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~ Soooooo my MJ class got cancelled. I am seriously unimpressed. :| How did that combat trauma in Euripides class not get cancelled but these two rather more mainstream ones did? I guess people who are interested in mainstream things are not always the same people who take university classes just for funsies, but geeze. How frustrating for me.

~ Went to the doctor today and got a list of shots that I need to get before my trip! Typhoid, tetanus, hepatitis, and, if our plans change to include places outside Lima, malaria as well! hahaha oh my goodness, how exciting. (Originally we were definitely going to visit places other than Lima, but now Machu Picchu has been closed indefinitely due to flooding. My life right now is full of disappointments, apparently.)

~ Off to work again ... Two more shifts until my weekend! Which has become even more of a weekend, now that I don't have any classes~~~ ;_; ;_;
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I am sick for like the third time this month, what is this this is ridiculous. :| And it's an actual unpleasant sort of sick, too, not just "wahaha I lost my voice!"

24. Return to Titanic, Robert D. Ballard with Michael Sweeney
Every so often I spend an afternoon reading about the Titanic, don't ask me why 'cause I don't know, and that is how I found out about this book. Robert D. Ballard was among those who first discovered the Titanic's current location, and this book covers his 2004 return to the site. To be honest, I'm not really surprised to see it only has three stars on I thought the book would be more about the ship and what's been happening to it at the bottom of the ocean, and there was some of that of course, but there was also a lot of rehashing of info that everyone already knows, and a bunch of boring passages about the equipment they used to explore the ship, and there were definitely not enough pictures, especially since Ballard spends a large chunk of the book arguing for the need to preserve the ship and show it to people not through stolen artifacts in museums but through other, less intrusive methods.

Also, this book made me feel really guilty for enjoying that travelling Titanic museum exhibit as much as I did. :|

Movies, etc.:
53. Shoujo Kakumei Utena, 1997
Oh my god, I finished watching this anime like two weeks ago and I still have no idea what to say about it. It's really interesting and really elegantly animated, and while I agree with the reviewers who've said it could've been about ten episodes shorter, overall I did enjoy watching it. I think my main problem with it was that I felt so let down by the ending. I'd heard multiple times that the ending was supposed to be amazing, so maybe I just built it up too much. But I didn't feel like I was watching the grand conclusion to the series, I felt like I was watching just a regular episode, complete with a whole bunch of stuff that I didn't understand. :| Ugh, even after reading a whole bunch of fan interpretations of this series, there's still so much that I don't understand, and so yeah. I'm really not sure what to say about this one.

54. Watchmen, 2009
[ profile] athena_crikey and [ profile] the_wykydtron made me watch this, although they were also kind enough to tell me when to shield my eyes. haha, I don't know, I just don't like watching violence! I remember once when I was talking about how I thought V For Vendetta was a really violent movie, and all of my friends were like, "Wut." So yeah. x) Anyway anyway, I didn't hate this movie like I expected to, and it definitely takes place in a really interesting world. I liked Rorschach's little speech about how he couldn't ignore the darker deeds of humanity, but overall I'm kind of confused as to why fandom seems to love him so much. Also, this is a little random but: I think it was when we were watching 300 that [ profile] the_wykydtron pointed out how in Hollywood sex scenes, the focus is always on the woman's face. OMG SO TRUE WITH THIS MOVIE. HELLO MALE GAZE, HOW ARE YOU?
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I had my mini-surgery this afternoon! :) tmi tmi tmi )

Anyway, after we got home I watched Ellen for the first time in forever, and it was a good episode to randomly catch because she had Portia on which was cute, but also because a former American Idol contestant named Jasmine sang "Reflection" from Mulan. This is BRILLIANT because a Jasmine sang "Reflection" in the movie, too! xD



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So I have no idea how to start this entry so let's just start it. Today has been a day off filled with appointments! xD; First I went to the wisdom teeth dentist guy, because two years after I was first recommended to him, I feel I have finally manned up enough to actually get the surgery done. :X Seeing my brother and almost all of my friends go through with it has definitely helped in this decision. Oh, and my fast food manager, whose wisdom teeth were causing her great pain, but she couldn't get them taken out for some reason I can't remember ... I'm still not THRILLED about the idea of having what still seems like kind of unnecessary surgery, but oh well. August 8th at 9am (oh god how am I going to get up that early xD; ), I shall say good-bye to my wisdom teeth once and for all! (I admit I am looking forward to a couple days of lazing about the house. xD; Plus that day is a Friday, which means I'll get the weekend off work, WOOT!! I am so sick of working weekends, haha. And only like a quarter of the summer's blockbusters have opened already ... the Batman weekend is going to be horrible ... ;_; )

Also, my wisdom teeth dentist guy makes me want to grow up to be a crazy old man. xDD haha I love him!

Then Mom and I went to the mall where I got Arby's, a new (pink and flowery!) pair of flip-flops (yes I am a classy dame; I like wearing flip-flops when I go for my walks in the cemetery, I don't really wear them anywhere else though), and a new DS game which I've never heard of before but it looks adorable, it's called Professor Layton and the Curious Village and I kind of bought it on a whim so I hope it's good! xD; Also the dude at HMV informed us that the only bookstore in the mall had closed! o_o Man I never bought anything there but that's still sad, isn't it? I probably wouldn't be so shocked by this except that I am really trying to get back into reading this summer (and I am succeeding, I daresay). Then I had my appointment with the optometrist (yes, in the MALL, it is a classy joint :d ). My eyes have not degraded as much as I had convinced myself they had, hahaha, so that makes me happy. I do have a new prescription, though. I'm keeping my frames (I heart them) but getting new lenses and also new sunglasses!! They'll be prescription, 100% UV protection, and also they are PINK!!! I've been trying to get outside more often, too, so I figured I'd better get them, despite the cost ... ^^; Well glasses are kind of expensive I guess but I think they're worth it. hahaha everyone at the optometrist's office was impressed I've been wearing the same glasses for four and a half years! Do they usually not last that long or something? I don't think I've been taking spectacularly good care of them or anything ... I definitely once walked into a pole and bent them all out of shape .... ^^;;;

And now I have no idea how to end this entry so let's just end it. :D Ahaha but I do love having appointments on Mondays ... that means that if it's horrible, afterwards I can come home and watch Jon and Kate Plus Eight and be happy again. xD!
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So after not watching Amadeus for over a year I think (SHOCK!!), I watched it twice within the past three days. xDD All two hours and forty minutes!! haha. I feel I must emphasize that point because there was definitely a time where I would just watch the last hour or so over and over and over again. xD And so yah. Now I am all Amadeus crazy again. Because that is how I roll.

I went to the dentist on Monday (where they took out the filling between my two front teeth, I'm actually surprised no one's asked me about the new hole in my mouth because it seems really obvious to me :// ) and on the door was a poster advertising a concert at UVic this Wednesday entitled The Victoria Philharmonic Choir performs Salieri, Mozart and Beethoven.


I was actually thinking last night, it's kind of depressing, because Salieri was a real guy and I wonder, if he were brought back to life or whatever, how would he feel about everyone thinking of him as a villain with average talent? :( Okay that is all I have to say on that topic I guess, but still. Depressing. :( aha. But obviously not depressing enough to stop me from loving the movie. xDD;

Anyway the point of this entry is that I found out that I have Wednesday night off, and so now I am stupidly excited to go see this thing. xD I probably won't even enjoy it, but man. I still want to go anyway. xDDDDD (Anyone want to come with? You will feel CULTURED!!!)

OH AND P.S. I worked until 12:15am tonight and my shift tomorrow starts at 11:45am. AUGH this is my least favourite thing about my job. ://// WATCH ME STAY UP UNTIL FOUR A.M. ANYWAY!!!
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Sarah: "Today I joined the Disney Movie Club! They sent me stickers!"
Brother: "Yeah, right. You made that club up yourself. Then you made those stickers. And died a little inside."

Aaaaahahaha, oh gosh, I really did die a little inside, I think. I felt very dirty filling out the form, because it was totally admitting that I buy enough Disney DVDs that, "obligation to buy" or not, this thing is easily going to save me money. :X Ah, I spend way too much money on DVDs, my mother tells me that's all I ever buy. xD But today I ordered three Disney sequels of varying quality all for just two dollars total, so who cares~~~~~~ XDDDDD

In completely other news, I went to the doctor today to get the wax washed out of my ears. cut for gross? )

What else ... I worked on my JaNo novel today and yesterday, which is really terrible of me because I should be working on the novel I want to have a first draft of by the end of the year. ^^; But I randomly started getting ideas for this one so whatever. This evening I went to betaraider's and saw 300 for the first time, but I think listening to six months of people praising it was bound to leave me disappointed. :p (Wow, it was only released in March?? I feel like it was released soooooooooo much longer ago!)

I feel like I am slacking re: studying but at the same time I feel like we're still so early in the school year and already I've done a lot. My classes so far are fine but I dunno, I sort of lost my drive in third year and I thought I might get it back but so far that's not the case. :( I mean, I like university, but I really don't care for all the work they shove into three months. And it makes me just want to not do any of it. Because I'm mature like that, haha. But whatever, so far so good, I have a Japanese literature class that is the MOST INTENSE CLASS I'VE EVER TAKEN. There's only five students and it's all Japanese all the time which means the other four get to listen to my aaaaaaaawful speaking. xDDD Why do I hate when people are all, "lol, this is my friend Sarah, lol, she's so totally fluent in Japanese"? BECAUSE I'M NOT. Feel free to ask any of these classmates if you don't believe me, hahaha, they're the ones who get to listen to me stumble through my answers to the hundreds of questions the prof asks every class. xD But I really like this prof, though! He is so friendly and happy and enthusiastic, and maybe it's horrible to say this but he kind of reminds me of Matthew from Matthew's Best Hit TV. Well, considering how awesome I think Matthew is, I guess that's not really a mean thing to say, and anyway this prof isn't quite as crazy as Matthew is ... yet. xDDD

AND BEFORE I FORGET! XD Here are two YouTube videos that are currently ruling my life:

After Today
A group of college kids got together and made a live action version of "After Today" from A Goofy Movie. WHICH IS AWESOME ENOUGH IN ITSELF, RIGHT??? xDDD But it is pretty amusing in other ways, too. XD XD And then I watched it so many times I had this song stuck in my head the entire next day. A little tiring! ^^;; I am actually really amused by all the love A Goofy Movie seems to get on YouTube, hahaha, because I remember when it was like the most neglected of Disney movies. xDDD There's a Hercules video done to "Stand Out" (omg I love that song) and there's even a PotC video done to "On the Open Road"!!! PRETTY AWESOME!!! XDDD

Why is the Rum Gone? Remix
I watched this expecting it to be like the I've Got a Jar of Dirt Remix, which I have never been able to listen to all the way through because it drives me insane. >_O;; So I am glad to report that this one is much more awesome and even my PotC-hating brother liked it so much that he spent the next day going around the house shouting, "That's not good enough!" xD (Hahaha, when we were watching it he was like, "It sounds like Will's getting angrier every time, but you know that's not true!" xD xD; ) So please watch it and love it and send me all the awesome (AWEsome?) PotC videos you find because I devour them like candy. :X

((Oh man that reminds me! My brother's (nick)name is Will and my favourite character in my favourite trilogy is named Will. Okay, whatever. But one of my brother's favourite movies is Requiem for a Dream and one of the main characters in that is named Sara!! Either we just have two way common names, or this is some bizarre sibling psychology at work. xDD ))
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I don't usually post Hello! Project news in my LJ because my friends list is made up of people who don't care, and people who care enough that they have probably already heard. But the piece of news I came home to today is the most hilarious, most bizarre, most unpredictable H!P news that I think I have ever heard. Two Chinese girls to join to Morning Musume (temporarily? ignoring the fact that all MoMusu members are temporary anyway). Interesting, considering how MoMusu is all "JAPAN! JAPAN! JAPAN!" all the time.

And! Apparently they only informed the current MoMusu girls of this yesterday. XD XD XD XD XD Oh, Tsunku. You make me laugh. XD XD XD

Other news from today: for the second time, my brother is wearing the Indiana Jones shirt I bought him; I went to the doctor and the saga of the toenail seems to be coming to a close! YES! FINALLY!; I got my copy of Disney Rarities and have been fangirling over the Alice Comedies; I spent my break working on my musical and my novel because the reading about eco-governmentality was way, way, way, way over my head; my manager sent me photos of her four-day-old baby. :)
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I found this in my YouTube viewing history, which I think means my brother must have watched it because I have no recollection of it -- Amadeus in Five Seconds. It's pretty brilliant, hahaha. Man, I haven't watched that movie in months ... I think I watched my favourite scenes one evening in December but I can't remember the last time I watched the whole thing. That movie is long! XD;;

Hahahaha, The Lion King in Five Seconds, that one is HARSH. XD hahahaha!!

In real life news, I just got back from the clinic and his basic advice was to wait it out and if it gets worse, come back.

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Now for the pirate's lair! Oh joy unbounded! Oh sweet relief! Oh rapture unexampled! What I am trying to say is that they found my luggage! It should be in my grubby little hands by this time tomorrow! Such happiness can only be communicated through the stealing of Gilbert and Sullivan lyrics!

And tonight I am going to go to the clinic to get my ear fixed, because it popped or something during yesterday's second flight and now refuses to stop bothering me. ;_;

(I told my brother that during one showing of the Aladdin musical in Disney's California Adventure, Genie sang his own version of "My Humps." Said my brother, "I don't think that's what they should be teaching at Disneyland." Hahahahahaaaaaa, man, I know. XD There were also references to Gwen Stefani, Britney and sometimes K-Fed, the Pussycat Dolls, Austin Powers ... XD XD XD XD XD XD XD )

(I am seriously going to go into withdrawal from just that musical alone. XD;;;; )
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Man, guess how much I wanna write this essay on pre-modern Japanese theatre. XD XD XD XD;;; SO distracted right now. I just changed some of my icons, haha, yay, that's how distracted I am. XD

I don't know how to write Japanese on a Mac so I copied and pasted the subject line of this entry from the dictionary, har har har. XD My life is an Ayaya song, hahaha. Actually, as much as I like it, "Tropical Koi Shiteru" really creeps me out. Remind me to tell you about it some time!

Last night I had a near death experience involving my toe. Don't remind me to tell you about that some time, I suspect it'd be a bit TMI. Really I'm just writing it here for if I have to remember it later. My mom was very encouraging ... I am a little bit worried about my messed up toenail and how it'll fare over the next week (it hasn't been hurting at all lately but that doesn't mean it doesn't hate me), but Mom was all, "Don't let it worry you, you're not going to die because of your toe, we'll get it fixed when you come back." Awwwwwww~~~~ <3 <3 <3

Then today I woke up feeling sick with NERVES and my dad was all, "You're nervous now but you won't be in forty-eight hours when you wake up drunk on the Mexican border." Haha what?

I got a haircut yesterday but it's too short and it's my own fault for not realizing how short it would be. :( Oh well oh well ...

[ profile] athena_crikey, you never read this, but I am sad that I'm going to miss seeing you over Break. :( You should be like betaraider and come visit me this evening! For a mysterious visit, hahaha, I'm so curious why she wants to come over. XD

OKAY OKAY I have to write my essay why aren't you guys telling me to get off LiveJournal?? XD XD XD XD
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I feel like I have an obligation to update this thing. I think this is because I was going to write a very extensive birthday entry and then I didn't, but I'm still left feeling like "wasn't I supposed to write something ... ?" hahaha. But if I were to write an actual entry now, it would probably be all about how I have spent the past day sorting through my video tapes (and enjoying it immensely, as so far I have found these tapes to be filled with Full House, Aladdin, Hercules, and commercials for Microsoap, my favourite of the shows I'll probably never get a chance to watch again). (Actually, the tape I was watching this morning amused me immensely, because it's like a collection of the best, most hilarious Hercules episodes ... and then the most boring, average Aladdin episodes. All nicely alternating. Oh, I am exaggerating a bit, because I don't like "Hercules and the Jilt Trip" and "Power to the Parrot" is not all that bad and the only really hilarious part of "Hercules and the Aetolian Amphora" is the beginning where you see Meg but they leave you in ridiculous suspense for like ten minutes. But still. Amusing.) (Also, "As the Netherworld Turns" seemed to have pieces very purposefully cut out of it, and "Vocal Hero" starts in the middle. Ahahaha, middle school Sarah knew quite well how to use a VCR, too, so I'm not sure what happened there. XD; )

Ahaha, I didn't mean to write all that stuff in parentheses and now I can't use my beautiful segue. But I just wanted to mention that my toe is killing me. You don't want to hear the gory details, I'm sure, but I am currently enjoying pretending that my doctor is going to be all mad at her husband because he didn't lift the toenail before like he was supposed to ... ahahaha, gooooooood tiiiiiiiiimes. XD;;;;;;;;

(Tomorrow is Rika's birthday! Happy birthday, Rika! She's the only H!P member whose birthday I ever remember, because it's so close to mine. Reina's birthday is on Remembrance Day but I didn't know that until it was too late, hahahaha, oh well!!! XD;;; )
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another stupid post in a line of stupid posts, this one loosely about productivity )

There, I hope that is an entry that does not betray how ANGSTY I have been feeling lately, although I guess in a way it kind of does ...
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Today is the first day of school (though it doesn't start until one thirty :P ). Last year on the first day of school someone popped the tires of my dad's car and I had to wait for my mom to get home before I could get to school. This year's first day has been interesting, too!
But I am too lazy to type it out again so you'll have to do with a cut-and-paste snippet from a chat! ^^; )
And another stupid story written all in caps! )

Yeah. First day of school, shyeah, whatever. >_


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