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Breaking news, you guys. Discovery Channel has finally created a commercial that I love very nearly almost as much as the classic "Hello, Meteor" commercial from my middle school days: I Love the Whole World (Boom De Ah Dah). That's the Canadian version; I only just now realized there's an American version (man, they have a different logo?!) as well, but since like 65% of my love for the commercial is based on hearing my hero Jay Ingram sing, definitely the Canadian version is my favourite. xD;

Speaking of my hero Jay Ingram, I have started watching Daily Planet again after a two-year hiatus. And man I am glad to have it back! Even if watching it still makes me a little sad. :(

I am still really enjoying this semester, so yay for that. :) I'm a little frustrated with my biology class because so far we have been told nothing that is not straight from the textbook, a little weirded out by my sociology class because the prof takes an hour to explain things that should really only require about five minutes (first discussion group on Friday, I'm not really excited about that, but at least the article we have to read for it is interesting), fascinated by my economics class (today the prof went a little off-topic to explain to us all the economic stuff going on in the news this week, which was good of him), and MADLY IN LOVE with my Greek Epic class.

Epic Prof: "I love the name Paris! If I had a son, I would totally name him Paris." (ahaha, secretly I agree with her. xD; Paris is an awesome boy's name! Only I don't think I would want to use it till we reach the end of a certain heiress' fifteen minutes of fame.)

Epic Prof: "'Phthia.' It's a hard word to say, so he only says it when he's forced to." (LOL at the idea of Achilles stumbling over the name of the place he's from! xD! )

Epic Prof: "Paris does have some good qualities. I mean, other than his unbelievable sexiness." ( xDDDD! )

And then we talked about how The Iliad never demonizes the Trojans even though they're the Enemy, and I felt smart because that's something I'd noticed on my own a while ago, and then we ended up in a discussion about the depiction of the Persians in 300. So yeah, I am kind of in love with this class. xD The only question now is whether or not this love will last through to the end of the semester, since after The Iliad we're reading The Odyssey and The Argonautica and I have yet to be convinced that I will feel the same passion for those. xD; Well ... The Odyssey will at least be okay, even if it is (I think) one of those sequels that isn't quite as good as the original. xD; el oh el oh el!!

AND, for the first time in my nine semesters at UVic, I have signed up for a couple clubs that I actually intend to participate in! ahahaha NO WAY!! xD;; On Monday I went to the first meeting of the Oxfam group. I'm not entirely sure yet what it'll be like, but we'll see I guess! Someone in the group had an awesome idea that we could do for World Food Day next month, and I won't spoil it for you now because I really hope we end up doing it! And my co-worker and I are going to the first meeting of the Spanish club which is on Wednesday. So hopefully my shyness doesn't catch up with me here!! ahaha. I also signed up for the badminton club, actually, but that was mainly because the people at the booth were so nice; I do like badminton (it's seriously like the only sport I enjoy playing) but I'm not really enamored of the idea of three straight hours of it every week. ^^;

Also, for all you UVicers -- holding Clubs Day outside: great idea, or GREATEST idea?? MAN I DON'T KNOW ABOUT YOU GUYS BUT I LOVED IT!! Thank you, strikers, for enabling me to peruse the booths without fear of being squished. It almost made me feel bad for my complete lack of sympathy towards your supposed plight!

And after such a shockingly controversial statement, I think I shall declare that to be enough LJing for now. x)
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I am still inifitely excited about seeing Jay Ingram. I was mistaken when I thought we had to buy tickets. It is free!! Also I may have convinced someone to come with me!!!!! This is pretty well the best thing ever. (Athena!! Do you want to come?? You can ask him to clarify his ideas re: reincarnation. XD XD XD XD XD )

Also, today I passed a classroom outside which was hung a class cancellation sign. It was a sign from the English department, but the word "English" had been crossed out and "ENGR" had been written in. "ENGR" is the code for "Engineering," but before I realized that, the first thing I thought of was "Engrish." Which would of course be an awesome thing to have a class in. XD;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
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Okay, okay. So every year in the newspaper there's this thing that lists what authors are coming to Victoria to read and sign books and stuff. Last year the only name I recognized was David Suzuki. In terms of that, this year was much better. George R.R. Martin, Margaret Atwood, Neil Gaiman (the only one famous enough to have a note about how many books you're allowed to have him sign). But come on now, whatever. Surely we can do better than that!!

And so I turned the page. And GUESS WHO IS COMING TO VICTORIA.


JAY INGRAM!!!!!!!!!!!
(I am not sure what he is saying in this picture but I am sure it is something DEEPLY INTELLIGENT.)

Anything I have to say about this would be filled with exclamation marks and smiling emoticons and as such, I'm sure you can fill it in for yourself.

Here is something I shall label as "irony," whether or not it actually is: while my grandmother and I were searching through the recycling bin for said thing in the newspaper, we managed to miss the latter half of Daily Planet. Amazing. I must remember to apologize profusely while Jay is signing my copy of The Barmaid's Brain.*

By "my copy" I mean "the copy I will buy tomorrow for him to sign." Is what I mean.

Also, I apologize profusely for stealing the bandwidth of the Banff Centre. And yet I do it anyway. Fun fact: all I remember about my trip to Banff is the cabin we stayed in and the t-shirt I got. Like, I wish I was kidding. I have no idea what Banff looks like outside of that cabin. Man oh man.

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So far I've only been to three classes and already I have three things due on October fourth. WHAT!!! I swear they must do this on purpose. Last year I kept having days where everything was due. This is ridiculous. Looking at my schedule already makes me feel overwhelmed. I'm taking five classes and might add a sixth, my November is filled with essays and I'm doing NaNoWriMo too, and I'm still kind of working part time ... I don't know how long that'll last, though. I don't know. I keep seeing posts and comments from people who are going to school full time and working full time. I have no idea how they handle it. I'm all guilt trip-y right now anyway because summer's over and my room is still a mess et cetera et cetera et cetera. I seriously need to learn how to do more than one big thing a day. I would always come home from work and be all "Well, guess that's all I'm doing today!" and then watch TV for a stupid amount of time. MAN.

Anyway, today I gave someone directions. I tried not to let on that you're in pretty bad shape if you're asking me for directions, but anyway. Then I went to the library and found a Jay Ingram book I haven't read. Jay Ingram is my hero. And I got Catch-22 except now I'm all like, "Man~, I don't want to read all that stuff over again~," so who knows.

Also I spent two and a half hours doing my brother's homework, which involved colouring a map of Canada and colouring the drawings he drew to represent Spanish-speaking countries. For Argentina and Panama he couldn't think of anything so he just drew their outlines. I'm like, dude, those are the two easiest ones!!!!! For Argentina you draw Evita, and for Panama you draw a man, a plan, a canal!!!!!! But for Cuba he drew a cigar and for the US he drew a bunch of stickmen wearing sombreros and then one stickman not wearing sombreros, so I guess I shouldn't expect too much of the kid. For Venezuela he did draw a lovely waterfall but then I mucked it up with my bad colouring. And he was annoyed that I coloured the mountain for whatever country blue. I am like, dude, if you didn't want me to colour it blue, you probably should have said something, because in my head all mountains are blue.


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So the buses here are usually blue and yellow on the inside, right, but this morning I got on one that was purple and green (??). And the first thing I thought about this was "Wow, it's just like Jay Ingram's house!!"

I swear I must be the creepiest fan Daily Planet will ever have.
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Daily Planet's "making of" special was on last night, and it was thoroughly awesome, but my most favourite part was the way most everyone is running around, stressing out and making last-minute calls and voice overs and giving themselves headaches and sleeping disorders, while meanwhile Jay is running through the building telling us all about his rivalry with Natasha. Man, awesome. "Natasha wrote that she'll be in at one. I'll write that I'll be in at twelve, 'cause it makes me look better." Jay Ingram is my hero. XDXDXD

I am all stuffed up right now because that is apparently what happens when I am tired. Up at seven this morning, awsm. :X It was all dark and the moon was still out and all the snow too. ^^; Overall a good day though. Everyone in my French lit. class appears to have had more French language classes than me, but I guess I sort of expected that. ^^;; Phonology is haunting me. In Japanese we had a proficiency test-thing that we had to do on our laps, because the room doesn't have any desks. We went around and introduced ourselves (totally I could see this coming ^.~ ) and that produced the marvel of a sentence that is "I am Ken desu." Waha! Also, in GRS the prof revealed to us that over the holidays he'd surfed around, only to discover that one student thought he talked about himself too much. And so instead of listening to tangents about his adventures, we were subjected to half an hour on the origins of the Jesus fish. (Says he: "So, after the initiation, Christians would go around and they would draw the half of the fish, like this. And then someone would come along and fill in the other half, like this. And then some smart-ass would come along and write 'Darwin' in it ..." ^^;; )

I am fairly certain we don't have labs tomorrow which means I only have one class, my French language class. Although if I don't get up early tomorrow my sleeping schedule will be even worse and so I guess I have to anyway. Sigh. :P
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I want to reply to various LJ comments but I am having a hard time concentrating right now! It is weird and frustrating. Grr!

One of my friends saw Troy and said it was pretty good but I get the feeling she doesn't know the original story very well. That's all right. People are ranting on [ profile] ilium. Good to know my little LJ community is good for something! ^_^ Hehehe.

Oh man I found it! I saw this once at a bookstore and I totally regret not buying it. Crayola Kids' version of the Trojan War? How could that not be cool?!?!? Hahaha, I think I've mentioned this before.

Daily Planet did a piece where an archaeologist talked about everything that's wrong with Troy, history-wise. But they have not uploaded the clip yet. Get on it, ya bums!

My brain is fizzling. <(' ')> (>'')> <(''<) <(' ')>
Also, I have been cleaning under my bed today. It is less than gorgeous down there, woo-hee.


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