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Dear Sarah,

I am sorry to inform you that the course of Korean for Beginners - Part 1 (ASLA009) for which you have registered has been cancelled due to insufficient enrolment.



If my MJ class gets cancelled, srsly. I don't even.

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A bunch of stuff has been happening since my last post (for example: I turned twenty-three! :O ), but nothing of the sort that comes in easily journable chunks. Longer letter later!

I will mention, though, that today I saw a car with the license plate "NIMBUS."

Also, I've been spending a fair bit of time reading through the archives of the blog Sociological Images, to the point that last night I dreamt I was taking a picture of an advertisement in a magazine so that I could post about it and all its deeper meanings. LOVE IT! xD
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How weird that the year I wasn't really feeling the Christmas spirit turned out to be the year where I got some of the bestest presents evarrr! First world materialism, go! )

And I feel like I've said this about a million times already, but I have also been LOVING the fandom card exchange I took part in. You guys are amazing and I'm glad to have been able to share a little bit of the holidays with you. <3 :D

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go clean off my desk so I actually have somewhere to put all this stuff when I leave for work in two hours. :P
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I have been sitting here for an hour trying to think of some way to write a Christmas post that's happy but that also somehow reflects the odd confusion about the holidays that I've been experiencing this year. Nothing is coming and so I guess I give up for now, although I do want everyone on my friendslist to know that I hope you have an amazing day, whether you're celebrating or not. Every day I am super grateful to have met every one of you. <3

I've been thinking about my Japan trip a lot lately, I think just because this time last year is when I was busy planning all of it. Completely by accident, we were lucky enough to time our Tokyo Disneyland visit so that we could enjoy the last few days of Haunted Mansion Holiday Nightmare (the other parks that do the overlay just call it "Haunted Mansion Holiday," I have no idea why Tokyo throws in that extra word), which was so much more amazing than I had expected it to be. And weirdly enough, going on that ride in January, and despite the fact that it's supposed to be a little frightening, I always felt much more Christmassy than I had during the actual Christmas season. Anyway, just now I looked up the audio to the stretching room portion, because that "lalalalala" in the background is pretty much my favourite part of the entire ride, not gonna lie. Oh, and the creepy singing at the very end, when you're exiting the stretching room, omg I love that! So for those of you who like your Christmas a little creepy:

(It is really weird to me, hearing this dialogue in English. xD I'd never heard the original version before tonight!)

Wow, this entry is discombobulated. Longer, more coherent letter later? For now, please have an awesome day -- and don't let Jack Skellington ruin it for you! xD <3
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I get to go to work!


My next day off isn't until the 28th. :(

I was going to ramble on a bit but I don't feel like it now, lol. Happy Christmas Eve to those who celebrate it, and an awesome Thursday to those who don't. :)

Random edit: One of my co-workers asked me today if I had a "music device" (haha, cute), because she wanted to listen to music on her break. I just find this amusing because I dunno, I feel like I listen to the most random assortment of music without caring what anyone else thinks about it, and so I wonder if she'd even be able to find anything in my collection she'd want to listen to. xD


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~ omg how do I always end up having to go to the mall the week before Christmas? So many people, omg. D: I was really glad to be bussing, because there was practically no one else on the buses while meanwhile the parking lots were jammed full. Oh, Christmas ... I don't even know what I think of you anymore.

~ My brother is hamster-sitting this week. I don't know if there's anyone on my friendslist who remembers what happened the last time someone in my family watched someone else's hamster, but, um, it did not end well. I just told my brother I'm worried and he replied, "Don't go near it!!" D:

~ Oh my gosh you guys look what I found! Pink Lady performing "Stop! In the Name of Love" and, even more amazing, The Peanuts singing "Love Child"!! "Love Child" is pretty much my favourite Supremes song. I'm so shocked that this recording even exists but I love it! I need to listen to the Supremes more often, they were awesome.

~ For my fellow Shamoners who are following this thing as it makes its way around the world, my Opus arrived today! It was left just outside my front door, complete with a note taped to the window letting me know it had been left by the front door. lol, thanks, dude. xD I managed to get it upstairs by myself (I'm stronger than I thought, apparently), but I have no idea where I'm going to keep it. Srsly, I have owned encyclopedias that were smaller than this thing! hahaha xD
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Time for a totally random picture post!

hontou ni waratteru ko nante iru no kana )
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I shall continue to list my Christmas presents despite the fact that I feel more selfish every time I do it. :D

Read more... )

Aaaaaand now I feel totally gross and selfish for writing all of that. AS ALWAYS. (y)
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I am already finished my Christmas shopping for four of the seven people I've decided I'm giving presents to this year!!

Who are you and what have you done with Sarah!!!
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I feel like I have an obligation to update this thing. I think this is because I was going to write a very extensive birthday entry and then I didn't, but I'm still left feeling like "wasn't I supposed to write something ... ?" hahaha. But if I were to write an actual entry now, it would probably be all about how I have spent the past day sorting through my video tapes (and enjoying it immensely, as so far I have found these tapes to be filled with Full House, Aladdin, Hercules, and commercials for Microsoap, my favourite of the shows I'll probably never get a chance to watch again). (Actually, the tape I was watching this morning amused me immensely, because it's like a collection of the best, most hilarious Hercules episodes ... and then the most boring, average Aladdin episodes. All nicely alternating. Oh, I am exaggerating a bit, because I don't like "Hercules and the Jilt Trip" and "Power to the Parrot" is not all that bad and the only really hilarious part of "Hercules and the Aetolian Amphora" is the beginning where you see Meg but they leave you in ridiculous suspense for like ten minutes. But still. Amusing.) (Also, "As the Netherworld Turns" seemed to have pieces very purposefully cut out of it, and "Vocal Hero" starts in the middle. Ahahaha, middle school Sarah knew quite well how to use a VCR, too, so I'm not sure what happened there. XD; )

Ahaha, I didn't mean to write all that stuff in parentheses and now I can't use my beautiful segue. But I just wanted to mention that my toe is killing me. You don't want to hear the gory details, I'm sure, but I am currently enjoying pretending that my doctor is going to be all mad at her husband because he didn't lift the toenail before like he was supposed to ... ahahaha, gooooooood tiiiiiiiiimes. XD;;;;;;;;

(Tomorrow is Rika's birthday! Happy birthday, Rika! She's the only H!P member whose birthday I ever remember, because it's so close to mine. Reina's birthday is on Remembrance Day but I didn't know that until it was too late, hahahaha, oh well!!! XD;;; )
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I returned home from KARAOKE!!!!!!!!XDXDXDXDXD to find the brownies my mother made today decorated with a post-it note reading "S Birthday," and, underneath, in different writing, "BE SURE TO TOUCH."

I suspect foul play!!!

(Omg I haven't posted in a week? How can this be? Am I sick?? It doesn't half feel like it's been a week since I found that DDR video, maaaaaaan, how is this possible???)
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My aunt has the same birthday as me and today while we were at the mall, my mother let me pick out her birthday card, which was perhaps not an amazing decision since I've only met this aunt once, and I was five, and so I really have no idea what kind of sense of humour she has. Perhaps the idea is that if we share a birthday we must be EXACTLY THE SAME?? XD I hope this turns out to be the case, because I'm pretty sure the card I picked was written only for me, in the same way that the "What did Captain Cook say to his men before they got on the ship?" joke was written only for me. XD

So the front of this card says: It's your birthday!! I got you a card!!!!
And the inside says: This is the inside of it!!
And the back says: Here's the back!!


(I think it might be funnier in person. XD )
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You guys all FAIL at being my friends! Hahahahaha!! I say this because I have already been given a birthday present, and guess who it is from!! XD

Dear Sarah,
Hello. January is your birthmonth! CDJapan added "300 points" to your Customer Account as a birthday present! You can use the points toward your order from CDJapan as a discount. (100 points = 100yen)

Ahahahahaha!! Awww, CDJapan, you shouldn't have! Three whole dollars? For me? *^_^*

Okay I guess this isn't really as funny as I think it is. XD
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I am sad that none of my friends have posted their Christmas junk lists, haha, it makes me feel like such a material girl that every year I post about what I got. But I like to look back at the different years and see these lists. Perhaps this is a trait I unknowingly inherited from my grandmother; when we were cleaning out her part of the house, my mother found a list she'd written of the gifts we gave her last year. But somehow it seems weirder to write it out for yourself than to write it on your LiveJournal ... well I guess it really isn't. Anyway.

Cut cut cut. )

Haha, all right, I guess that's done with. XD Now I shall return to my PotC game. At the moment I am rescuing Will from the silver mine I got him sent to. Jack is a man of CRAZY MORALS!!!!
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As has been mentioned by both [ profile] the_wykydtron and [ profile] athena_crikey, we and betaraider and betaraider's brother stayed up all night Friday night watching all of Escaflowne. :D Or [ profile] the_wykydtron and I stayed up all night, at least. XD I'm not in much of an analytical mood right now so I won't subject you to my fake brand of analysis, but just know that staying up all night to watch Escaflowne (and take a quick walk through the cemetery! <3 ) is buckets full of awesomeness. I thought the whole night was one big stretch of awesomeness so I do hope my friends feel the same way, even the ones who fell asleep and started kicking me. Ahaha, man, every time we do an all-nighter like this it just increases my desire to do it again. I suspect, though, that I might be alone in that. XD (Now that I've done Esca in one night three times, I think it's time to move up to the big leagues. FMA in one night? Who's with me? Ahahaha, I think that would end up being a night and a day, ahahaha, oh gosh.)

Taking pity on those who don't actually care about my ingenie-us sleeping patterns. )

PS: This song rocks my socks.
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FOUR DAYS ZOMG. Christmas might not be as exciting now as it was when I was in elementary school, but I am still a little kid in that all I have been thinking for the past few days is ZOMG WHAT'D YOU BUY ME YOU CAN TELL ME I PROMISE I'LL ACT SURPRISED!!!!!

Maybe the reason I feel like Christmas has appeared so randomly this year is because I haven't been wasting away in anticipation like I used to when I was little ... ? So it's like, oh, hello, I wasn't expecting you here!

Speaking of not expecting someone, there is a commercial playing on TLC for their show American Chopper (please don't ask me how many episodes of that show I have seen, I am loathe to admit it) where the boys crash a family's Christmas celebration and demand presents. The dad hands over his kid's controller, Mikey asks "And the console?," the dad hands over the console. Except the controller is for a GameCube and the console is a PS2!! And the weird thing is, I am more annoyed by this than my brother is. But what the heck!! Even if the props guy doesn't know a thing about game systems, how do you end up mismatching them like that? You'd think controller and console would be sold together, right? Haha, or is there some joke that I'm missing? I just think it's funny that I believe myself to know the absolute bare minimum about video games and then the barely noticeable mistake in this commercial gets me all riled up. Hahaha!!

As betaraider pointed out, when you're little Christmas is exciting because you're getting a whole whack of stuff you can't get on your own. But now that we're all older and in various states of having jobs, it's like, oh, I want that. I think I'll buy it. End of story. So I made sure to ask for stuff I would feel guilty buying for myself. XD

Last night my dad and I went to the local grocery store to get a Christmas tree in order to make my brother happy. There were like five tiny trees left and no one was even guarding them. XD;; My dad's bright idea was in order to prevent needles from infesting his car, he would carry the tree home himself. And so ... he did. It was pretty funny. Except he kept stopping suddenly so I walked into him like six times. This was after I got both of my gloves simultaneously caught in my jacket zipper, ahahahaha, I am awsm.

I think I have to go to the mall today. Guess how excited I am about this. :(
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I am way more bummed than I should be that I missed seeing The Santa Clause 3. :( Why do I have such affection for these movies? I know they are terrible. When the first one came out and I was actually in the proper age group for it, I didn't care for it at all.

Maaaaaaaan. This makes me sad. I shall just have to watch the first two tomorrow and pretend I am watching the third. :( :( :( :(

PS: How on earth is it already five days till Christmas? I have yet to do anything even remotely Christmassy. I wrote an exam just yesterday, we can't be this close to Christmas!! Well, perhaps I am lying about the not having done anything Christmassy. I have, after all, been enjoying my Disney Princess advent calendar. My favourite part is how Ariel is right in the center and so she loses whole body parts on certain days. The other three knew to stand between the rows, hahahaha, to me this is like the height of hilarity.

(Ahaha, I'll have to file this under "birthday" because I don't have a Christmas tag ... XD )
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So I turned nineteen almost two weeks ago and today I did my first nineteen-ish thing. I bought lottery tickets! It is funny because my supervisor, who is turning eighteen on Tuesday, asked me if I would buy them for her, and I said I didn't have any ID with me (I don't actually have any ID that shows my age, anyway - the closest I have is my student card, which only actually shows that I am old enough to be at university), and she asked if I would try anyway even though she seemed to firmly believe I would be asked for ID. I wasn't, in the end. So really I didn't have to be nineteen at all, but let's ignore that part because I am getting a kick out of my first lottery ticket purchase! XD;;;

Cleaning, Reba, and MoMusu. )

Edit: I forgot to mention! I AM WEARING A GRYFFINDOR SCARF!! Oh yes, awesome awesome.
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And now, the biannual entry in which I list material objects that no one else cares about. Ah yes, Christmas, I can smell it!

The goods! )

(So I mentioned Phil from Hercules and that reminded me of the Catastrophia episode, which is actually called Hercules and the Big Lie, and I thought I would look it up to see what I could find, and man, I knew there were Aladdin transcripts floating around the Intarweb but I didn't know there were Hercules transcripts! Here's that one. My favourite part is the enthusiastic formatting.)

(Hahaha, I didn't know Buffy played Andromeda!)

(That episode also contains one of my favouritest scenes in the whole series, the one in which Cassandra tries to teach Hercules how to lie. Check my friends page if you don't believe me! Hahahahahaha~ XD )

("What did you say your name was?" "Androkles! But my friends call me Herc 'cause that's my real name. Not, uh ... Androkles." HAHA I LOVE IT)
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It is almost five o'clock and I have yet to be wished a happy half birthday.

I am very disappointed in everyone.

Also I have vacuumed more today than I have in the whole of the rest of my life. Or something.

My brother hates J.K. Rowling because of the pope's opinions re: Harry Potter. I think this makes more sense if you know him. My brother, not the pope.

Also -- FINALLY! I think it's so ridiculous that all the covers we've seen before didn't have the summary on the back. Dude, if it's such a spoiler that you can't show it to us till two days before the book is due, why did you write it in the first place? Dur.


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