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Oh man I haven't updated my lists in forever. Books!

Hitching Rides With Buddha: A Journey Across Japan, Will Ferguson
In which the author chronicles (mostly humourously) his attempt to hitchhike from one end of Japan to the other. It's a pretty neat book and would probably make for an interesting introduction to Japanese culture. There were some parts where I disagreed with Ferguson - at some points it seemed like he was trying to pass off culture shock as something one only experiences in Japan, and of course I didn't care for his quick dismissal of J-pop - but I have to admit I loved the passage on Noh and yeah, overall I really enjoyed this book.

Building a Company: Roy O. Disney and the Creation of an Entertainment Empire, Bob Thomas
So a few years ago I read Neal Gabler's fantastic 800-odd-page Walt Disney: The Triumph of the American Imagination, and every Disney biography I have picked up since has just paled in comparison. Unfortunately that remains true for this, the only biography I've seen so far of Walt's older brother and business partner. Building a Company isn't a bad book, and it included a number of passages that were new to me and really interesting, but I wish it was better organized and more fleshed out so that I could more readily recommend it. Less than a hundred pages into the book and we're already at Disneyland's opening day, what is that?!?

Also omg the last chapters made me so sad it was ridiculous.

In the Land of Invented Languages: Esperanto Rock Stars, Klingon Poets, Loglan Lovers, and the Mad Dreamers Who Tried to Build a Perfect Language, Arika Okrent
My own contact with conlangs is pretty much limited to that month or two in high school where I was sorta kinda learning Esperanto but stopped when I realized it was boring me. I borrowed this book from the library not actually expecting that I would read it. (I know that doesn't make sense. Don't ask questions.) Instead, I whipped right through it and now I'm sad to be done! This is a super interesting book about languages that people have created. Okrent profiles the creators behind the best-known conlangs, gives quick explanations of how the languages work, and discusses the themes that emerge when one looks at the hundreds of conlangs that we know of. There are also really interesting passages that describe certain features of natural languages, emphasizing the fact that words have certain meanings not because of any logical reason, but because that's what we agree that they mean!

Also, as someone who dropped Esperanto because its artifice bored her, I really enjoyed the chapters where Okrent described her experiences with Esperanto culture - and even with the evolution of the language! Of course now it seems obvious to me that if a conlang has speakers, it's going to evolve, but somehow that had never occurred to me before. So interesting!

So yeah - of the three books in this post this one is my favourite, and you should all be nerdy like me and read it because it's awesome. :D
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~ Is The Black Cauldron seriously getting a 25th Anniversary DVD release before Hercules or The Hunchback of Notre Dame get proper DVD releases? I mean, I'm digging the whole ~love for unloved characters~ thing Disney has going on right now, but seriously??

~ I got paid today and have already ordered another batch of JLPT books. I have soooo many language learning books now haha. I've been thinking of starting a blog or something and posting reviews of these things, but I can't decide if that would motivate me to study or if it would just distract me. :P

~ A couple days ago I finished the first chapter of the textbook I'm using to teach myself Korean! (Don't be too impressed - the most complex thing I can say so far is "I'm not Korean, I'm American," which isn't even true.) I don't think I picked the best language to try to teach myself - the pronunciation is a lot more difficult than I thought it would be - but overall it's been going okay. It's not as completely similar to Japanese as I had been led to believe (or maybe it is and I just can't tell yet, haha), but there are definitely strong similarities, and I do love it when I can guess what a word means just because it's pretty much the same. xD I have no idea how to transliterate anything, but "college student" is "daigakusei" in Japanese and "dehakseng" in Korean and I think that's awesome! xD Also, I love that some of the particles have different forms depending on whether the preceding word ends in a vowel or a consonant. Such a rule would be all but useless in Japanese! xD

~ In boring rl news, I've spent most of today feeling nauseous; I got sent home from work early (my managers are awesome sometimes) and fell asleep in my uniform, ewwww. So that sucked. (brb stocking up on stronger painkillers for next month. -_- ) But I also managed to get caught up on all the most recent Yesterland articles, which was a perfect way to spend the afternoon I think! Man that site is way too fascinating to me. :)
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I love how listening to Disney songs in foreign languages is something that even people who aren't interested in foreign languages sometimes do. xD (And something I did even before YouTube, ngl.) I was partaking in this most excellent of activities last night and I managed to get stuck on "That's How You Know" from Enchanted for like half an hour. Here it is in Japanese (although the subs are a little off in parts and it's irking me), Latin American Spanish, and Quebec French (haters to the left, 'cause that's my favourite kind of French xD ). I had completely forgotten how much I love this song! Fingers crossed that Alan Menken writes the songs for the sequel. <3 (The sequel is due in 2011? Oh my god, it's going to be another Pirates and Enchanted year and I AM SO DOWN WITH THAT.)

Uh ... insert some deep observation here. I'm off to find some more Disney dubs to listen to. xD (I'm also kind of in love with the Latin American Spanish version of "I Won't Say I'm in Love," mostly because of the way Megara sings "no van a oir" and "porque no todo es maravilloso." Awesome!!)
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So I somehow managed to force myself out of bed this morning in time for my first Korean lesson! My only other classmate is travelling to South Korea later this year, so mostly what we did today was memorize travel expressions, and I was a bit like :| But at the end of the class I asked the teacher (who is CRAZY ENTHUSIASTIC, hahaha love it) if we're going to learn the writing system, and she asked if I want to learn Korean a bit more academically, and I was like YES PLEASE. So next lesson we'll be mixing it up a bit more. I AM EXCITED TO STUDY GRAMMAR.

And then I went to the university bookstore and bought this, despite the fact that I am annoyed someone got around to writing such a book before I did. The movies in it are actually not my favourites, but Tarzan is in it!! And seriously, I am just crazy surprised that a book based on learning Spanish through dubbed American children's movies (uh, and Rocky III?) actually exists, and got published, and everything. Today the world is awesome. xD

FUN FACT: One of my dreams is to one day write a super awesome but also super useful language textbook. I might or might not sometimes work on such a thing in my spare time, DON'T JUDGE ME.

Edit: (What the heck at the review on that Amazon page - the reviewer laments the fact that this book doesn't include a phonetic guide for the Spanish vocab words. Uh ... you're doing it wrong. I also enjoy how she suggests that if you can't make your own sentence using the words in the scene you just watched, the solution is to WATCH IT AGAIN. Because ... that'll help ... ???)
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So just now I finally joined Lang-8! It's a language exchange site; you write journal entries in the language you're studying, and native speakers can come along and correct them. A site that lets me mess around in my second languages AND asks me to correct others' grammar mistakes?? I seriously can't believe it took me this long to sign up. xD

Anyway, this is me! If any of you happen to have a Lang-8 account, let's be friends!! :D
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~ Apparently everyone who wrote the JLPT in Japan or the U.S. has their results already. Uncool!! I can understand Japan getting them early, but why does the States get their results before Canada does? I am getting pretty impatient over here. It sucks to not have any idea how you did. D:

~ So, remember that Korean class I was going to take that got cancelled? It's kinda sorta happening anyway! xD The teacher e-mailed me a couple days ago to see if I'd be interested in group lessons with her and one of the other students who'd signed up for the course. Um, awesome?? We're starting next Saturday. :D And right now I am paying all this attention to my other two most favourite second languages, just so they don't feel neglected. xD lol!

~ I was going to write a longer entry but ... I've changed my mind. Have a good night, everyone! xD
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Sometimes I feel the need to write an entry about Pirates of the Caribbean just to ensure everyone knows that my love for these movies runs deeper than my love for pretty much anything and everything else.

That's a bit of a winding introduction just to say I've discovered that on YouTube one can watch the entire trilogy dubbed into Spanish. As one of my nearest and dearest hobbies is watching and rewatching my favourite movies dubbed into any of the languages I can kind of understand*, I think I can safely say that the rest of my weekend is shot. :D

* I've already seen the Pirates trilogy in Japanese, and was perhaps way too fascinated by the whole "kokoro"/"shinzou"/"haato" thing. xD AND THEN IN AT WORLD'S END THEY MESSED UP MY FAVOURITE LIIIIIIINE D':

Anyway, I apologize if this is all I want to talk about for the next month or so. :D Who here remembers when I was equally obsessed with Prisoner of Azkaban in its Spanish dub? OH WHO AM I KIDDING I STILL AM
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Dear Sarah,

I am sorry to inform you that the course of Korean for Beginners - Part 1 (ASLA009) for which you have registered has been cancelled due to insufficient enrolment.



If my MJ class gets cancelled, srsly. I don't even.

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So I just signed up for the Continuing Studies Korean class, because I am insane and apparently I like to pretend I don't already have two languages on the go. xDD But oh man I am excited!! Studying languages is the best. :DD

So to sum up: a month from now, I will have an MJ class on Wednesday nights and a Korean class on Thursday nights, and I'm pretty sure you are jealoussssss. xD
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So you may or may not remember that a while back I posted about taking a class on Euripides via UVic's Continuing Studies program. They recently sent me their course guide for 2010, and I didn't bother to look through it until just a couple minutes ago, and now you cannot see me but I am phreaking out. The fifth course listed in this book is none other than Michael Jackson: The Man, The Myth, The Legend. So yeah, I definitely just broke the promise that I'd made to myself to not spend any more money until January. >xD Some of you may remember when I found out that UVic offered a class on MJ a mere month after I had graduated (and the ensuing phreak out I had then), but this class is much better because I can actually take it!!


[ profile] aurora_lime, take this class with me!! xD

They also seem to have expanded their foreign languages department, which is awesome! This year they're offering two Beginner's Korean classes, for example. (And yes, I am definitely tempted.) Although I would still argue for the need to add some more advanced classes for all the other languages they offer. :|
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~ I just had a surprisingly pleasant five days of work! I say "surprisingly" because I was in box office the entire five days, and so it could easily have gone worse, but I don't think I had a single frustrating guest the entire time! Faith in humanity: RESTORED!! I also sold a bunch of tickets to This Is It, including once while "The Love You Save" was playing over the lobby radio (I still don't quite understand how that song has made it into our Top 40 station, but it's cool that it has!).

~ I studied Japanese for an hour today, awesomesauce!! :D I learned a couple new grammar points, so that was awesome. I basically cannot explain how happy studying grammar makes me. Anyway, for much of my JLPT studying this year I've been doing the exercises in this book, but now that I'm very nearly done it I decided to shake things up a bit and start doing the exercises in this book, which just arrived for me this week. :3 WHY YES that book is all about learning the Level 2 grammar points in a mere forty-five days! We are getting close to test date and I am getting nervous. D: I also got another book that's all for learning the Level 2 vocabularly in fifty days, hahaha. Too bad I no longer have fifty days!!

(Man I do love my growing collection of foreign language textbooks. xD I definitely also own a textbook or two for languages I'm not even studying ...)

In conclusion, I fully expect my November 2009 to be all about NaNoWriMo and the JLPT, and not much else. I am looking forward to a month of obsessing over studying, it reminds me of when I was studying around the clock for the AP Spanish exam and pretty well lost my ability to understand English. xD WORTH IT.

~ In other news, Facebook just told me I should reconnect with a co-worker I saw every day this week and last saw four hours ago. Oh Facebook, you know me so well.
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Last night I learned of the K-pop group Kara through a random comment someone made in a MoMusu forum, and today I have had their song "Wanna" on REPEAT. I have no idea why I love this song so much, but omg, I kinda do. (Even if the video uses that "hey let's go destroy my ex's stuff" trope that leaves such a bad taste in my mouth.)

Anyway, I am only letting myself get into K-pop if I can put on hold my desire to study Korean. (That writing system just seems like the coolest thing to me!) I'm supposed to be passing the JLPT in two months!!! And somehow keeping up with my Spanish as well, somehow ... Studying multiple languages was so much easier when I had classes in both of them. I was looking at the list of language tutors on the UVic web site today, but before I get a tutor I should probably decide what I'd want from them, haha. Because I mean, it's not like I have specific homework they could help me with or anything. :/ Or maybe I should just start making use of all those language-learning sites I've signed up for in the past, hahaha, oh man I'm so disorganized.

I did study some JLPT grammar yesterday, though! So. There's that. :) Oddly enough I've been doing better on this workbook's kanji pages than on its grammar pages, something I definitely did not expect! I am a grammar fangirl, hahaha.

In other news, I find this fandom!secret kind of sad but also amusing, because it's so different from my life! Pretty sure when [ profile] the_wykydtron and I go see a play, as soon as intermission hits we're already discussing gender. Especially when we went to see "The Fantasticks," which was ... interesting. D:
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My dad and I went to a Rick Steves talk/book signing this evening, and overall it was pretty interesting (he's not as much of a dork in real life, haha), but there's one thing that has me a bit baffled. He expressed regret over the idea that five languages go extinct every year; but later he admitted he only speaks English. I guess I just feel that he can't be too upset about disappearing languages if he can't even be bothered to learn something as mainstream as French, especially when his job has him going to Europe for four months out of every year. :P

ahaha yes my month-long obsession with the Trojan War seems to be over, and now I am back (after too long an absence) to being crazy about languages. I spent three and a half hours yesterday doing kanji practice just for funsies, haha, so yeah, you know I've got it bad. xD;
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You guys I thought of another one!! :D

Spanish: Personal "A"
Basically, in Spanish, when a person or "higher animal" is the direct object in your sentence, you have to stick an "a" in front of them, eg. Yo veo a Adriana = "I see Adriana." In Spanish 11, my friend and I were reading some example sentences and were quite confused when we came across this mysterious "a." (To a student of French, it makes everyone seem like an indirect object, haha.) So we asked our teacher about it, and she gave the two of us a quick explanation, and the next day even brought us some photocopied pages from another textbook that explained it further.


Ahahaha, man. I don't really think I want to be a teacher (lulz I have no idea what I wanna be :| ), but thinking about this stuff really makes me think I should, just so I can go back there and MAKE THINGS RIGHT.
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Some days the only reason I post is because I notice I have been completely knocked off of [ profile] athena_crikey's friends page. xD;

So today I was thinking about my high school language classes, and some of the weird things we were taught that I would do my very best to teach much more better, were I ever to become a high school language teacher.

Spanish: Stem-Changing Verbs
As much as I adored the teacher I had for Spanish 11, 12 and AP, taking her class was somewhat of an adventure. For example, one day, halfway through class, she decided I had missed a test and was going to write it RIGHT NOW. As I was the most hardcore Spanish 12 student you ever did see (99% on the provincial exam and a 4 on the AP exam, if I may brag for just a moment about my only bragable accomplishments so far), I was able to write it and do just fine on it, but at the same time ... what??? And that's pretty much how she taught us stem-changing verbs. One day, halfway through class, she decided it was time to tell us about their existence. And so she did. And then we moved on.

Hopefully this is not a common experience in high school Spanish classes, because dude. It's kind of important, don't you think? hahaha I love that I wrote the Spanish AP exam not even really understanding this stuff. xDDD; And yet I got a 4, and that's just how hardcore I am. <3

Spanish: "Me Gusta"
"Me gusta" does NOT equal "I like" and yet that's how we were taught it, and I strongly suspect this is how it is taught in most high school Spanish classes. And don't get me wrong, I can definitely see why it's done this way. "Me" is a direct object pronoun, and "me gusta" seems to usually be taught very early in Spanish classes, long before students have to deal with the more nitty gritty bits of grammar. Also, I had the rowdiest classmates my first year of Spanish, and I don't doubt for a moment that teaching "gustar" as "to please" would have caused giggles and comments galore. But I still think it's wrong to teach it wrong! I mean, oh man, all the problems my classmates were having with "me gusta" even into Spanish 12, it was ridiculous, and could've perhaps been prevented by better explaining the grammar of the phrase, or maybe even going so far as to not teach it at all until it's time to learn about direct object pronouns.

(Meanwhile there are kids like me who go home and look all this stuff up. The Internet was willing to teach me about direct object pronouns even when my teacher wasn't! xD; )

French: Preceding Direct Object
I know [ profile] athena_crikey has heard me rant on this subject before, way back in grade 12 when I began to decide exactly how awesome a language teacher I would be. xD But man, I still can't get over this one! As Language Guide tells us, The past participle of the passé composé will always reflect the gender and number of a preceding direct object. Were we taught about this necessary agreement when we were taught about preceding direct objects? Uhm, no. Decidedly not. When were we taught it? AN ENTIRE YEAR LATER. That's absurd. ABSURD!!

Now, okay, I admit. When I was first presented with the idea that in French, direct object pronouns came before the verb, I definitely left class that day with a headache. It just completely blew my mind. So perhaps that was not the day to bring up this nasty agreement business. But it's ridiculous that they waited a whole year to inform us about it. I mean, I'm pretty sure that in the meantime I wrote sentences that were completely wrong. I definitely remember reading things in French and being confused by all the extra letters. Unfortunately this is one thing I didn't think to look up. :/

Japanese: "-masu" Form Before Dictionary Form
I was teaching myself Japanese for about a year and a half before I was able to get into a class that my school didn't cancel a week into the semester, and I knew there might be some weird little issues as I adjusted to the way my classmates had been learning the language during the time I was unable to join them. The only one I really remember (other than the fact that I was way ahead of everyone, oh man it was ridiculous - I was in Japanese 11 in the same classroom at the same time as the tiny Japanese 12 class, and on occasion they would lean across the aisle to ask me for help), though, is that every verb my classmates had been taught, they had been taught in the "-masu" form. My guess is that this was done because "-masu" form is more polite than dictionary form, but my opinion is that it's ridiculous. Two years into their Japanese studies and these guys can't even properly look up a verb in the dictionary?? And now they're being taught how to convert verbs from "-masu" form to dictionary form?? That's the most backwards thing I've ever heard!! Students in the Romance languages have to get used to conjugating ALL VERBS ALL THE TIME, so I don't know why our teachers felt it necessary to hide even the existence of the dictionary form from their students for two whole years. I mean, honestly.

(And let's ignore for the moment the many issues I have with the teaching of kanji. You just ... don't want to go there.)

IN CONCLUSION, were I to ever become a high school language teacher, I believe I would have a little speech to give on the first day of each of my classes, and it might go a little something like this. Learning a language is hard work. You'll memorize a lot. You'll practice a lot. You'll fill page after page with verb conjugations and kanji practice. And still you won't understand everything. You'll make millions of mistakes. You'll leave class sometimes with a headache. And I'm not going to dumb it down for you. Because learning a language is hard work. But it's never impossible, and it can be one of the most awesome and fascinating and rewarding things you ever do.

I daresay I would be the least popular teacher at my school. xD;

ahahaha YES I have been feeling like quite the language major lately, despite the fact that I'm not actually taking any language classes this semester ... ? xDDDD!
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I have been thinking about taking the JLPT this December. I took 3kyuu in second year (wow, so long ago now) and passed with like 80% (aha, I was proud of it at the time but now I'm like, that's it??), so I would be taking 2kyuu this time. Haha, yes, those are the two levels that supposedly have a HUGE GAP between them. :X At this point I have no idea whether or not I'd even have a chance of passing 2kyuu, but at least it'll give me something to work towards. After an extraordinarily unproductive June, due in part I think to having too many goals and no organization, I decided to just pick one goal and try to stick with it for a while. So I am trying to get back into studying Spanish and Japanese. :3 You could argue that this is two goals but whatever. So far it's going pretty well. I feel like I have been away from this stuff for AGES. Definitely a part of why I was so frustrated with university by the end was that, once I hit second year French and third year Spanish and especially Japanese, the focus was suddenly a lot less on grammar and a lot more on reading, speaking, vocab, kanji in the case of Japanese ... I mean obviously that's all way important stuff too, but grammar is my love. D: Once we stopped focusing on new verb conjugations and new lists of rules and all that other fun stuff, I no longer felt like I was learning anything and so got way frustrated. :/ Just now I was studying stuff from my 3kyuu book and MAN! "Ageru / Kureru / Morau," "All About the -te Form" including everyone's favourites "-te iru" and "-te aru" ... MAN I MISSED THIS STUFF SO BAD. xDDDDD!!

I've realized though that the language shelf of my bookcase is totally biased. :// I used to have a bunch of beginning Spanish textbooks, but then I lent them to a friend who lent them to her sister who lost them. SO now I only have my Spanish AP book and my third year Spanish textbook and neither of those are particularly good for reviewing all the early stuff I think I need to review. :X Well I'm finding so far that I remember more than I expected to, but then consider that in my high school Spanish classes we never learned to conjugate verbs for "vosotros." I know not every Spanish-speaking country uses "vosotros," but still! Imagine learning a language and completely ignoring one of its pronouns!! xD;;; So I feel I should at least take a look into that. :p

Aaaaand I was going to write more in this entry but now I'm totally distracted by YouTube. AS USUAL. xD;;;

P.S. Happy Canada Day! Too bad I have to work. :(((
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To save you my ranting about how many times I rolled my eyes during 10,000 B.C. (and I am not an eye rolling person), I shall simply share my two favourite parts. Spoilers I guess, but I'm not LJ-cutting because probably no one cares.

1) Our Heroes are walking through dense jungle. A monster keeps whipping through the plantlife and attacking people. No one can see what this creature is, until the big reveal. The animal that has had the audience (my overexcited co-workers) jumping in their seats for the past ten minutes is ...

Are you ready for it?

A dodo bird.


2) This dude from another group of people was able to fluently speak the language of Our Heroes because the father of one of Our Heroes passed through his village "a long time ago" and taught it to him.


P.S. YOU CANNOT JUST VOICEOVER "AND THEN THEY FELL IN LOVE" AND HAVE IT BE TRUE!!! I have said this before why won't you listen~~~~ ;_; ;_; ;_;

(Hahaha this review is perfect.)
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I shouldn't be so harsh on BoA because I once watched an interview she did all in English and she was for the most part understandable, although I have no idea where she got her pronunciation of "Jennifer Lopez." But it still kills me that every profile about her says that she is fluent in English. And I mean, I imagine she's not in charge of writing the lyrics for the English versions of her songs, but how can you tell people you speak English and then sing things like this?

You're still my NO. 1
The one I'm thinking of
The one I can rely
I guess you know that so different site I love this song
This all you said and done
You're still my NO. 1

Definitely most of her English lyrics you can figure out what they meant to say, but "so different site I love this song"? ... What?

This really shouldn't bother me so much and it wouldn't bother me so much if everyone wasn't all "wow, she speaks English!" all the time zomg!!!! (And if you are going to take this entry and turn it on me - I know my Japanese sucks, that is why I am very careful to never claim to be able to speak it. It drives me BONKERS when people say "Yeah, I speak French" when what they actually mean is "Yeah, I took high school French and got a B." STOP IT! YOU'RE LYING!!!!)

(This habit of mine drives my relatives insane at family gatherings. "So Sarah, how many languages can you speak?" "Oh, just the one. :)" *awkward pause* XD XD XD XD )
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I am currently surfing through Spanish sites about the Trojan War. Because I don't want to sleep!! This page is so cute. Hehe, "el caballo de Troya." I have no idea why I find that so funny. Because it is late? I like looking at all the different names. Homer = Homero, The Iliad = La Ilíada, The Odyssey = La Odisea, Agamemnon = Agamenón, Mycenae = Micenas, Helen = Helena (or Elena?), Menelaus = Menelao, Hector = Héctor, Andromache = Andrómaca, Achilles = Aquiles, Briseis = Briseida, Paris stays the same. (Don't mind me, I just find this terribly fascinating. XD ) Of course I am not surprised to see all these differences, because in English itself there are like a million ways to spell these names. Next year I will discover how one actually writes them in Greek! Oh it will be so exciting! ^_^

I think it is interesting that this year Spanish seems to be my favourite of the languages I am learning. Because I have learned so much and it has been so interesting!! Last year Japanese was my definite favourite, but I haven't been doing as much as I should be with it lately. In grades nine and ten French was in the lead. Well, I think it's interesting. Probably not good for actually learning, but whatevah.
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Okay, this may seem like a really stupid question, but . . . I wonder if they have dictionaries in countries where there's no alphabet?

Like Cantonese, I guess. Where they use calligraphy (for lack of knowing what to call it :P ), and don't really have an alphabet . . . I mean, if they do have dictionaries, which I don't doubt in itself, how do they arrange the words? Do they follow the Roman alphabet, using the sounds of the words? Or do they put them in categories? Or just throw them in randomly?

Gah . . . >_< I'm in a language mood again.


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