, 2009 02:57 pm
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ahaha, I love how I now have three days' worth of writing that doesn't even amount to what I'm supposed to have written in one day. But it's not so bad yet! If I step it up and start busting out 2,110 words a day every day from now on, I'll still win. Anyway, I am not posting to talk about my piddly word count, I am posting to say: New excerpt! I actually feel really horrible posting an excerpt like this so completely out of context, but it's not like I have a lot of scenes to choose from right now! lollll. Also, the writing style still sucks but I think I'm getting there?

Also also, Gail Carson Levine wrote a NaNoWriMo pep talk this week, omgomgomg. After last November's almost complete lack of NaNoing, I am back to feeling the NaNo love. :D <3
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Day five of NaNo is over and my word count is still rather smaller than what it should be, but I have finally posted an excerpt (taken totally out of context, haha have fun with that)! Please do not judge either me or my writing based on this piece, I'm still trying to feel around in an attempt to get the tone I want. And also I have no idea how one goes about eating a pomegranate. D:

So, uh. I guess that's all for now?
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So during the first half of October I was totally obsessed with my NaNo novel, to the point where I was terrified I was going to get sick of it and so forced myself to stop thinking about it for a while. Now it's November and I have no idea how to get back to being obsessed with this thing! How do I get back into the headspace where I can write this thing like I want it to be written?

In conclusion: as usual, as soon as I am allowed to start working on something, it all falls apart. :D But oh well, at least I have some words now! Although how many, I'm not sure yet, as I cannot write any way but with a pen and paper!
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omg people are texting me and I don't know what to do!! For those of you not in the know, I am pretty well stuck in the eighteenth century when it comes to telephones. My co-workers don't know life without their cell phones; I don't know or understand life with one. xD; So when I turned on my phone this morning and found not zero, not one, not two, but THREE text messages waiting for me (one from each of the past three days, hahaha), man. IT IS LIKE A FIST IN MY EAR BUT I WILL TRY TO ADJUST!

Unrelated, my fundraiser for Keyly got its first donation today, omg exciting!! I am super grateful especially because it's from someone I only kinda sorta know! I sure hope you guys don't intend to let him show you up, lol lol lol. ;)

Also I am going to force myself to start my NaNo after work tonight. Three full days of not writing is quite enough!! Bug me for an excerpt if you don't see one appear. xD
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The first two entries on my friendslist right now both mention me! xD This wouldn't usually merit its own post but I have been having a rough week and this has suddenly improved my mood tenfold. So thank you to [ profile] missmomoko and [ profile] trumpydoesmagic for randomly throwing my name into your posts, hahaha. <3 <3 And, as always, thank you to Apostles for keepin' it supernatural. xD

Now I guess I should actually write something here ... I haven't started my NaNo yet because of this awful mood I've been in but I'm not really concerned about it yet, it's only day three so I figure I've still got time. :P

Oh, I guess I should tell you how my Hallowe'en volunteering went, but I'm kind of not even sure how I feel about it. Read more... )
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~ Not gonna lie, probably my favourite thing about the Michael Jackson fandom is that there are so many people in it who go out and do good deeds! I mean, I've been in the Morning Musume fandom for years now, and Morning Musume has a couple songs that talk about environmental issues, but it seems those songs are only ever mentioned so that people can make fun of the Engrish in them. I love that MJ fans can make fun of the total lack of enunciation in "Man in the Mirror" while still taking its message to heart. <3 haha, so what I am trying to say here is I finally signed up to be a volunteer through my local rec centre, and today I went to a (very small! I was surprised) meeting in order to fill out the necessary paperwork to get a criminal records check and all that. They seem to only be looking for volunteers for one-day events (eg. a Hallowe'en party here, a Remembrance Day ceremony there), which is not my ideal kind of volunteering, but it should be fun and it'll definitely work until I find something more. :)

After the meeting, I was waiting at the bus stop to go home, and one of my co-workers drove by and offered me a ride! Aaaah so that was kind of the highlight of my day, hahaha. I love awesome surprises like that. xD

~ I signed up for a continuing studies class through my alma mater (lol, it's so weird saying that) today. If you want you may roll your eyes at the ridiculousness of me missing school as much as I am, but believe me, this class is relevant to my interests! In May I read Dr. Jonathan Shay's book Achilles in Vietnam, in which he compares the combat trauma experienced by American soldiers in Vietnam with the combat trauma portrayed in the Iliad. I am surprised there is not more fangirling in my review of it, because that was probably my favourite book of the summer. The class I signed up for is a two-hour class that will look at Euripides' play "Herakles" through the lens of Shay's work. SO I AM PRETTY EXCITED. There is very little these days that will get me up at eight-thirty in the morning, but hopefully combat trauma in Euripides is it! xD

(Uh ... for those of you not in the know? I am a Greek mythology FANGIRL.)

~ We have reached that time of October where I am OBSESSED with NaNoWriMo and I basically need November to get here NOW before I get sick of thinking about my novel. I'm so excited for this year, you guys. :D I am really excited about my story (I've actually used this story for NaNo before and lost; I think it needed a couple years of getting knocked about in my head), and I'm really excited to be NaNoing with so many new people! :D haha, and hopefully they don't get sick of me telling them that before it's even time to start writing. xD <3!
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So I definitely used my carbon tax rebate in exactly the way it isn't supposed to be used, but I was in the mood to throw money at two of my favourite web sites. xD For the first time ever I have a halo on my NaNoWriMo profile, woohoo! Maybe this will act as motivation to actually finish this year ... but I doubt it. :P

I am also taking bets on how many of my thirty-five icons I actually use, and how soon I regret purchasing them, lol. xD But oh well, going out and collecting them all provided me with a couple hours of distraction last night that I would've otherwise spent just whining about how sick I am. So. :D (Hilariously enough, I think I've actually used like half of these icons before, but I never keep icons so I had to go out and find them all again!!)

Nothing much else to report except I watched Dead Man's Chest the other day for the first time in an unusually long time, and so now Pirates is back to being my favourite thing ever. <3 I have Pirates of the Caribbean on my nametag at work (we have our favourite movies on our nametags), and the other day a guest asked me why I like it so much. I was just like, seriously, I could write an entire book on why I love this trilogy so much, don't ask me such a question when I'm trying to keep the line moving!! xD <33
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Why I do believe that would be [ profile] athena_crikey, who sat, as I recall, two seats down from me during the three months of fifth grade that I had here after we moved. (I have a couple classmates from the city before that friended on Facebook, but we talk so rarely and so superficially that they hardly count as friends anymore, sigh.) Athena's constant quest to move farther and farther away complicates that second question a bit, but, true to what I wrote on my NaNo author profile, I do tend to e-mail her approximately five times every day. :D

I was going to answer the third question by saying that I've had the same group of friends since grade eleven, but then I realized that that's a total lie. So I guess a better answer would be that my group of friends evolves, but at such a pace that I hardly notice, hahaha! Fun fact: I've known [ profile] the_wykydtron since grade six, but we didn't become friends until the first year of university (second semester, as I recall!), when we had to take the same bus to school in the morning. This BLOWS MY MIND every time I think of it! I love how little random events can totally change the course of your life.
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~ So who else is doing National Novel Writing Month this November?? 50,000 words in thirty days and it really is a blast! Here's my author page so add me! xD I am looking forward to a good attempt this time, after my total failure of last year. D:

~ As of today, I have a ticket to This is It (Oct. 28, 7pm) and a ticket to New Moon (Nov. 19, 10pm). So now I continue the wait for the two autumn movies I am most excited for, haha! Also, a shout-out to [ profile] misfits_united because I totally forgot she was on my friendslist until she asked if we were getting tickets for the Michael Jackson movie, hahaha. xD

~ For its thousandth post, [ profile] fandomsecrets asked for only positive secrets, and I convince this turned out a lot more awesome than I thought it would. And there were two Morning Musume secrets in the mix! One and two. <3 Now if only the "Kimagure Princess" PV would leak already, because I am way too impatient for it! xD

~ I have had a blast with my phandom phriends over these past five unasked-for days off, but tomorrow I go back to work! And I need to restart my job search. Even if I stayed at the movie theatre part-time, it would be nice to do something new as well. I also need to start researching grad schools more thoroughly, which is hard to get started on since the idea of me going to grad school still seems so foreign. Plus I'm not sure yet if I want to apply this year or wait until next year ... woohoo for uncertainty. :/

~ Let's end on something fun! Here's Rick Mercer in zero gravity! Feel free to skip ahead to 2:40, although my favourite bit is at 5:38, if just for the look on his face!! xD
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GOSH I am so not ready for it to be NaNoWriMo.

IN OTHER NEWS, by means of Facebooky goodness I have just discovered that one of the guys I met in Toronto met my future husband the night before our interviews. I am one step closer to Sarah Stromboulopolis or whatever. Truth be told I probably won't learn to spell it until it's time to start writing our wedding invitations.

In other OTHER news, yesterday I discovered [ profile] bsc_snark and oh my gosh I am loving it. And it is making me wish I had never gotten rid of all my BSC books, hahahaha!! YES IT'S TRUE I used to LIVE the Baby-Sitters Club books. Are any of you hiding this same deep dark secret?? xD My favourites were definitely Dawn and Mallory (every time Dawn moved back to California I was CRUSHED like I can't even TELL you), which is pretty awesome since everyone in this community really seems to hate them. OH WELL. xD;


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