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So if you happened to wake up this morning and think to yourself, "Gee whiz, all I really want out of life right now is a fanvid that was made in less than a week that takes a seventy-year-old movie with more issues than a magazine archive and combines it with a modern pop song whose lyrics are so vague it could really be combined with any movie out there," then have I got a surprise for you!!

Gone With the Wind - "Stuck"

And if you want all of the above but don't actually have time to sit down and watch an entire video, then I've got you covered, too!!

Gone With the Wind - "Fighter" (incomplete)

And, in case that does not satisfy you, here are two Gone With the Wind fanvids that were not made by me but which I have watched an embarrassing number of times: "Girlfriend" and "In the End" which has unfortunately had its audio torn asunder but you guys all know the song anyway, don't deny it!

And with that, I declare my Gone With the Wind obsession to be over ... for now. >xD My only regret is it petered out before I got around to writing my entry on how desperate I am for a remake of the movie. I know, this is BLASPHEMY, but it would be soooo interesting you guys omggggg ...
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Today I woke up to snow and decided I was going to take some pictures. I don't really consider photography to be one of my hobbies, but every so often I do like to go out and take pictures just for the sake of taking pictures. :) And so we interrupt this program to bring you fifteen of my favourites from today.

I feel I should warn you that the following photos were all taken in a cemetery, and so yes you can see gravestones in some of them. I don't know if this will bother anyone, but I feel I should mention it just in case anyone does want to choose not to look.

I am not there, I do not sleep. )
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haha okay so I've had this uploaded for two days now so I guess I better finally link to it. xD; Even more of a hack video than my "Chain" video, may I present to you ...

Pirates of the Caribbean - "Dance of Curse"

(I say it is even hackier than the other one because can you find where I stopped making edits? xD; )

With my "Chain" video, I definitely prefer the original music in that scene. But with this one? MAN! I vote "Dance of Curse" makes everything more awesome than it already is. xD; I especially like how it fits at the end of my hacky video, where the "There's no boats" line is made all exciting and stuff. xD; But as I told [ profile] athena_crikey, I ran out of song before I ran out of battle scene, and while I considered redoing it or making a sequel, I have since decided against it. Making hacky videos is fun but only to a point. xD;

And with that, even though my love for Pirates continues to border on the ridiculous, I think I shall pull my next fanvid from a totally different movie. (Exciting!!) Well, first, a little ramble about my 'Broken Hearted Soul' video. )
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Aw man so last night I was uploading my latest fanvid, and it was taking forever as usual, but I just really wanted to go to bed so I gave up and left. But apparently I closed the window at like the exact perfect moment because surprise!! It uploaded anyway!! :DDD

Pirates of the Caribbean - "Broken Hearted Soul"

As with "Potential Breakup Song," I first heard this song in someone else's AMV. And I thought, "Man, this song does not fit Aladdin at all. BUT OH BOY DOES IT FIT PIRATES!!!!" xD

I started working on this video even before I finished my "Kanashimi Twilight" video, and gosh I am so glad to finally be able to call it DONE. xD; hahaha "Kanashimi" was my "Elizabeth's life sucks!" video, and this one is my "Will's life sucks!" video! xDDD!! Enjoy~ <3
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So I don't know if any of you are even interested in watching this, but here is a video I made while frustrated with the other video I am making x) :

Pirates of the Caribbean - "Chain"

Escaflowne BGM + the end of AWE + minimal (but still kinda obvious) editing = YouTubey goodness?

And just so this entry isn't totally useless, I shall link you to a charming French music video I stumbled upon yesterday (there's a subtitled version for those of you who don't pretend to be Francophones x) ). Well I only call it "charming" for lack of a better word; I think I often underestimate the power of the short subject but man, the ending of this thing gives me shivers. xD;
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A classmate bullied me into revealing how many times I saw At World's End in theatres.

Sarah: "Thirteen times, and I went and sat in on it on my breaks, so probably more like fourteen times."
Classmate: "I never actually got around to seeing it. Is it worth renting?"
Sarah: "No."

So for all of you who are man enough to take it ...

(And for all of you who saw this coming ...)

Pirates of the Caribbean - "Kanashimi Twilight"

I was going to write an actual substantial entry about this video (and the hoops that WMM made me jump through just to be able to save it without some of the clips disappearing on me ;_; ), but it seriously took three hours to upload and now it is six a.m. which, believe it or not, is after even my bedtime. However, if you find this video to be little more than a random mishmash of Pirates clips set to a song you can't understand, let me know and I will outline for you what I was trying to convey. x)

Fun Fact #1: To me, "Kanashimi Twilight" is a TOTAL break-up song, no question. But when it was released it seemed like everyone thought it was a love song. I could understand that if you only paid attention to the verses, but the choruses, come on! "I don't trust men because they're nothing but lies"? "I was convinced you'd be different than other men"? "Even if you apologize, it's meaningless"? Some love song. ^^;;

Fun Fact #2: The DMC footage is all ripped from my Japanese copy, because for some reason I had no idea how to fix, my Region 1 copy refused to be ripped. :P GOOD THING I HAVE A SPARE!!
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So for those of you who are man enough to take it, I made an OPV! xD

Morning Musume - "Potential Breakup Song"

(Hahahaha, all my favourite songs are break-up songs, I swear. xD )

This video isn't perfect (and YouTube made it all ugly :( ), but I am so proud of it and I had a ridiculous amount of fun making it. A RIDICULOUS AMOUNT. And so I'm actually really sad it only took me like a week to make, and am secretly secretly hoping that someone will comment on this entry begging me to make another video out of clips from MoMusu PVs. xDD (Suggest a song and I might just do it! xD;; )

I only used clips from "The Manpower!!!" on, because I wanted the focus to be the current line-up of MoMusu. This didn't exactly work, haha; there's definitely a lot of Miki and Yossie and Konkon in this video and not enough Aika or Junjun or Linlin ... but so long as the video gives off a vibe of "Current MoMusu is awesome!!" and not a vibe of "Golden Age MoMusu is awesome!!," then I'm happy. xD;

OKAY I SHOULD STOP TALKING ABOUT THIS NOW. xDD; But let me know what you think! :D
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So for those of you who are man enough to take it, I made an AMV! xD

Aladdin and the King of Thieves - "This is How a Heart Breaks"

Gosh you have no idea how awesome I think it is that my very first AMV is entirely made up of clips from a direct-to-video sequel. xDDD

Aaaaaaand I was going to ramble about this for a while but now I don't feel like it. xD Well if you've never seen King of Thieves, feel free to ask me what this AMV is supposed to be about, hahaha. And if you care enough to watch it, please do tell me what you think! It's only my first try and it's certainly not perfect but I'm pretty proud of it overall. :D

And now I get to decide what my next AMV is going to be about! :DD I would promise it won't be as dorky as this one, but I think we all know that's probably a lie. xD

P.S. Jasmine has more screentime in this AMV than she does in the actual movie.


(sorta kinda cross-posted to [ profile] agrabah)
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I love how the characters in my current novel project always talk as though they are in the process of writing a ridiculously awful LJ entry.

For example, a scene I wrote in the summer but typed up last night--
Sloan returned then, carrying a Magic Bag. "They wouldn't let me have any ice," she said. "They said they barely have enough for the party as it is. Except they said it in not so many words. And then they insulted me. And I was filled with rage! So, end result, I broke into Kenny's room and got you this, but it's only half-frozen, so if you want I can go fetch the ice out of the punch bowl . . ."

I also love how I can write stuff like that and feel like I am being productive. Perhaps this is why nobody takes me seriously when they ask what my hobby is and I say writing fiction. What a shame!

You will be glad I have resisted posting excerpts from the scene in which a secondary character waxes poetic about the mosquito bite on her forehead. Or my running joke that one character is never able to properly work a necklace clasp. Oh, this story will be a best seller, I can see it now!!

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Current novel project word count is 54,360 and a little bit over. I have approximately three thousand words I haven't yet typed up. It's going pretty well. I'm in a weird sort of stage. Usually I work on one story arc for a couple of weeks at a time, and jump between them like that, but now I'm sort of writing miscellaneous stuff, and a character who originally wasn't even going to make an appearance is now fighting her way into every scene I write. But I love writing Liz and Sloan together, hahaha. XD

In two hours my friend Athena will be touching down in Japan, but as for me, I'm going to bed. Well, probably that's a lie, I want to write more first. XD Work in twelve hours. I hate it more when I'm not there than when I am there, much like everything else I have ever done in my whole entire life. I really gotta get over this, or at least learn not to think about it, or something. Man.

Sunday is my brother's birthday and Monday is the birthday of another of my friends. I AM STILL WAITING TO USE MY HUMAN FUND JOKE. I was going to use it for my brother but then I ruined it. FIE!

Also on Monday I get the date for when I can register for second year. Woohoo! I hate the waiting. I wonder if I could get away with scheduling off work that day? Worth a shot, right? XD~! I only work four hours at a time, too. Look how lazy I am.

I will finish off this entry with more inane dialogue (who am I kidding, all of my dialogue is inane) from my adorable current novel project (which I should probably stop posting stuff from, but I can't help it!!):
"My guess is he said no."
"Yeah? He said yeah?"
Yeah, he said no."

Edit: Oh ... it is now so late that tomorrow is my brother's birthday. CRAZY.
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My favourite line that I've ever written in anything ever: The dentist code is bogus.

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A note from Achilles' best friend:
"A poem about my death, please send."
So I whipped up this baby
Describing how maybe
Heel-man should no more armour lend.


In other news, someone needs to proofread the Clean Sweep web site. For example: "Any mail with personal information like Social Security numbers or bank info should be shredded before being tossed or properly filed where it can't be used against you." Well of course I always shred papers before I properly file them! How else would you do it??
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It's snowing but it's the weakest snow in the world. What a joke. BLAH.

So last night I was trying to write some serious poetry for NaNoPoMo but I sorta got a little silly. Man, before this, I've only written like one successful limerick, ever. People say limericks are the lowest form of poetry, but even so, they are freakishly hard to write, says me. XD; Educational limericks for your enjoyment. )
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The first chapter of Half in Shadow is 2,042 words. It's not the best writing I've ever done. I think I'm having the same trouble as I did last year, where it was hard to get into the narration style until about the third chapter. That's okay then. I'll just deal. :)

So far this is my favourite part, mostly because I love Asharan. *^_^*
     "It's too bad you might miss it this year."
     "Miss it?" I asked. "What are you talking about?"
     "Because you'll be--" His face fell suddenly, as though he'd just realized a mistake he'd made. "Oh. Uhm. Nothing. Never mind."
     "Burning black skies, Ash! What is it?"
     "See, this is why I can never remember all your fancy sayings," Ash said. "Because sometimes it's 'sky,' and sometimes it's 'skies,' and I never know what's going on."

And, um, SFF isn't quite finished yet. This week was very hard for me in a bunch of ways and a novel I had failed to finish was not something I was eager to think about. I think I'm better now. Gotta learn how to relax, is all. It'll be done soon. I feel it in my bones. ;)

Also I am enjoying working on my huge Elizabethan Theatre presentation, even if it is a teeny bit overwhelming to think about half an hour in front of thirty seventeen-year-olds talking about something only about half of them will be even vaguely interested in. That's okay. I'm trying to make it interesting. I'm having fun with it. I hope I can finish it in time, is all! Especially as she hasn't even me an exact due date yet. Well then. ^^; *crosses fingers*


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