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Customer: Is your name Kelly?
Sarah: ... No?

My manager was my Secret Santa and she gave me the first HP book (I'm still missing CoS though, haha) and a fancy pants bookmark with an illustration of OotP's prophecy scene on it. XD

I gave my Secret Santa person chocolates and lottery tickets (I had to get my mom to buy them for me, hahaha xD; ). If she wins a million bucks I hope she gives me half!

From what I've heard, everyone spent the Christmas party getting all drunk. So I don't regret not going.

My brother's girlfriend gave him a "Jesus Rocks" poster with Jesus playing guitar on it. I WAS GOING TO GET HIM THAT POSTER--!! He spent the whole ride home hitting me with it and so when he hung it up it had all these dents in, HA HA SERVES YOU RIGHT. He hung it up behind his TV, atop which he has placed his army of Jesus pencil toppers. So basically, my brother really likes Jesus.

Oh, and then he spilled hot chocolate all over the microwave. It was CRAZY!!

I guess you can tell my social life has disappeared when the only person I have to talk about is my brother. :(


Edit: I can't believe it's been two years since I wrote my limericks!

Also, I don't think my journal writing has improved much since I was sixteen. XD;

(It feels very weird to be old enough to say "when I was sixteen." :X )

(In less than a month I will be old enough to say "when I was eighteen.")

(Holy man!)

Edit 2: Dude, when they told us there would be pieces of The Odyssey in Troy, I guess they were lying.

I'd totally forgotten about that!

Edit 3: This is still the funniest thing I've ever written. XD XD XD

Edit 4: Hahahaha, oh man.
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Today was SUPER EXCITING but I have to calm down before I write about it, because I keep writing words in the wrong order because I am so excited. But before I end this entry, another tragedy -- I found a poster of Jesus playing guitar that said "JESUS ROCKS" and I was going to buy it for my brother, who rap battles Jesus on a daily basis, but THEY WERE SOLD OUT. HOLY MAN. Yesterday my brother and his girlfriend went to SkaFest and when they came back he had a ring on his finger and I asked if they got married and he said yes, and Jesus was their witness, and afterwards he and Jesus rap battled, and Jesus was wearing clogs, and Jesus always wins because he's Jesus, except sometimes he lets my brother win, and also Jesus goes to Subway just to sit and relax and he rap battles customers while he's sitting down, which is pretty amazing. My friend may have a keychain that says "Jesus is my homeboy," but for my brother, it's true.

Edit: Two minutes after I swear off my friends page until HBP arrives, guess where I find myself? I LOSE FOREVER

Also, I saw the commercial for "Iroppoi Jirettai" today, and OMG I don't even care if they're ripping off my favourite BoA PV, IT LOOKS AWESOME. That shot of Ai in the beginning? AWESOME!! I wasn't supposed to work today but I did and so if you ask me that justifies buying the single. DON'T WORRY, THIS WORKS IN MY HEAD. Also I have had "Iroppoi Jirettai" stuck in my head for the past billion days, but really only Koharu's line. I wrote Koharu's line on my cup at work today and then someone threw it out!! I THOUGHT WE WERE ALL SUPPOSED TO BE SUPPORTING KOHARU YOU NINNY!!

OMG "Baby Love" is on the radio I LOVE THIS SONG!

Edit 2: Hour one of avoiding my friends page, and I am pretty well dying. I wonder how similar this is to quitting smoking. It does not help matters that my fingers have been trained to type the URL to my friends page as soon as the browser is open. This is ridiculous. What's even better is that only this morning I was all "Haha, people avoiding their friends pages in favour of Harry Potter, how silly," and now I am doing the same thing. Perhaps that is why it feels kind of like a fake thing that I am doing. Well, anyway, whatever, I drank too much soda pop today and then I laughed too hard and now I feel like I am going to explode. Wasn't that a surprise ending for an LJ entry? Surprise!

Edit 3: "Iroppoi Jirettai" icon! REINA REPRESENT!! I wonder if this is the first "Iroppoi Jirettai" icon on LiveJournal. I don't know, as I'm not checking my friends page!!

Edit 4: My first non-customer of the day was a woman who asked for the picture menu. I gave it to her. She looked at it for a while, then handed it back, saying, "No, this isn't going to work." And then she just stood there. And she stared at me. And I stared back. Because seriously, if she had decided she wasn't going to eat there, uhm, why was she not leaving? What did she expect me to say? I didn't say anything. And then she said, "I lived in Mexico for four years. This isn't real Mexican food." Now, yes, I know the company advertising scheme is based around presenting the food as authentically Mexican, but I really don't know who believes they're going to find authentic food of any sort in a mall food court. Let's get real here. Whether or not she meant it to, the tone of her voice came across as sort of hoity-toity, and like she was telling me something I didn't know. Said I, "Uhm, I know. You don't have to tell me that." Haha, man, I'm kind of awesome sometimes.

Then there was a couple who came with a preteen girl, and apparantly the girl only spoke Spanish, and so the man was trying to translate the menu for her, but his accent was worse than mine, and that's saying a lot. He said "carne" like "car-knee" and I almost died. I mean, his vocab was swell, but dude. And then the girl went off to find a seat and the couple were discussing why she's acting differently lately and I'm just standing there like, dude, she's a preteen, I'm not sure why you're surprised. I was not so bold as to say this part out loud though. They kind of annoyed me a little bit because of saying "Pardon?" when he missed what I said the man just sort of leaned forward and made his eyes all big and it was strange. AND THEN WE BURNED THEIR FOOD oh man remind me to tell you about it, Best Story Ever.

New York Fries has a banner up that says "Win a [prize, I forget] or be one of 299,999 losers!" and I think it's the funniest thing ever. I am beginning to notice the different attitudes in the advertising of the various food court establishments. I think advertising can be very interesting. You're lucky I never posted my thoughts on that clothing line ... George from London or something? "Fashion from the streets of London"? Because I had way too much to say about those commercials, oh man.
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Edit: Nine a.m. and my book is still not here. The newspaper had a fifty-question quiz on Harry Potter and so my dad came down and asked me all the questions and I got a hundred percent but only because I reread most of OotP. I think if you looked at the choices they gave you for each question it would be easy (for "What are the four houses of Hogwarts?" the first option was "Tinky-Winky, Dipsy, La-La, and Po"), but for most of them I just answered, so yay me. Last night my brother was watching the eleven o'clock news and they had a piece about the pope's dislike of Harry Potter and they showed groups of people ripping and burning and hating on the books, which to me seems ridiculous because dude, the HP books are not exactly the cheapest books out there, I wouldn't spend my money on something if I was only going to rip it up, but anyway, I was holding my copy of OotP, and as I walked out of the room my brother caught sight of it and cried, "That book is witchcraft! You're distorting your Christianity before it can grow!" Hahahahaha, my brother kills me.

Now where is my book?!?!

Edit 2: In Australia they have already had HBP for twenty-six hours!! MY TIME ZONE SUCKS WHERE IS MY BOOK


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It is almost five o'clock and I have yet to be wished a happy half birthday.

I am very disappointed in everyone.

Also I have vacuumed more today than I have in the whole of the rest of my life. Or something.

My brother hates J.K. Rowling because of the pope's opinions re: Harry Potter. I think this makes more sense if you know him. My brother, not the pope.

Also -- FINALLY! I think it's so ridiculous that all the covers we've seen before didn't have the summary on the back. Dude, if it's such a spoiler that you can't show it to us till two days before the book is due, why did you write it in the first place? Dur.
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Daily Planet's "making of" special was on last night, and it was thoroughly awesome, but my most favourite part was the way most everyone is running around, stressing out and making last-minute calls and voice overs and giving themselves headaches and sleeping disorders, while meanwhile Jay is running through the building telling us all about his rivalry with Natasha. Man, awesome. "Natasha wrote that she'll be in at one. I'll write that I'll be in at twelve, 'cause it makes me look better." Jay Ingram is my hero. XDXDXD

I am all stuffed up right now because that is apparently what happens when I am tired. Up at seven this morning, awsm. :X It was all dark and the moon was still out and all the snow too. ^^; Overall a good day though. Everyone in my French lit. class appears to have had more French language classes than me, but I guess I sort of expected that. ^^;; Phonology is haunting me. In Japanese we had a proficiency test-thing that we had to do on our laps, because the room doesn't have any desks. We went around and introduced ourselves (totally I could see this coming ^.~ ) and that produced the marvel of a sentence that is "I am Ken desu." Waha! Also, in GRS the prof revealed to us that over the holidays he'd surfed around, only to discover that one student thought he talked about himself too much. And so instead of listening to tangents about his adventures, we were subjected to half an hour on the origins of the Jesus fish. (Says he: "So, after the initiation, Christians would go around and they would draw the half of the fish, like this. And then someone would come along and fill in the other half, like this. And then some smart-ass would come along and write 'Darwin' in it ..." ^^;; )

I am fairly certain we don't have labs tomorrow which means I only have one class, my French language class. Although if I don't get up early tomorrow my sleeping schedule will be even worse and so I guess I have to anyway. Sigh. :P


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