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Today the bloggers behind Parkeology set out to ride all 46 Walt Disney World rides in one day. cut for gif )


Apr. 15th, 2011 02:09 am
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So my mom and I had to RUN LIKE THE WIND through the Seattle airport in order to make our connection (something that is becoming much too familiar to me) but we have made it home! Of course I would have been happy to stay in Anaheim, even though the parks this week were INSANELY BUSY. We didn't really have a choice of dates, because we had to go during my mom's week off, and yeah I don't think I would recommend mid-April (spring break! high school band/choir/dance trips everywhere!!), but by hitting the popular rides during the slower hours and by using Fastpass and hitting the shows and less popular rides during the busy hours, we managed to have a most excellent trip. :)

Anyway, although I know I fail at trip reports, I hope to manage a very lazy one after I have had some sleep. Right now I just want to type up some of my favourite jokes from my beloved Aladdin musical (which we saw three times) before I forget them. I definitely admit that the rest of this post is for me, but you are of course allowed to look at it too. :) Look, I'm soarin' over California! )
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So this morning we booked the flights for my mom and me to spend five days at the Disneyland Resort! :D

If you are like "whoa that came out of nowhere" then I AGREE WITH YOU!! I really did not at all expect to be able to make a Disney trip this year, but then last week Mom noticed that her week off in April matches up with the week I have off between exams, and then Dad noticed that we had enough Air Miles to get cheap flights, and so here we are!

At first I was less excited and more "grr no one ever wants to go to Disney World with me" (I feel it is a huge hole in my Disney fangirling that I have never been to WDW!) but I have spent today remembering all the awesome things there are to do in Disneyland and all of the awesome things there are that I haven't even done yet! So now I am VERY EXCITED and long story short this is going to be me at work today:


In related news, I recently ripped all of my Tokyo Disney CDs and put them on my iPod, even the Jubilation! song which is half an hour long, and when I told my mom she was all WHAT WHY WOULD YOU EVER LISTEN TO THAT despite the fact that I have it stuck in my head pretty much all the time anyway?! SERIOUSLY MOM WE'RE ONLY TALKING ABOUT THE BEST PARADE EVER HERE

Oh man I just realized I never ever got to the Jubilation! part of my Tokyo Disneyland trip report. OBVIOUSLY THIS WILL HAVE TO BE REMEDIED POST HASTE
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~ Is The Black Cauldron seriously getting a 25th Anniversary DVD release before Hercules or The Hunchback of Notre Dame get proper DVD releases? I mean, I'm digging the whole ~love for unloved characters~ thing Disney has going on right now, but seriously??

~ I got paid today and have already ordered another batch of JLPT books. I have soooo many language learning books now haha. I've been thinking of starting a blog or something and posting reviews of these things, but I can't decide if that would motivate me to study or if it would just distract me. :P

~ A couple days ago I finished the first chapter of the textbook I'm using to teach myself Korean! (Don't be too impressed - the most complex thing I can say so far is "I'm not Korean, I'm American," which isn't even true.) I don't think I picked the best language to try to teach myself - the pronunciation is a lot more difficult than I thought it would be - but overall it's been going okay. It's not as completely similar to Japanese as I had been led to believe (or maybe it is and I just can't tell yet, haha), but there are definitely strong similarities, and I do love it when I can guess what a word means just because it's pretty much the same. xD I have no idea how to transliterate anything, but "college student" is "daigakusei" in Japanese and "dehakseng" in Korean and I think that's awesome! xD Also, I love that some of the particles have different forms depending on whether the preceding word ends in a vowel or a consonant. Such a rule would be all but useless in Japanese! xD

~ In boring rl news, I've spent most of today feeling nauseous; I got sent home from work early (my managers are awesome sometimes) and fell asleep in my uniform, ewwww. So that sucked. (brb stocking up on stronger painkillers for next month. -_- ) But I also managed to get caught up on all the most recent Yesterland articles, which was a perfect way to spend the afternoon I think! Man that site is way too fascinating to me. :)
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So I'm a bit confused (not the word I want, but the word I'm going with) by one of the comments on this Sociological Images post.

I’m more disturbed that anyone would consider Disney’s “Main Street” as an adult destination for a genuine experience. In essence this is a scripted wedding proposal in a simulated Main Street in a simulated American town by simulated celebrities (the american idol winner). Not only are they buying into this whole marriage proposal script, but they are buying into this whole Disney reality as being a true substitute for an actual social space. ... What creeps me out is this substitution of manufactured experiences for actual genuine experiences.

I get most of this comment, but the author loses me at Disney reality as a substitute for an actual social space. Obviously I know that visiting Main Street, U.S.A. is not at all the same thing as visiting a small American town, that DisneySea's Mediterranean Harbor is an idealized Italy, that Adventureland has no real world counterpart. I get that these places are, to a great extent, artificial, and I get that this creeps some people out. But it's when people talk about Disney parks as if they're not even real places that they lose me. Disneyland is not an "actual social space"? What are you talking about? Does the artifice of the setting mean you can't have a genuine experience there? If you have a fight with your friend while standing in line for Temple of the Forbidden Eye, does it not count because it happened in Disneyland? If you have a friendly conversation with a stranger while on the Mark Twain, does it mean nothing because it happened in Disneyland? Are any and all experiences made invalid because they happened in Disneyland, which is apparently not an "actual social space"?

In all social situations we're surrounded by rules and conventions and whatever. I don't see how Disneyland is all that terribly different, at least not to the point that it's impossible to have a "genuine experience" there. What the heck. :|
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hahaha you guys, I am such a horrible Facebook friend and I LOVE IT. There's this girl who worked with me at the movie theatre for like two months before she quit. I had her on my Facebook for like a year and we never ever talked to each other, so at one point when I was clearing out my friendslist I took her off. She came to see a movie at some point last year and was all, "I think I accidentally got deleted from your friendslist," so I felt guilty and added her back. Then I remembered that all she does with her Facebook is complain!! And also never talk to me. So I took her off again. Today I got this message from her: "How do I keep getting deleted from your list :P"


Also what the heck, why does she seek me out every time I delete her. Srsly.

Also, today on Lang-8 I corrected someone when they spelled "Disneyland" as two words. So it begins.
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For months now I have been completely stuck on how to write my Universal Studios Japan entry, so I guess I'll skip it for now and write about it alongside my other theme parks at the end.

day thirteen )
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So one of Disney's big promotions this year is Give a Day, Get a Disney Day, where if you volunteer at one of the events listed on their site, you get a free one-day pass to Disneyland or Walt Disney World. Awesome, right?! I've been really excited for this for like six months now, and earlier this week the list of volunteer positions finally went up. I searched for "Victoria, BC" and got one Victoria posting followed by a whole bunch of postings in Washington state. DISNEY THAT'S NOT EVEN IN THE SAME COUNTRY. I tried multiple methods of searching and could still only find this one posting, so even though I wasn't terribly enthusiastic for it (selling raffle tickets at a hockey game ... woohoo), I signed up. Note that I definitely signed up on the day the listings went up. Just now I got an e-mail from the coordinator of the event saying that all of the positions have been filled, and I'm not actually needed.



There better be more Victoria events popping up soon or I am going to be very disappoint. >:(
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I have been sitting here for an hour trying to think of some way to write a Christmas post that's happy but that also somehow reflects the odd confusion about the holidays that I've been experiencing this year. Nothing is coming and so I guess I give up for now, although I do want everyone on my friendslist to know that I hope you have an amazing day, whether you're celebrating or not. Every day I am super grateful to have met every one of you. <3

I've been thinking about my Japan trip a lot lately, I think just because this time last year is when I was busy planning all of it. Completely by accident, we were lucky enough to time our Tokyo Disneyland visit so that we could enjoy the last few days of Haunted Mansion Holiday Nightmare (the other parks that do the overlay just call it "Haunted Mansion Holiday," I have no idea why Tokyo throws in that extra word), which was so much more amazing than I had expected it to be. And weirdly enough, going on that ride in January, and despite the fact that it's supposed to be a little frightening, I always felt much more Christmassy than I had during the actual Christmas season. Anyway, just now I looked up the audio to the stretching room portion, because that "lalalalala" in the background is pretty much my favourite part of the entire ride, not gonna lie. Oh, and the creepy singing at the very end, when you're exiting the stretching room, omg I love that! So for those of you who like your Christmas a little creepy:

(It is really weird to me, hearing this dialogue in English. xD I'd never heard the original version before tonight!)

Wow, this entry is discombobulated. Longer, more coherent letter later? For now, please have an awesome day -- and don't let Jack Skellington ruin it for you! xD <3
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(This almost but not quite balances out the horror I felt at learning that DCA's Aladdin musical is ending this summer, only to be replaced by still more Toy Story. Toy Story, I love you, but srsly - you are EVERYWHERE!)

Can you believe it's been almost an entire year since I stepped foot in a Disney park? BLASPHEMY!!!
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Uuuugh my sleeping habits are sooooooo gross right now. I had to FORCE myself out of bed at one in the afternoon today. I hate this. D:

But in other news, I just watched this unsubtitled Morning Musume interview and understood quite a large chunk of it, so yay! :) (And yay for Aichan talking about Disney Sea. xD )

Answers to yesterday's book meme:

1) The Elephant Vanishes, Haruki Murakami, and I'm kinda surprised no one guessed this just because I was under the impression that Murakami's so hot right now. I don't love his writing but I like it well enough; mainly I keep this book around because I find collections of short stories somehow really inspiring and motivating. x)

2) The Odyssey, Homer. I thought this would be slightly less obvious than if I had gone with The Iliad but perhaps I am incorrect in that assumption.

3) Full Frontal Feminism, Jessica Valenti, although [ profile] the_wykydtron is correct, I ignored the fact that there's an introduction.

4) Notre-Dame de Paris, Victor Hugo. Guys, what's the point at which you recognized this one? I'm curious. xD

lol, one non-fiction and then three translated fiction. Actually I think most of the books I own these days are non-fiction, and a lot of those are language textbooks ... I don't think this meme would work very well with those. :|

In other news, it's Friday night and I hope This Is It sells out tonight because it still hasn't yet!! Meanwhile we have nine showings a day of A Christmas Carol, what is this madness.
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In the middle of a lolarious conversation about a certain manager who likes to move everyone around to different tills for reasons no one else understands--

Co-worker 1: "And so by the end I was looking around and all I could think was, 'This is not where I belong!'"
Co-worker 2: "'Not where you belong'? You sound like a Disney movie."

Ahaha. x) I continue to adore my co-workers despite the fact that I seriously need a new job. On Wednesday we Slytherins got our prize of mini-golf and dinner. The mini-golf was really not exciting but the free dinner was so worth it. I definitely ordered more expensive things than I would've if I'd had to pay for it. >xD And now we're about a week away from paintball! I'M ACTUALLY GOING THIS TIME, unlike last time when I decided sleeping in was the preferable option. I've already made a financial commitment to this round, so. xD;

Anyway, I guess it's time for me to answer the questions from this post! (Which you are still allowed to contribute to, if you'd like!) Read more... )

Quick! Two fun facts!!

One! Now that it's past midnight -- today is my mom's birthday! :) Why yes she is indeed one day younger than the King of Pop. I think I always remember this fun fact so well only because it is perhaps the only semi-positive thing she has ever said to me about MJ. ^^;

Two! The first time I heard any of the songs on Pink's Funhouse album was on my flight home from Tokyo. That whole flight felt like such a neverending visit to a strange parallel universe that when I was flipping channels the other day and caught the music video for the title song, my first reaction was surprise, like This song exists here, too??
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Captain EO thanks you for your time:
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Things my dad bought me in Europe:

· the Latvian DVD of The Sword in the Stone

· the Latvian DVD of Pixar Short Films Collection, Vol. 1 (lol, my love for Pixar is almost non-existant these days unfortunately)

· a German guide to Disneyland Paris

· the Polish version of King of Pop (the tracklist for this album is different for each country it was released in, and omg the Polish tracklist is a thing of beauty)

· a Polish music magazine featuring an MJ cover story

Before anyone asks, no I don't speak any of these languages. But even so, it's a pretty awesome bunch of souvenirs I think! xD
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Last night I had a co-worker tell me that Disneyland Paris (actually, she said "Euro Disney," but every time someone says that I inwardly cringe because IT'S NOT CALLED THAT ANYMORE!!) has no Haunted Mansion. To which I replied, uh, yeah it does, it's called Phantom Manor and it opened with the park.

Today in a ridiculously long guest service meeting at work, the presenter was trying to make the point that no one talks about how expensive Disneyland is because they have such a good time there, only he quoted the price of a park ticket as $99. To which I thought, uh, no, your most basic ticket is $72 U.S., which is still only $78 Canadian. But thanks for coming out.

I'm sorry to post about this stuff all the time but this is obviously my version of SOMEONE IS WRONG ON THE INTERNET. I seriously just want to be like, GUYS. It's a THEME PARK. It's not ROCKET SCIENCE. GET IT RIGHT!!

Ugh omg why am I not at Disneyland right now. Can someone explain this to me plz??? D:
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Step 1: Steal a pair of 3-D glasses from a Disney theme park attraction.
Step 2: Wait fifteen years.
Step 3: Put the glasses on eBay.
Step 4: Profit!!

brb stealing glasses from HISTA!!
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So people keep posting picspams of Michael Jackson in Disney parks, and as you might imagine I am totally down with this, one of the reasons being they are often posted without context and I like to test my skillz at figuring out which Disney park is being depicted. I'd seen photos that could be easily identified as having been taken in Disneyland, in the Magic Kingdom, and in Disneyland Paris, but I hadn't seen any that struck me as Tokyo Disneyland, leaving me to wonder if he ever made it there. (Does this become more weird or less weird when I confess I wonder the same thing about basically anyone ever?)

Then the other night I came across this gif in a party post:mj and disney )
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So today on the bus I thought I caught a glimpse of a shooting star and felt for a brief moment that I was on everyone's favourite piratical ride, and when I remembered I wasn't I felt slightly miserable for the rest of the trip home.


Man, but speaking of which, isn't seeing the shooting star at the beginning of Pirates supposed to be like a special thing? I swear I saw it almost every time. @_@

This bustastic story also reminds me of how once when Dad and I were on Splash Mountain, he made a comment about how realistic the sky was, I agreed . . . and then we realized we were outside. Ahaha, oh god, this is your brain on Disney.
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So if I start making a list of all the books I read in 2009, do you think I'll actually get through the year without forgetting I was making it?


1. The Girls in the Back of the Class, LouAnne Johnson
I don't think I read anything in January besides travel guides, so the book I finished today gets to be first on the list. It's the sequel to the book that became the movie Dangerous Minds - basically a fictionalized (though I'm not sure to what extent) account of one of the years the author spent teaching English in a California high school for underprivileged kids. Despite the author's insistance that she would pay more attention to her female students this time, I feel like the title doesn't fit the book; most of the stories still focus on the guys. Because their stories are more exciting? (Two of them get shot at, for example. D: ) My other complaint is that the author spends like four pages describing her and a student's attempts to kill a spider, and I thought that was rather unnecessary. Other than that, it was a really interesting book (and a surprisingly quick read) covering a bunch of different issues. I'd like to read the prequel if I come across it (haha, I came across this one just browsing the shelves in the public library), although I don't think I'll actively seek it out, at least not until my pile of books to read has considerably shrunk. D:

Starting around the middle of last summer, I started keeping track of the books I read using Facebook's Visual Bookshelf application, although I fudged that list a bit more than I intend to fudge this one. ^^; If anyone cares, the books I read legitimately last year include ... )

From when I started to read up until about eighth grade (when the time I spent on the Internet began to go from an okay amount to Way Too Much), I basically read a book a day. While I don't feel a need to go back to that, I'm definitely happy that my attempts to read books for fun again seem to be working! :D
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hahaha oh man I love reading the official descriptions of theme park rides. xD; From Universal Studios Japan's description of JAWS:

The 9.75m and 2.7ton JAWS continuously attacks you at the speed of 6m/sec.
And worse, your boat is engulfed in fire ...

MAN, this just isn't my day!! >:(

In other news, DisneySea's version of the Indiana Jones ride will be closed while we're there. :( Sad face!


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