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So I just got back from watching the midnight showing of Eclipse with [ profile] the_wykydtron and [ profile] aurora_lime who have already had to sit through all the ~*~SPOILERY~*~ thoughts I'm about to share with you. xD


In conclusion I daresay I'm more excited for Breaking Dawn than I am for Deathly Hallows. I mean, I'm pretty sure I know which one is gonna be the more entertaining, lollll. Sorry Harry Potter fans don't hurt me!!
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So my bed just spent a second moving about on its own, and thank goodness for the Earthquakes Canada web site or I would still be freaking out about it!

Saturday, Feb. 20, 2:05 am, earthquake, preliminary magnitude 2.7, located about 20km southeast of Victoria, BC. Lightly felt in Victoria, BC.

It's nice to have confirmation of these things, lol. I am secretly hoping that I was the first to send in a report saying that I felt it - my response to At this time there are no reports of this earthquake being felt was pretty much WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT I FELT IT AND I'VE BEEN FREAKING OUT FOR TEN MINUTES DON'T IGNORE MEEEEEEEEEE

Oh, the joys of being the only one awake at two in the morning.
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NBC Confuses Terry Fox for Michael J. Fox


I have no idea how well known Terry Fox is outside of Canada (feel free to educate me on this), but holy man. Seriously, my feeling watching this clip is OH NO YOU DID NOT JUST

Especially because, according to Wikipedia, At the 2010 Winter Olympics, a Terry Fox Award will be awarded to an Olympic athlete who embodies Fox's characteristics of determination and humility in the face of adversity. El. Oh. El.

I enjoy how my patriotic pride comes out in small and angry bursts, but SERIOUSLY.



I mean Michael J. Fox you know I love you but seriously.

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So one of Disney's big promotions this year is Give a Day, Get a Disney Day, where if you volunteer at one of the events listed on their site, you get a free one-day pass to Disneyland or Walt Disney World. Awesome, right?! I've been really excited for this for like six months now, and earlier this week the list of volunteer positions finally went up. I searched for "Victoria, BC" and got one Victoria posting followed by a whole bunch of postings in Washington state. DISNEY THAT'S NOT EVEN IN THE SAME COUNTRY. I tried multiple methods of searching and could still only find this one posting, so even though I wasn't terribly enthusiastic for it (selling raffle tickets at a hockey game ... woohoo), I signed up. Note that I definitely signed up on the day the listings went up. Just now I got an e-mail from the coordinator of the event saying that all of the positions have been filled, and I'm not actually needed.



There better be more Victoria events popping up soon or I am going to be very disappoint. >:(
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Time for a totally random picture post!

hontou ni waratteru ko nante iru no kana )
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So my very first summer at my very first job, a couple scenes for the movie In the Land of Women were filmed at the mall where I was working. I remember this being a very big deal because the movie starred Adam Brody of The OC; lolariously enough, it also starred Kristen Stewart, who is now, I would say, the rather more famous of the two. In April, I finally satisfied my curiosity by borrowing the movie from the library and grabbing some screencaps, and today I decided to finally make this random post that may well only be of interest to me. x)

shopping with bella )
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~ So who else is doing National Novel Writing Month this November?? 50,000 words in thirty days and it really is a blast! Here's my author page so add me! xD I am looking forward to a good attempt this time, after my total failure of last year. D:

~ As of today, I have a ticket to This is It (Oct. 28, 7pm) and a ticket to New Moon (Nov. 19, 10pm). So now I continue the wait for the two autumn movies I am most excited for, haha! Also, a shout-out to [ profile] misfits_united because I totally forgot she was on my friendslist until she asked if we were getting tickets for the Michael Jackson movie, hahaha. xD

~ For its thousandth post, [ profile] fandomsecrets asked for only positive secrets, and I convince this turned out a lot more awesome than I thought it would. And there were two Morning Musume secrets in the mix! One and two. <3 Now if only the "Kimagure Princess" PV would leak already, because I am way too impatient for it! xD

~ I have had a blast with my phandom phriends over these past five unasked-for days off, but tomorrow I go back to work! And I need to restart my job search. Even if I stayed at the movie theatre part-time, it would be nice to do something new as well. I also need to start researching grad schools more thoroughly, which is hard to get started on since the idea of me going to grad school still seems so foreign. Plus I'm not sure yet if I want to apply this year or wait until next year ... woohoo for uncertainty. :/

~ Let's end on something fun! Here's Rick Mercer in zero gravity! Feel free to skip ahead to 2:40, although my favourite bit is at 5:38, if just for the look on his face!! xD
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~ lol at how poorly I've been keeping up with my own LJ this past week. ^^;

~ Today I forced [ profile] the_wykydtron to watch The Neverending Story and in return she pointed out all the plot holes I'd never noticed. Which kind of pained me, because when I was a kid I thought that movie was so brilliant. In related news, the Nostalgia Critic's review is hilarious. xD

~ My test voucher for the JLPT arrived today, and I discovered that the Level 2 test is being held at nine in the morning. D: And the friend I'm probably staying with doesn't live particularly close to the test location, so that'll be a fun morning. Anyway, inspired by the arrival of the voucher, I did some grammar practice ... and got a score of 3/8. Horrendous!!

~ My future husband interviewed Michael J. Fox today! I'm not particularly a fan of his acting work (well, with the exception of the "A, My Name is Alex" episodes of Family Ties and also that episode of Scrubs where he played the doctor suffering from OCD), but I heart him so much for all the work he's been doing to fight Parkinson's disease. And I HATE that he's been accused of exaggerating his symptoms. I don't know what it's like for you guys to watch him, but for ten years I lived with my grandmother as she was suffering from this disease, and in my mind there is no way he is acting. Watching this interview tonight, there were so many times where, for a split second, I felt like I was watching my grandma. And I really heart Michael J. Fox for going out there and doing all these public appearances where it's really obvious he can't control his movements, because on her bad days I'm pretty sure Grandma didn't even really want to be seen by her family members. So yeah, just for all that he's probably one of my favourite celebs, not gonna lie.

(My future husband also did a 2008 interview with Lee Thomas in which they discussed MJ's vitiligo. They reaired it recently and it was an awesome change of pace from all the tabloid trash~)

~ Speaking of awesome Canadians, I've definitely had "Canadian, Please" stuck in my head all day. xD


Sep. 19th, 2009 12:56 pm
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Woke up to the news that Koharu is graduating from MoMusu and from Hello! Project. This sucks!! I guess December 6 will mark the end of my favourite MoMusu line-up. :( Although anyone who points out that I should be grateful it lasted as long as it did is right. The group has been unusually stable lately, but I kind of liked it that way. :(

I booked off work today in order to go to the museum with one of my best friends. :D This'll be my third time through the British Museum temporary exhibit but that's fine with me, I loved it. And the second time I went I bought an annual pass, something I actually should've had all along, because I definitely go to the museum enough for it to be worth it. So yay for going to the museum for free~!

And a note for my Shamoners: last night I had a dream featuring Crazy Fountain Boy. Y'ALL ARE JEALOUS~~~~ xD
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Oh I love me and the way I get more excited about meaningless things than I do about things most everyone else thinks are important. <33

In perhaps related news, I think I forgot to mention this when it actually happened, but about a month ago I went to pick up my diploma, and when the guy handed it to me he said, "I'm sorry this doesn't come with much pomp and circumstance, but - congratulations." When I told my mom he said that, her response was, "And I bet that made you happier than the actual pomp and circumstance would've, right?" Why yes, in fact. It did. :)

In unrelated news, I have one month left in my verbal contract with the movie theatre, and the job search has begun anew~!
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Wow I have no energy today. -_-;


11. Night Comes to the Cretaceous: Comets, Craters, Controversy, and the Last Days of the Dinosaurs, James Lawrence Powell
I confess I didn't read all of this book; as there is only so much I can read about rocks, I admit I skipped a couple pages here and there. But even so, this is a really interesting book about the Alvarez theory (that the extinction of the dinosaurs was caused by a comet or an asteroid) and the scientists who attempted to corroborate or disprove it. There's actually surprisingly little in this book about dinosaurs -- it's mostly about the scientific community --, but it's written really well and at a really comfortable level for people like me who have no knowledge of science. :3 I would recommend it.

As an added bonus, I am now quite convinced that it was a comet or an asteroid that killed the dinosaurs (and Powell's description of what that must have looked like was pretty awesome, in a crazy action movie sort of way). Fun fact: all through elementary school I was taught that it was an ice age that killed the dinosaurs, despite the fact that the Alvarez theory had been out for over a decade! Did anyone else have this experience, or was it just me? :X

12. Making Money, Terry Pratchett
FICTION?!?!?!! aha, I actually only started reading this because I was feeling sick and wanted to read something light enough that it would distract me from how gross I was feeling. I didn't have any books of my own that fit the description so I went over to my mom's bookshelf and grabbed the first thing I saw. :X While it made for a very good distraction, it was apparently not quite good enough to break me out of my non-fiction phase. >xD;


33. God Grew Tired of Us, 2006
Augh, I never have the words to write about documentaries. :X This one follows three Sudanese men who fled as children from the civil war in their home country. After something like a decade of living in a refugee camp, they are given the chance to move to the U.S. So there is definitely a sequence showing the men as they try to adjust to the various different technologies that can be found even just within their new apartment. Actually, sequences like that were kind of the highlight of the movie for me. Seeing (North) American culture through the eyes of these men who come from somewhere so different is both really interesting and at times amusing -- I liked when one of the men, all excited, exclaimed, "We have this drink in Africa, but there it's called Coca-Cola and here it's called Pepsi!" haha, cute. ^^;

But for the most part it's a pretty serious but really interesting documentary and I actually kind of wished it was longer, because near the end they started skipping entire years and I didn't care for that. Aaaaand you should just go watch it for yourself, because I have no idea how to talk about it right now. :X

All right, time to eat and then go to work! I definitely do not have the energy to work today, but at least it is a short shift. I have been back at the movie theatre for a full month now (three and a half months left of my promise to stay through the summer xD; ) and so far I am not hating it yet -- yay!! Well I think it definitely helps that I have been making better use of my time off than I was at this time last year. :) For example, on Friday [ profile] the_wykydtron and I went to the British Museum exhibit that's currently at the local museum, and omg I LOVED IT. <3
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On our way from Vancouver to Tokyo, my dad and I happened to be on the same flight as the Canadian Men's Sledge Hockey Team. The best two parts about this were 1) opening my eyes to see the guy across the aisle removing his leg from the overhead compartment, and 2) watching these guys at the luggage carousel as they effortlessly picked up bags that must have been, not even joking, three times as big as your average person.

My dad is a spy who discovered they were on their way to a tournament in Nagano, which they apparently won, so that's pretty cool I guess.

Savour this post, sports fans!! I don't exactly write about sports very much. :P
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Three more movies:

9. City of Ember, 2008
This should actually be the first on the list, since I watched it on the plane from Tokyo to Vancouver, but I only just now have remembered to list it. xD; I actually really enjoyed this movie, it's of that family-friendly fantasy genre that I seem to love (see Journey to the Centre of the Earth 3-D xD; ), but afterwards when I was thinking about it I discovered a lot of plot holes. haha oh well, it kept me distracted for an hour and a half and that was really all I wanted. xD

SORRY GUYS, from here on this post is all politics. :P

10. Right America: Feeling Wronged - Some Voices From the Campaign Trail, 2009
forgive, sounds good )

11. Shut Up and Sing, 2006
forget, I don't think I could )

Also, I want to watch more documentaries. What are some documentaries I should watch? :D
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I forgot to mention! Today I went shopping downtown with my brother and saw Darth Fiddler for the first time ever!!
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So I realized last night that the worst thing about Corner Gas coming to an end is there will no longer be a quirky sitcom for me to cameo on should I become a famous Canadian. I mean, I've never watched Little Mosque on the Prairie, but I'm guessing it doesn't do the cameo thing. And Air Farce is ending, too! What does this even leave us with? This Hour Has 22 Minutes, The Rick Mercer Report, and ... The Hour? So at least my future famous Canadian friends and I will get to meet my current famous Canadian future husband. :X

My three famous Canadian celebrity Corner Gas cameos!! (all paraphased, because I'm lazy):

3) "I can't listen to Jann Arden when I run."

2) "We need a doctor! Are you a doctor?"
"No - I'm Ben Mulroney. *teeth shine*"

1) "What Canadian doesn't love to tear down a barn!"
*scene change!*
"Excuse me, are you former Canadian Governor-General Adrienne Clarkson?"
"Yes, I am."
"Would you like to help me tear down a barn?"

My favourite part about this entry is that none of these are funny in writing. I'M SORRY GUYS BUT YOUTUBE IS FAILING ME~~! But I did find Kiefer Sutherland's cameo, in which they mention his mother, whom my dad has met (and whose father is the Greatest Canadian!). xD; And here's one of my favourite scenes that does not involve a celebrity.
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Two interesting entries that were posted today in LJs that I stalk:

One! [ profile] beatonna's entry about Passchendaele and Canadian history in the movies. I have yet to see Passchendaele (although I expect I will eventually), but when I read a plot summary of it and came across the word "Calgary," I basically had to do a double take. Like, "Calgary? I lived in Calgary! They made a movie that has scenes in Calgary?" I don't think I'm going too far in saying that for a large majority of Canadians, most of the entertainment they consume is American, to the point that it's strange to see a show or a movie set in Canada* that isn't hosted by Rick Mercer. I watched The Office last week only because a couple of the characters took a trip to Winnipeg. Winnipeg!! On TV??!!

I actually find this stuff really fascinating but am currently too tired to express myself properly. But a couple months ago I was trying to find some foreign language movies to watch, and was more shocked than I should've been to discover that not every country has a booming film industry. Probably the U.S. is one of the odd ones out here, in that its citizens actually get to enjoy movies that take place in their own country. So weird!!

* Yes, a lot of stuff is filmed in Canada these days, but I'm not talking about Canada dressed up to look like America! ^^;

Two! [ profile] grrliz's entry about how movies with a large number of female fans are looked down upon. She seems to be talking about fandoms online, but I of course have the perspective of a movie theatre employee who can tell you: Women will go much more often to "men's movies" than men will go to "women's movies" (it seems to be a hobby of our floor staff to count the number of men watching movies like Sex and the City or Twilight and laugh at them). Many more men than women will complain about being dragged to a movie that is geared towards the opposite gender. (I think it was when we had Sex and the City that this one guy, trying to prove to his girlfriend that no self-respecting man would watch this movie, asked me if any men had bought tickets for it already. When I said yes, he immediately asked, "Were they gay?" I don't remember what happened after that but hopefully I told him to stop being such a loser.) And I think I will even go so far as to say that when there is a line-up of mostly women waiting to get in to see a particular movie, there will be more derogatory comments made than if the line-up was mostly men ("That's crazy! People are waiting outside in the rain? Just to see a movie?" sort of thing, but also one fine fellow today made some not-quite-audible comment about how the women lined up for Twilight needed to get themselves a love life. You know, I really hate when people will be jerky enough to say something like that, but not jerky enough to say it loud enough that I wouldn't feel like a jerk for calling them on it. COME ON NOW!!!)

In conclusion, a conversation I've always meant to post but never have:

Guest: "What have you heard about Journey to the Centre of the Earth?"
Sarah: "I liked it, the 3-D effects were really neat." (I know, how inane, but I've learned that no one who asks these questions wants an answer they might have to think about, so.)
Guest: "Do girls like it?"
Sarah: "I liked it?"
Guest: "Would a normal girl like it?"
Sarah: "... Uh ... I don't ... know?"
Guest: [knowingly] "You play video games, don't you?"

Whenever I remember this bizarre conversation, I console myself with the idea that one day this guy will discover that all the girls he'd previous considered "normal" secretly play video games in their spare time, and this bit of news will be too much for him to handle and he will flee to the frozen north and become a hermit and I will never have to deal with him again. :)
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Man, so I keep reading about all of the companies who are giving away free stuff tomorrow to Americans who can prove they voted. Free coffee, free doughnuts, free ice cream, etc.! And so of course all I can think is


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GOSH I am so not ready for it to be NaNoWriMo.

IN OTHER NEWS, by means of Facebooky goodness I have just discovered that one of the guys I met in Toronto met my future husband the night before our interviews. I am one step closer to Sarah Stromboulopolis or whatever. Truth be told I probably won't learn to spell it until it's time to start writing our wedding invitations.

In other OTHER news, yesterday I discovered [ profile] bsc_snark and oh my gosh I am loving it. And it is making me wish I had never gotten rid of all my BSC books, hahahaha!! YES IT'S TRUE I used to LIVE the Baby-Sitters Club books. Are any of you hiding this same deep dark secret?? xD My favourites were definitely Dawn and Mallory (every time Dawn moved back to California I was CRUSHED like I can't even TELL you), which is pretty awesome since everyone in this community really seems to hate them. OH WELL. xD;
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Off to Toronto tomorrow for zoo and interviewy goodness! To everyone who has wished me good luck, my nerves and I thank you. <3 I even very unexpectedly received a good luck phone call today from someone who is famous enough to have his own Wikipedia page, although if I were to actually tell you who he is I guarantee you'd be even less impressed than you are now. xD

Anyway, I've just finished watching Amadeus which was an even better distraction from my nerves than I had hoped! And since [ profile] athena_crikey's most recent entry is a fangirly entry, I have found the courage so that mine will be, too. xD

Query: is Salieri an unreliable narrator??

Believe it or not, I had never considered this idea before today. Here are my three main reasons as to why perhaps he is:

1) I noticed this a long while ago and never thought much of it because it's not that uncommon in fiction, but there are a fair number of scenes that Salieri didn't witness and couldn't have heard about that are still included in this movie, and so, we assume, in the story as he tells it to the priest. Basically, everything that happens in the Mozarts' home during the times when Lorl isn't working there, Salieri has no way of knowing about.

2) Wolfie says he'll sleep and then they'll start work on the Lacrimosa. They never do get to work on it, but nevertheless it plays in its entirety over the funeral scene. Is this the movie trying again to push the idea that Wolfie's music was all already finished in his head? Or is this a hint that Salieri has been lying to us a little bit? (hahaha of course when talking about this movie I always ignore historical fact. Yesterday I finished reading Piero Melograni's biography of Mozart and wow, there's actually way more factual issues with the Requiem arc of Amadeus than I realized! I mean obviously the entire movie is fictionalized and I totally accept that, but still I find it really interesting to compare it with what we believe actually happened.)

3) Man you guys, I have seen this movie so many times and I still don't know what to make of the ending. (By which I mean the very end, when we're back in the asylum and Salieri has taken it upon himself to absolve everyone he sees.) Maybe it's just me, I dunno, but I'm always so confused by it. But to fit in with my hypothesis of Salieri the unreliable narrator, maybe the ending is supposed to clue us in that he's crazier than we would have previously thought? And so maybe we can't believe a word he's said and maybe nothing he claims happened actually did? ... ?

And now I am totally reading through all these old e-mails I wrote to [ profile] the_wykydtron like two years ago that are filled with analytical brilliance about Salieri's motivations (SPOILER WARNING FOR THE DIRECTOR'S CUT lulz if anybody cares): Read more... )

And although it's only midnight, I guess I should get some sleep ... I've been trying pretty well in vain to adjust to a much better schedule, considering the interviews on Tuesday start at six a.m. our time ... D:

Longer letter later~! :D

Edit a day later: Read more... )
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In fifteen days I am going to The Toronto Zoo and YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW EXCITED I AM!!!!

I am looking at the map and dang. IT IS THE THIRD LARGEST ZOO IN THE WORLD YOU GUYS!!!

No dinosaurs, though. :( Hopefully this is a flaw I will be able to look past, hahahahaha. xD


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