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We interrupt this program to bring you THE PERU POST! )
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I find this especially amusing because earlier this evening I was watching "Get it Together," the clip that the DDR clip is based on, and my brother was deeply impressed by the way Sportacus was "DDRing for breakfast." XD! (He also declared the phrase "no one's lazy in LazyTown" to be "ILLOGICAL!!" XD XD XD )

I remember before I ever saw the show, my mom and my brother tried to explain it to me what it was, and they were all, "There's this guy, but he never walks anywhere, he always does FLIPS." I daresay Sportacus is as h-core as the Prince of Persia, IF NOT MORESO! XD!!!!

And for those of you still untouched by the pure distilled awesomeness that is LazyTown, here is the song where they are pirates, the version of "Get it Together" where Sportacus says vacations are for chumps!!, the song they sing at the end of every episode, and the song where Sportacus drops his toothbrush out the window of his blimp!!!!!!!

I can't even get over the awesomeness of that last clip. Can you imagine what the world would be like if everyone brushed their teeth like Sportacus?? Hahahaha, oh my gosh. When I move out I'm so moving to LazyTown!! XD!!!!!
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And now, the biannual entry in which I list material objects that no one else cares about. Ah yes, Christmas, I can smell it!

The goods! )

(So I mentioned Phil from Hercules and that reminded me of the Catastrophia episode, which is actually called Hercules and the Big Lie, and I thought I would look it up to see what I could find, and man, I knew there were Aladdin transcripts floating around the Intarweb but I didn't know there were Hercules transcripts! Here's that one. My favourite part is the enthusiastic formatting.)

(Hahaha, I didn't know Buffy played Andromeda!)

(That episode also contains one of my favouritest scenes in the whole series, the one in which Cassandra tries to teach Hercules how to lie. Check my friends page if you don't believe me! Hahahahahaha~ XD )

("What did you say your name was?" "Androkles! But my friends call me Herc 'cause that's my real name. Not, uh ... Androkles." HAHA I LOVE IT)
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So just now I was watching television, as is my wont, and it totally occured to me what I should have been for Halloween.


You have no idea how much I hate myself for not realizing this earlier. Ah well, next year~~.

Also, my brother wants me to do a favour for his girlfriend, and so I totally bribed him to be Sportacus to my Stephanie. And we are going to learn the nonsense song dance and it will be THE MOST MAGICAL HALLOWEEN EVER.

(I had totally forgotten how this is the best show ever.)

(Sometimes I tell people I think it would be awesome to work in children's television. I have yet to figure out whether or not this is just a cover for those days when all I want to do is sit and watch Treehouse TV. But nevertheless, I think it would be awesome to work in children's television.)

(... Unless it was as portrayed in Death to Smoochy. There is nothing I hate more than Death to Smoochy. I am soooo serious.)

Edit: Yesterday at work I burned my knuckle and today in Canadian History I took my pen and made the burn mark into an eyeball. Because the mood struck me. It's kind of freaky looking though.
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Just found another classmate's LiveJournal, and this time it only required minimal spying.

You know when people make their LJs friends-only? Yeah, I'm sorry, it's because of me.


(I think the reason my posts as of late have been so short is because my icon is seriously starting to freak me out, but I seriously can't think of anything to replace it with! Any ideas~? :p )

I forgot my big news of the day! In French Lit. today we had a quiz on a book of which I only read the first two thirds and the last line, and oh my goodness I did indeed get 10/10. And when people hint that my marks must have something to do with all the hours I put into my study, I laugh and laaaugh* ...

*Elaine is my favourite of the Seinfeld four, just because the way she talks makes me laugh and laaaugh ...
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To get a major in Japanese at UVic you have to take two classes, it seems, of Japanese literature in translation. I am all, uhm, yes, hello? If I wanted to read stuff in English I would be an English major, am I right? >_o

Also, B- in Ancient Greek. (pwned)

I'm kind of nervous about my Linguistics class, in which we have to write three papers. I have no idea how to write a Linguistics paper! >_<;; And my French language class has an oral exam, which I can see the reasoning behind, but I still hate having to do them. Maybe I will drop out and become a cue-card holder, my long-lost dream. *eyes water*

I want to join a DanceSport class (never heard of it before, probably they just want to avoid using the word "Jazzercise," hahaha I kid) but it's sixty dollars (20 weeks though, that's good isn't it? $3 a class, that's less than my Jazzercise was!) and I'd have to sign up at a gym that I don't know where it is. This could turn into another one of my exciting adventures in which I get lost and destroy the front page of a friend's novel manuscript! ALL RIGHT! XDXDXDXDXD

Guess how many minutes late I was to my French class today!! If you guess less than ten, you're WRONG!!*

* Athena, I apologize for using my jokes over again. I am worse than my GRS prof**, who used his line about Paris going back to bed twice in the same week. And no one else noticed.

** Ever since watching PoA in Spanish six hundred and five times, I have wanted to say "professor" with the stress on the first syllable, which makes less sense than anything, because if the Spanish was influencing me the stress should have moved to the last syllable. Perhaps I was just rejecting versions both English and Spanish and substituting my own? Sounds good to me!

Oh, and here is the song I have had running through my head all day: "Bing Bang" (be warned, it's a video)! I seriously gotta stop watching this show. XDXDXD!

I seriously want to take a red pen to the local newscast. "The plane literally fell out of the sky" (?? as opposed to figuratively??), awkward use of two sentences where it could easily have been one, a story about the weather that made the weatherman redundant (he's famous, so they left him in anyway ??), the anchors throwing confetti at each other, joke after joke of a story. I am all like, okay, hello, I may be an ignorant teenager you would not let near your news station, but at least I passed my English classes!!!1!! (pwned)

Anyway. ^^
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New icon! XD Go, go, LazyTown! XDXDXDXD

Spring semester starts tomorrow and so if anyone cares, here is my schedule. )

Random quote:
My brother: Wow, you really sound like him! You should be a mime!

(Unfortunately, I have forgotten who "him" is, although going by the content of our recent conversations, this could easily have been said after a random declaration of "Turn it off, maaan, you're sucking my will to liiive~!" XDXD )

Edit: I am super enjoying reading through old entries now because I am imagining Stephanie from LazyTown saying them! Hahaha it's awesome! Perhaps I should now stop reading through old entries (my classic time-waster) and finish this typing for my dad. EIGHTEEN PAGES AND I AM DONE, you seriously have no idea how happy this makes me. XD;;;;


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