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So there are some sites that I love but never link to because I feel like everyone knows about them already and would just be annoyed to be linked to them again, but tonight has apparently been my annual reading through the archives of Improv Everywhere, and I don't care, I'm linking you to my favourites. :D

· Anton Chekov
· Circle Line Tours - this is kind of my second favourite thing on the Internet
· High Five Escalator - this is kind of my favourite thing on the Internet
· Look Up More
· The Moebius
· Rob! and Where's Rob?
· Suicide Jumper
· Welcome Back
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I want to write an entry but I am in no state to write, being tired and robbed of intelligent thought by both allergies and a busy weekend at work. So allow me to brainlessly introduce you to my current obsession! (And to celebrate the start of its new season? xD; ) It is called Top Gear, and it is a British show that my brother introduced me to many months ago and that I've been watching way too much of this week. As you might guess from the title, it is a show about cars, and you may wonder what I am doing even watching such a program, never mind recommending it. Well I do tend to skip over most of the actual reviews; really I am in it for the parts where there are three guys and a mysterious race car driver who have hilarious and surprisingly epic adventures together in all different parts of the world. xD (And sometimes the background music is stolen from Pirates!!)

You can watch episodes at; below are the ones I most recommend, out of what I've seen so far. Read more... )

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So today at work we had a very in-depth discussion regarding the word "Hufflepuff." Things we decided it sounds like:

· the fifth Teletubby

· slang for "vomit" (as in "I'm gonna hufflepuff!")

· the name of a really useless Pokémon that you only use when you need one to just take a hit; its attacks are Sunshine and Let's Be Friends.


Sarah: "I'm your treasurer tomorrow!"
Manager: "Aww, things are looking up already."
Co-worker: "I believe you meant to say they're looking down."
Manager: "You're right. I made a typo with my mouth."
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Here is a genuine e-mail that one of my former co-workers recently sent to me: cut for those who have no time for stupid forwarded e-mails OH WAIT THAT'S EVERYBODY )

There are so many things about this I find hilarious. I just ... wow. 1997 called, they want their e-mail back! lulz lulz lulz. xD;;

Oh, and according to the headers courteously left in the e-mail, my co-worker was at least the fourth person to pass this on. GOD how I love-hate the Internet!!
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Oh my gosh, you guys. I have just been reminded why Improv Everywhere pwns my life. Watch the video on this page, it is mindblowing in its amazingness: Food Court Musical. xD

Edit: Oh man, there is an Australian comedy group that has apparently done a whole series of these things!! hahahahahaha WIN. xDDDDD
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Here is a line that will hopefully remain amusing even when taken out of context. Well, basically my manager and a co-worker were talking about what if they were to do something that would offend me, haha.

Manager: "And then Sarah would be like, 'Aah! My virgin eyes, ears, and nose!'"


And also--

Co-worker: "I mean, even Sarah could tell I was joking!"
Sarah: "And Sarah's pretty dense."
Manager: "And able to recognize her own faults!"
Co-worker: "You know what Sarah's biggest fault is?"
Co-worker: "Her brother."

Ba-dum-chish! xDDD;;

Work today was full of fantastic drama (the kind I find amusing, not the high school drama of last week which featured girls hiding in the change room, crying over boys :// ) that I was going to write about ... but now I don't feel like it. haha this is the best paragraph you've ever read, don't deny it.

Also today I got to cash out a co-worker who had only used her till for two transactions, for a total of $4.71 in cash and like $5 in debit sales. HAHAHA I love when that happens, it makes life so easy. xDDD

Also also, it has been about two months now that I have been sleeping from about five a.m. until about one p.m. ... and to be honest, I am kind of over it. :// It is pretty inconvenient to be so out of synch with daylight, your friends, your classmates, your classes, the bus system, your uni cafeteria, most businesses ... So this week I'm hoping to start the transition back (lol, as if I was ever there in the first place) to something more reasonable. I feel this is a big step, you guyz. :X

Also also also, my four-disc Gone With the Wind DVD set arrived today. XDDDDD You don't have to tell me that you're jealous; I already know. xDD

OKAY NEW GOAL: I am not buying any more DVDs until I finish watching all of the ones I still haven't finished watching. :X I think this includes some Trojan War, some FMA, like five Walt Disney Treasures hahaha (fandom!secret: I haven't finished watching the recent Disneyland one because I love it so much that I don't want to finish watching it :( ), and such Disney classics as Darby O'Gill and the Little People. That last one I should perhaps watch with [ profile] the_wykydtron, as a way to help prepare her for adventures abroad. XDD

HAHAHA my DVD collection is so bipolar, it totally cracks me up. XD

This LJ entry has derailed, as usual. :PP
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Oh, how I love YouTube.

The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything
Clips from the first two PotC movies set to a song about pirates who don't do anything. This video kind of reminds me of the ones where people have replaced the actual dialogue with random dialogue from other movies. The only one of those I've actually found funny was one where Zoolander's "I FEEL LIKE I'M TAKING CRAZY PILLS!" replaced Elizabeth's tantrum about how much she hates pirates. XD But this video is much funnier! XD The dialogue in the middle is pretty excellent. XD

This song, as I discovered, is from VeggieTales, which I have way too much love for considering I've only actually seen two episodes. XD (I love the Don Quixote one -- "I had a dream." "What kind of dream?" "An impossible dream!" "Isn't that, by definition, impossible?") In the break room at work there's a schedule of upcoming movies, and I had seen a VeggieTales movie listed, but only upon finding this video last night did I remember to look up more info about the movie, and here is the best, best, BEST part of this whole thing: the title of this upcoming movie is The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything: A VeggieTales Movie.

So basically what I am saying here is that three days before my twenty-first birthday I am going to be watching a children's movie that stars talking vegetables dressed up as pirates who don't do anything.


The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything (Cover)
I cannot tell you how fantastic I think it is that someone thought to do a cover of this song. It's ... beautiful. I love people, oh my gosh. (The clips in this video are just from Curse of the Black Pearl but they match the lyrics better, although this version of the song lacks the fantastic dialogue in the middle.)

How Dead Man's Chest Should Have Ended
I don't find this as funny as other people seem to, but the scene at the very very end? A++! XD

Hahaha, I was going to link to more, but perhaps I should stop spamming you guys now. XD (Three guesses what song I'm going to have stuck in my head at work tonight!!)
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In Disneyland I bought a CD (called Remember the Moments: A Magical Souvenir, hahaha Disneyland I love you) with music from the various rides and lands and shows and whatnot. Now is the first time I am listening it! And I think I should have waited a little longer! I'd say my withdrawal officially started today. :( :( :( :( I was going to write more on my trip report but today was a very lazy day, hahaha. Mostly I just read Michael Wood's Shakespeare. This author is the dude who called Shakespeare "sexy" in that documentary I watched and my mom made fun of him for a week. XD; And in his book he spelled "Gryffindor" as "Griffendor." (Don't ask why he was talking about Hogwarts, I think he just longs to be cool.) I was more amused than offended, because you can tell this man researched this book as thoroughly as he possibly could, and then he couldn't even bother to crack open a HP book to check the spelling of the most prominent house! Ahahahaha, siiiiiiigh. XD XD XD

In other news, I totally forgot to share with you the classy humour of my classmates! So we were talking about this article by someone with the last name "Rofel," right, and so Dude 1 says, "I propose that for the duration of this discussion we pronounce it 'ROFL.'" Dude 2 says, "ROFLCOPTER?" Dude 1 says, "It's the only way to travel!" XD XD XD XD XD

(It is totally bizarre to be listening to this track while seated and indoors and neither freezing nor getting a crick in my neck. o_O; But <33333333333333333333333333333333333 so much, so much. <33333 )

Hahaha this entry is terribly written. XD

Edit: OMG the CD track includes the "Please remain seated" announcement in the middle of the show AAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! awesome awesome awesome XD XD XD XD XD XD

Edit 2: Last night I was trying to show my brother some pictures that I took specifically in order to show them to him, and he refused to look because he was trying to chat with his friends, as if he doesn't already spend a billion times more time with them than he spends with me. Today my brother's girlfriend, when I showed her the picture I took with her boy Jack Sparrow, started of her own volition to flip through the rest of the photo album and totally study every picture and ask what everything was and it was so nice of her to pay so much attention to my vacation. <3 You guys, why isn't she my sister? Why am I stuck with my loser of a brother? ;_; ;_; ;_; ;_;
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01. Leave me a comment saying, "Interview me."
02. I respond by asking you five questions of a very intimate and creepily personal nature. Or not so creepy/personal.
03. You WILL update your LJ with the answers to the questions.
04. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the post.
05. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.

I've done this before, but it was almost two years ago. I would link to the post they were in but they're kind of embarrassing and I even locked the post because of it. XD; Admittedly I prefer today's questions, which were asked by [ profile] shadoweddestiny. :D

Jafar, Jafar, un gran señor, pero si pierde, ¡mucho MEJOR! )
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How is it that I am twenty years old and still receiving chain letters? I thought these things were supposed to end when you finished high school. I would feel bad for being annoyed with people for sending them to me except then I remember why I am annoyed with them. Because they sent me a CHAIN LETTER.

I am sending this to you to see how many actually read their e-mail.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! If you actually read your e-mail, you are probably sick to death of receiving these things. My least favourite thing in the world is opening an e-mail to see that it is a chain letter. Actual e-mails actually written by the sender and actually intended for the recipient are one THOUSAND times better, holy man.

Of course, this entry is all just an excuse to post my favourite e-mail joke ever. )

Oh, and in case you were worried, the situation regarding my niece/nephew has been remedied. My brother's girlfriend has assured me I can baby-sit. XD

Girlfriend: We're going to work!
Sarah: Can I baby-sit while you're gone?
Girlfriend: Yep! I left him in the room. I think he went under the bed.
Sarah: Oh ... I don't fit under the bed. I'll have to get a ruler ... to poke him out with.
Brother: TO KILL HIM WITH!!!!!

Ah! Apparently it's a nephew. XD
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I am going through and tagging my old entries. I would really like to have all my entries nicely tagged, but I have to do all my tagging in spurts, because I can only read my old entries for so long before getting embarrassed. And then of course I forget where I stopped tagging and it takes ages to find it again. :p

That was a useless introduction! I really am only making this post out of surprise -- how can it be almost two years ago I posted the link to the Disco Ascenseur? (For those of you who don't speak French, that is the DISCO ELEVATOR!!!) This clip deserves to be spread to everyone around the world. It makes me so happy inside. Since seeing this clip, every time I have to take an elevator, I think, "Maybe this time ... maybe this time ...," and I listen hopefully for the pounding of awesome disco beats, but alas. It is not to be.


You can search for "disco elevator" and find it like twenty times over on YouTube. Which warms my little heart. Because the last time I looked for it on YouTube, that was not to be, either. XD
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My aunt has the same birthday as me and today while we were at the mall, my mother let me pick out her birthday card, which was perhaps not an amazing decision since I've only met this aunt once, and I was five, and so I really have no idea what kind of sense of humour she has. Perhaps the idea is that if we share a birthday we must be EXACTLY THE SAME?? XD I hope this turns out to be the case, because I'm pretty sure the card I picked was written only for me, in the same way that the "What did Captain Cook say to his men before they got on the ship?" joke was written only for me. XD

So the front of this card says: It's your birthday!! I got you a card!!!!
And the inside says: This is the inside of it!!
And the back says: Here's the back!!


(I think it might be funnier in person. XD )
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The only purpose of this entry is to embarrass myself horribly.

Earlier I was going to post about this most embarrassing but hilarious (I think it's hilarious) conversation that my friend and I had when we went to go see that pathetic excuse for a movie Cars. Upon seeing the trailer for The Santa Clause 3 (an idea which is hilarious in itself), my friend said, "Some people have way too much time and way too much money." To which I replied, "So long as Bernard's in it, I don't even care."

Guys, this is serious business. I just found out that Bernard will not be in The Santa Clause 3.

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So my beautiful wonderful weekend off has slowly been devoured by work. And it's frustrating because I feel like I shouldn't really complain about it, I don't have any justified real reason to complain about it, but at the same time I want to complain about it!!

Perhaps this is a real reason: today I gave up part of my day off to go in and cover for a co-worker with a hangover. She is dumb enough to get drunk the night before her shift and then she is the one who gets the day off! I am well aware I have about zero sympathy for anyone with a hangover but even if I did I think this would still be frustrating. But my co-workers all know I have zero sympathy for anyone with a hangover so they always lie to me when they call me in. "Uh, you'll have to come in to cover for J ... she has the ... uh ... stomach ... avian ... SARS. That's it. She has SARS." KTHXBYE

Anyway. When I came home it was to find my brother upstairs working on a "Macbeth"-themed board game, and I convinced him to title it "Macbeth: The Game of Vaulting Ambition," which is pretty awesome.

Another thing that is awesome is that yesterday one of the local radio stations was doing this "Pay for Play" thing for charity. Basically, if you wanted to request a song you could pay them any amount over $5 and they would play it for you. But if someone thought the song was terrible and wanted to get it off the air, they could call in and pay any amount over what you paid and the station would take the song off. Isn't this hilarious?? Like a battle of the listeners, I love it, it's fantastic. And so while we were listening, someone paid $20 to get Strong Bad's Trogdor song played on the radio. WHICH IS HILARIOUS ENOUGH IN ITSELF! Especially because I think the announcer had no idea what it was he was playing, hahaha. But then somebody else found this song so objectionable that they paid $30 to make it stop.



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I think I just discovered what might possibly be the best line in all of Wikipedia.

Hammerspace should not be confused with Hammertime.

... oooooooh my gosh.
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Customer: Is your name Kelly?
Sarah: ... No?

My manager was my Secret Santa and she gave me the first HP book (I'm still missing CoS though, haha) and a fancy pants bookmark with an illustration of OotP's prophecy scene on it. XD

I gave my Secret Santa person chocolates and lottery tickets (I had to get my mom to buy them for me, hahaha xD; ). If she wins a million bucks I hope she gives me half!

From what I've heard, everyone spent the Christmas party getting all drunk. So I don't regret not going.

My brother's girlfriend gave him a "Jesus Rocks" poster with Jesus playing guitar on it. I WAS GOING TO GET HIM THAT POSTER--!! He spent the whole ride home hitting me with it and so when he hung it up it had all these dents in, HA HA SERVES YOU RIGHT. He hung it up behind his TV, atop which he has placed his army of Jesus pencil toppers. So basically, my brother really likes Jesus.

Oh, and then he spilled hot chocolate all over the microwave. It was CRAZY!!

I guess you can tell my social life has disappeared when the only person I have to talk about is my brother. :(


Edit: I can't believe it's been two years since I wrote my limericks!

Also, I don't think my journal writing has improved much since I was sixteen. XD;

(It feels very weird to be old enough to say "when I was sixteen." :X )

(In less than a month I will be old enough to say "when I was eighteen.")

(Holy man!)

Edit 2: Dude, when they told us there would be pieces of The Odyssey in Troy, I guess they were lying.

I'd totally forgotten about that!

Edit 3: This is still the funniest thing I've ever written. XD XD XD

Edit 4: Hahahaha, oh man.
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Today I was sitting in the cafeteria eating my expensive pizza and I heard someone call, "Have a good Christmas!" And oh man, now I really want to say that whenever I say bye to anybody. I can't do it now because it would be annoying, but in the summer? I think it would be fantastic.

Also, the top three people I wanted to go see HP4 with? The three people I discussed going to see HP4 with? All three went to go see HP4 without me. NOW I HAVE TO GO SEE IT WITH MY MOM. I always knew my lack of cool was not my fault, and now I have proof.

Actually, to be honest, at this point I am kind of indifferent as to whether I see it or not, but dude. Shafted.


Telephone: *ring ring*
Sarah: Hello?
Sarah's Co-Worker: Hi, Sarah? Are you busy on Friday?
Sarah: ... I'm scheduled to work on Friday.


Edit: Special Generation )
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In my NaNo 2004, I mentioned Paul Martin three times, Peter Mansbridge five times, and Rick Mercer six times.

What the heck!!

Edit: Man, now I am reading my NaNo 2004, and I don't remember writing half of this stuff, but it is so much better than I ever thought it was. Maaaan.


That is why I am the king and he the queen. Friday and Sara together at last.


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For my dad's birthday today, I bought him a card with a picture of John Lennon on the front and inside I wrote "Dear Daddy, here is a picture of someone you have outlived."

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Today one of my co-workers was singing "I Will Survive" the whole time I was there. The only thing I can think of now when I hear that song is that Daily Show joke, which I think is hilarious:

At first I was afraid, I was ___
a) petrified.
b) I don't know.

I'm sure it's much funnier in context, but I don't quite remember what that context was. I do remember that it's hilarious, though, and so I'm laughing!! Then all of my co-workers and I talked about That '70s Show and one of them admitted to wishing she was Fez, and it was very funny indeed. I may not be a fan of the job, but I do quite like my co-workers. Or at least the ones who were there today. ^^;;;

Last night Uncle Phil (my uncle who isn't really my uncle) came over and showed us pictures of his kids. I haven't seen his son since we went to the Nylons concert, and I don't remember when I last saw his daughter. My fake cousins, and I'd barely even recognize them--!! This depresses me greatly. :(

I am rereading Order of the Phoenix. I seriously can't remember anything that happens in this book. Will Harry be expelled from Hogwarts? I MUST READ ON!!


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