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So I am very pleased and a little embarrassed to report that all the negative feelings I've had towards Morning Musume recently evaporated pretty much as soon as they stepped onstage today. lol why do I even bother whining about the changes in this group when clearly I am destined to be a fan forever. xD Today they performed in Morioka, a mere hour by local train from my town! And I didn't realize this while looking at the map yesterday, but the concert hall they performed in is right across the street from Aiina, a very nice building with a stupid pun for a name, but more importantly it is where we had our mid-year conference! I spent so many years pining to go to a MoMusu concert that to think that today I saw one an hour from my house across the street from a building where I gave a presentation is MIND-BLOWINGLY AWESOME.

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Mar. 29th, 2011 12:09 am
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Well don't get too excited because it is the last week of school and I have three essays to write. I am just stopping by to inform you all that Morning Musume has a new music video out and I am obsessed with it!

I was going to write more about it but then I realized that I have nine pages of French grammar to do before I go to bed. Well I think I have just enough time for the obligatory NOOOOOOOOO AICHAN DON'T LEEEEEEEAVE
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I guess if I'm sitting here wasting time I might as well write a post, even if it's random and totally useless. :) The return of my favourite meme~~!

List seven songs you are into right now, no matter what the genre, whether they have words, or even if they're not any good, but they must be songs you're really enjoying now. Post these instructions in your LiveJournal along with your seven songs.

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Okay, now to spend the rest of this lovely day off studying!! :D I feel like I keep forgetting my intention to attempt the JLPT at the end of this year, whoops.
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I don't really get these memes that are spread out over multiple days (I imagine I'll cheat at some point), but I guess I'll do this one. It'll at least give us all a break from my introvert-with-nine-roommates rantings, y/y?

Day 01 - Your favourite song

I have NO IDEA how anyone could ever manage to pick a favourite song. There are just too many to choose from! My usual answer to this question is Loreena McKennitt's "The Bonny Swans," but today I'm gonna shake it up a bit and call upon another song I rly rly love: Toto's "Africa."

It's so synthesized and eighties, and I think even the band referred to it as your typical white guy's song about a continent he knows nothing about, and I should probably hate myself for loving it so much. BUT I DON'T. My first bus this morning was playing this really epic, hour-plus mix of eighties songs (I knew all but one of them, one of only two that were in Spanish), and this song being included in that was kind of the highlight of my day.

Oh whatever, I'm doing Day 2 now too, I don't care.

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Oh LJ, surely we know each other well enough now that you don't need to ask me this question! Sarah/pop music OTP!

I will now return to listening to The Fame Monster on repeat, as I've been doing for the past four days. This album is way too addictive!! :B Although I continue to be a little weirded out by the guy's part in "Monster": I love that girl / Wanna talk to her, she's hot as hell. O RLY.

Unrelated (well, related to pop music, but unrelated to Lady Gaga x) ): Hello! Project is once again spending more than five dollars to make their music videos, and I am down with that!

(Wow, new YouTube is actually cooperating with me today! I guess I can hate it a little less now, thank goodness.)
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So you may recall how, about a month ago, I said I was going to post a great big list of videos that I've found on YouTube where international artists cover Michael Jackson songs. This entry is taking me forever because I keep finding more!! So I've decided to post it in parts, with apologies to those of you who are uninterested and thus will simply have to scroll. x)

I was going to write an introduction to this ~series~ but my brain isn't working right now so hopefully it's pretty self-explanatory. "Tributes" isn't quite the word I want - this is more a collection of covers, dance performances, even just mentions of MJ by singers and dancers from other countries. I just find it really interesting how impossibly famous MJ was and continues to be, and what a huge influence he had on the evolution of pop music. That plus my enjoyment of listening to music from around the world means that I find these sorts of clips ridiculously fascinating!

Please let me know if you find any mistakes or broken links, or if you have anything you think I should add. :) Enjoy~!

International Michael Jackson Tributes: Japan )

Up next: South Korea, probably!
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I'm late, but today was Elvis Presley's 75th birthday! My mom is a fan of Elvis and, as a result, he's the topic of several anecdotes from my childhood. Way back when, January 8th was actually the date I was due to be born, leading my parents to refer to me as "Elvis." Or, if I am to be completely honest, "Elvis Arnold." Whenever I heard this story as a kid, I always assumed Arnold was Elvis' middle name. It wasn't until we got a channel that showed reruns of Green Acres that I learned that the "Arnold" in my nickname actually came from a fictional pig. :| I ... don't even know, lol.

Anyway, so yes, that's my connection with Elvis - until I was born, I was named after him. xD Oh, and if you had asked four-year-old me what my favourite song was, I do believe I would have said "All Shook Up." xD That plus "Beat It" plus some Sharon, Lois and Bram ... yeah, that's pretty much all the music I listened to as a preschooler, lol. xD

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I vote that one of my goals for 2010 should be to learn more about older J-pop, because I kind of love it even though, at the moment, everything I know about it I learned from Hello! Project's increasing selection of song covers. xD

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I am always amused when people say their favourite kind of music is music that makes them think, because I continue to most enjoy music that you're not supposed to think about at all. xD Which is not to say that I don't think about it, but. You know.
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51. The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged), 2000
I can count this as a movie if I want to count it as a movie, haha. I heard about this play when [ profile] the_wykydtron went to a local production (without me!! HOW DARE SHE), and so intrigued was I by her report that I looked to see if I could find a version of it on YouTube. Lo and behold, I found the entire thing! I finally finished watching it last night, and, while it was a little more ridiculous than I'd been expecting, overall I really enjoyed it! They actually manage to include pretty much all of Shakespeare's work, including my beloved but much-ignored "Troilus and Cressida," which is awesome! As a wannabe Shakespeare fan I was definitely laughing through the whole thing (except for the occasional serious moments, which were also very good), and I'll probably be looking into the Reduced Shakespeare Company's other productions in the future. xD

In other news, last night [ profile] trumpydoesmagic and I watched The Hunchback of Notre Dame, which was most excellent, and then I had a dream that Lady Gaga featured Morning Musume's Reina Tanaka in one of her songs. Uhm. Awesome?
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Quick recap of my feelings re: Level 2 of the JLPT! I took it this morning, but omg it already feels like it was years ago. D:

I can't believe I got up at seven-thirty. )
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For some reason, lately I feel like writing a lot of random posts about music I shamelessly enjoy. Having said that ...



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Things that are not awesome:
1) NaNoWriMo ends in nine days and I have only just now passed 10k. I'm not even really sure why this year is going so pathetically for me ... it just is.

2) The JLPT is in fifteen days and I am so completely unprepared. I am starting to seriously feel like I am going to fail. One of my co-workers asked me what will happen if I fail, and I replied with "Nothing," but ... I still don't want to. I'll really hate myself if I do. I don't want to have to wait another full year to take Level 2 again when it's already been five years since I passed Level 3!!

3) The above two points are frustrating me very much right now. :( I feel almost as if I should give up on NaNoWriMo so I can focus completely on the JLPT, but at the same time I intensely don't want to. ffffffffff I dunno. My next couple days off I just gotta BUST IT. And I have to ignore the temptation to fill up my days off with social outings, because I've just had an awesome four days off, but I definitely did not get any work done. :/

Things that are awesome:
1) I woke up this morning to a Christmas card from [ profile] firecrackerrrr! <3

2) My co-workers being their ridiculous selves.

3) I've finally written over 8,000 LJ comments!! bahahahaha. >xD I'm pretty sure the last like 2,000 of those are entirely from July till now.

4) This song.
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Uuuugh my sleeping habits are sooooooo gross right now. I had to FORCE myself out of bed at one in the afternoon today. I hate this. D:

But in other news, I just watched this unsubtitled Morning Musume interview and understood quite a large chunk of it, so yay! :) (And yay for Aichan talking about Disney Sea. xD )

Answers to yesterday's book meme:

1) The Elephant Vanishes, Haruki Murakami, and I'm kinda surprised no one guessed this just because I was under the impression that Murakami's so hot right now. I don't love his writing but I like it well enough; mainly I keep this book around because I find collections of short stories somehow really inspiring and motivating. x)

2) The Odyssey, Homer. I thought this would be slightly less obvious than if I had gone with The Iliad but perhaps I am incorrect in that assumption.

3) Full Frontal Feminism, Jessica Valenti, although [ profile] the_wykydtron is correct, I ignored the fact that there's an introduction.

4) Notre-Dame de Paris, Victor Hugo. Guys, what's the point at which you recognized this one? I'm curious. xD

lol, one non-fiction and then three translated fiction. Actually I think most of the books I own these days are non-fiction, and a lot of those are language textbooks ... I don't think this meme would work very well with those. :|

In other news, it's Friday night and I hope This Is It sells out tonight because it still hasn't yet!! Meanwhile we have nine showings a day of A Christmas Carol, what is this madness.


Nov. 1st, 2009 01:59 am
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Today SUCKED but now it's OVER. Let's do a MEME! I love these interview memes, hahaha. This time it was [ profile] athena_crikey who asked the questions. Read more... )

Feel free to ask me to ask you five questions! x)
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~ Not gonna lie, probably my favourite thing about the Michael Jackson fandom is that there are so many people in it who go out and do good deeds! I mean, I've been in the Morning Musume fandom for years now, and Morning Musume has a couple songs that talk about environmental issues, but it seems those songs are only ever mentioned so that people can make fun of the Engrish in them. I love that MJ fans can make fun of the total lack of enunciation in "Man in the Mirror" while still taking its message to heart. <3 haha, so what I am trying to say here is I finally signed up to be a volunteer through my local rec centre, and today I went to a (very small! I was surprised) meeting in order to fill out the necessary paperwork to get a criminal records check and all that. They seem to only be looking for volunteers for one-day events (eg. a Hallowe'en party here, a Remembrance Day ceremony there), which is not my ideal kind of volunteering, but it should be fun and it'll definitely work until I find something more. :)

After the meeting, I was waiting at the bus stop to go home, and one of my co-workers drove by and offered me a ride! Aaaah so that was kind of the highlight of my day, hahaha. I love awesome surprises like that. xD

~ I signed up for a continuing studies class through my alma mater (lol, it's so weird saying that) today. If you want you may roll your eyes at the ridiculousness of me missing school as much as I am, but believe me, this class is relevant to my interests! In May I read Dr. Jonathan Shay's book Achilles in Vietnam, in which he compares the combat trauma experienced by American soldiers in Vietnam with the combat trauma portrayed in the Iliad. I am surprised there is not more fangirling in my review of it, because that was probably my favourite book of the summer. The class I signed up for is a two-hour class that will look at Euripides' play "Herakles" through the lens of Shay's work. SO I AM PRETTY EXCITED. There is very little these days that will get me up at eight-thirty in the morning, but hopefully combat trauma in Euripides is it! xD

(Uh ... for those of you not in the know? I am a Greek mythology FANGIRL.)

~ We have reached that time of October where I am OBSESSED with NaNoWriMo and I basically need November to get here NOW before I get sick of thinking about my novel. I'm so excited for this year, you guys. :D I am really excited about my story (I've actually used this story for NaNo before and lost; I think it needed a couple years of getting knocked about in my head), and I'm really excited to be NaNoing with so many new people! :D haha, and hopefully they don't get sick of me telling them that before it's even time to start writing. xD <3!
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~ So who else is doing National Novel Writing Month this November?? 50,000 words in thirty days and it really is a blast! Here's my author page so add me! xD I am looking forward to a good attempt this time, after my total failure of last year. D:

~ As of today, I have a ticket to This is It (Oct. 28, 7pm) and a ticket to New Moon (Nov. 19, 10pm). So now I continue the wait for the two autumn movies I am most excited for, haha! Also, a shout-out to [ profile] misfits_united because I totally forgot she was on my friendslist until she asked if we were getting tickets for the Michael Jackson movie, hahaha. xD

~ For its thousandth post, [ profile] fandomsecrets asked for only positive secrets, and I convince this turned out a lot more awesome than I thought it would. And there were two Morning Musume secrets in the mix! One and two. <3 Now if only the "Kimagure Princess" PV would leak already, because I am way too impatient for it! xD

~ I have had a blast with my phandom phriends over these past five unasked-for days off, but tomorrow I go back to work! And I need to restart my job search. Even if I stayed at the movie theatre part-time, it would be nice to do something new as well. I also need to start researching grad schools more thoroughly, which is hard to get started on since the idea of me going to grad school still seems so foreign. Plus I'm not sure yet if I want to apply this year or wait until next year ... woohoo for uncertainty. :/

~ Let's end on something fun! Here's Rick Mercer in zero gravity! Feel free to skip ahead to 2:40, although my favourite bit is at 5:38, if just for the look on his face!! xD


Sep. 19th, 2009 12:56 pm
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Woke up to the news that Koharu is graduating from MoMusu and from Hello! Project. This sucks!! I guess December 6 will mark the end of my favourite MoMusu line-up. :( Although anyone who points out that I should be grateful it lasted as long as it did is right. The group has been unusually stable lately, but I kind of liked it that way. :(

I booked off work today in order to go to the museum with one of my best friends. :D This'll be my third time through the British Museum temporary exhibit but that's fine with me, I loved it. And the second time I went I bought an annual pass, something I actually should've had all along, because I definitely go to the museum enough for it to be worth it. So yay for going to the museum for free~!

And a note for my Shamoners: last night I had a dream featuring Crazy Fountain Boy. Y'ALL ARE JEALOUS~~~~ xD
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Today is CI's made-up holiday! Happy Special Hug Day, everyone! xD; I got a letter from one of my sponsored kids today, yay. <3

Anyway, I am really just posting to say that I cannot stop listening to the preview of Morning Musume's new single, "Kimagure Princess." I have no idea why they thought it would be a good idea to chipmunkify the girls' voices, but other than that I love it! Although that's nothing new, there's only ever been like three MoMusu singles I don't like. xD

I was thinking the other day about how there was a long while where I was really embarrassed to be a MoMusu fan, to the point where I actually stopped listening to them for a year or so. Actually, I guess that happened around the time the MoMusu forum I'd been visiting closed, and so I felt like I was the only one continuing to like this group that everyone else thought was awful. Eventually I just decided WHATEVER, I love MoMusu and I don't care what anyone else thinks!! I feel like this is an attitude I need to take up in other areas of my life. Like, I continue to be embarrassed when people ask me what my hobbies are (answering with "Writing" or "Studying languages" always ends with my conversation partner asking, "... And??") or what kind of music I listen to (lol, my vague answers to this question have my managers on a constant quest to find out - although they definitely know I like Miley*), and I have been putting off telling my parents what I want to go back to school for for fear of being teased. :/ So ... yeah. I gotta stop being so embarrassed of my interests, I guess.

Okay, time to study!

* The lobby's Top 40 station has "Party in the USA" in its rotation, and there are two of us who have to constantly defend this song from everyone else who is hating on it. During one such discussion, one of my co-workers accused me of having a girlcrush on Miley. Well I guess I can't deny it, lololololol~ xD
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Last night I discovered that, in the '70s, the Jackson 5 performed at the same Osaka concert hall where I saw Morning Musume. No one else will find this remotely interesting but to me it is for some reason the most hilarious thing!!


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