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So my mom and I had to RUN LIKE THE WIND through the Seattle airport in order to make our connection (something that is becoming much too familiar to me) but we have made it home! Of course I would have been happy to stay in Anaheim, even though the parks this week were INSANELY BUSY. We didn't really have a choice of dates, because we had to go during my mom's week off, and yeah I don't think I would recommend mid-April (spring break! high school band/choir/dance trips everywhere!!), but by hitting the popular rides during the slower hours and by using Fastpass and hitting the shows and less popular rides during the busy hours, we managed to have a most excellent trip. :)

Anyway, although I know I fail at trip reports, I hope to manage a very lazy one after I have had some sleep. Right now I just want to type up some of my favourite jokes from my beloved Aladdin musical (which we saw three times) before I forget them. I definitely admit that the rest of this post is for me, but you are of course allowed to look at it too. :) Look, I'm soarin' over California! )
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Thank you to everyone who indulged my request to hear your list of favourite Disney songs!! :D Now of course I am wondering how many of you are hardcore enough to make a list, however long or short you'd like, of your favourite Disney background music! >xD


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I'm limiting myself to just the animated movies, and one song per movie (and I'm leaving out "That's How You Know" because I already talked about it today) but you don't have to if you think a certain movie's soundtrack is vastly superior. xD


I would say I'm sorry for posting twice in one evening about essentially the same thing, but ... I'm not. :D
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(This almost but not quite balances out the horror I felt at learning that DCA's Aladdin musical is ending this summer, only to be replaced by still more Toy Story. Toy Story, I love you, but srsly - you are EVERYWHERE!)

Can you believe it's been almost an entire year since I stepped foot in a Disney park? BLASPHEMY!!!
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Yay, I got interviewed again!! :D This time the questions are from [livejournal.com profile] frauleinfrog. News travels fast in Vienna. )

In other news, tomorrow I am going to This Is It for the second time in three days, and a Twilight t-shirt party for the second time in eight days. ahahaha, my life this week is so ridiculous but I love it. FANDOM ALL OVER THE PLACE!! xD Hopefully I can fit some studying in here somewhere. D:
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7. Nickel and Dimed: On (Not) Getting By in America, Barbara Ehrenreich
I was not as surprised by this book as I felt I was supposed to be. "Wow, guys, did you know that minimum wage jobs can be just as difficult as higher paying jobs??" Uhm, duh. Actually I was most surprised that Ehrenreich apparently never had to deal with any customers horrible enough to write about. Okay, that's not entirely true, but she never writes about any customers who are horrible to her in that special customer service sort of way.

8. Bait and Switch: The (Futile) Pursuit of the American Dream, Barbara Ehrenreich
I found this book more surprising, but also less interesting. I kind of took it out on a whim after I finished Nickel and Dimed but at this point at least I can't really relate to it. Well, that's a lie -- I can relate to applying for jobs online and never ever hearing anything back ever at all. >:|

(And yes I have some Canadian books on hold. ahaha I know, this is getting ridiculous. xD; )


20. Abduction: The Megumi Yokota Story, 2006
I started watching this not having any idea it would be the most heartwrenching thing ever.

21. The Thief of Bagdad, 1940
Oh my god, this movie. XD It was entertaining in a really bad way, like I'm pretty sure the writers just had a hat full of plot devices that they would reach into every time they got stuck, and also the special effects were pretty well the funniest special effects I've ever seen. But ... I enjoyed it. XD; I mean there was an evil vizier named Jaffar and a sidekick named Abu and the main characters were all European while the background characters were all Middle Eastern, so it was pretty well just like watching Aladdin.


22. Roman Holiday, 1953
I feel this is the first movie in which I understood the appeal of Audrey Hepburn! This doesn't, however, stop me from feeling totally betrayed by the ending. Apparently SOMEONE didn't get the memo that romcoms are supposed to have neat and tidy happy endings! KTHX.

23. The Hunchback of Notre Dame, 1939
[livejournal.com profile] the_wykydtron can attest to the fact that I uttered the phrase "Oh my gosh, this movie is amazing" probably about a hundred times while watching this. xD I never ever thought I'd see a version where Phoebus DIES halfway through and Esmeralda and Gringoire ride off into the sunset!! And even though I have just spoiled it for you, you should all go out and watch it right now. I mean they turn Frollo into a CRAZY CAT LADY!!!, so you know it does not get any better than this. XDD

ahaha man why do I like Hunchback so much, I do not know. I still have the silent version to watch but now I am a little afraid to. I mean how can it possibly live up to the greatness that is Edward "Gringoire" Cullen, oh my god it cannot.
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So through the Twilight post on Feministing I was introduced to the "Bechdel Rule," which requires that a movie must A) have two female characters B) who have a conversation C) about something that is not a man. I was reminded of this rule while A and I were watching Iron Man tonight - a movie that almost fulfills this rule, but makes me think there should be a fourth component to it, perhaps: D) without one of the characters insulting the other. (Man, Iron Man was a textbook case of how Hollywood treats fictional women, am I right or am I right. :/ )

Guys, this makes me want to start a meme! To participate, please go through your favourite movies and tell me which ones do and do not fulfill this rule. :D

My list, with the note that I am only counting female characters who are important enough that you would list them if you were making a list of characters in the movie:

After Life: Actually a pretty good number of female characters (Shiori, the woman who remembers her brother, the woman who collects flower petals, the girl who remembers her mother, the woman who lies about her age, Kyoko, the woman who remembers the earthquake, the woman who remembers meeting her boyfriend after the war, the secretary). Shiori and the girl who remembers her mother have two conversations (one about Disneyland and one about their parents), and the woman who remembers the earthquake shows Shiori how to make onigiri, so this one definitely passes.

Aladdin: ONE female character (Jasmine). COMPLETE AND UTTER FAIL!

Amadeus: Four female characters (Stanzi, Frau Weber, Katerina, Lorl). The closest thing to a conversation that any of them has with another is when Stanzi asks Lorl if the anonymous person is going to be paying her. So that's a pass, but kind of a pathetic one ...

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl: Five female characters, but I'm being a bit lenient here (Elizabeth, her servant lady, Annamaria, Scarlett, Giselle). Elizabeth and Annamaria shout at each other about how best to outrun the pirates, so technically it passes, but Annamaria is pretty eager to offer Elizabeth to the pirates which I think kind of breaks my addition to the rule.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest: Four female characters (Elizabeth, Tia Dalma, Scarlett, Giselle). I'm calling this a fail; Scarlett and Giselle exchange knowing glances but they're thinking about Jack, and when Tia Dalma talks to Elizabeth everyone is thinking about Jack, so yeah. That's a fail.

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End: Seven female characters (Elizabeth, Tia Dalma, Mistress Ching, Scarlett, Giselle, Sao Feng's two women who have three minutes of screen time). Elizabeth talks to Tia Dalma but about Sao Feng. Mistress Ching asks Elizabeth for her orders? So I guess this passes, although like Amadeus, it's kind of pathetic ...

I feel like I'm forgetting a really obvious movie, but oh well that's enough for now. x) How do your favourite movies stand up??
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Having Aladdin on my nametag at work has produced some interesting reactions from guests, and I have written about most of them in at least in a general sort of way, but I have so far restrained myself from writing about my least favourite. Every so often I get a guest who is absolutely determined to inform me of Aladdin's true pervy nature, and refuses to take the hint that I am Not Interested in hearing about it.

For those of you not in the know (and the idea that people who are not in the know could still exist slightly baffles me), in the movie's balcony scene, Aladdin supposedly says, "Good teenagers, take off your clothes." And despite the fact that this is the most muffled line in cinema history (I have watched this movie many, many, many, many times and, in my opinion, you would have to turn the volume up unecessarily loud in order to make out anything he says at this point), people who believe this is what he says ADAMANTLY BELIEVE THIS IS WHAT HE SAYS. "Turn it up!" said my guest today, "It's there!" Fun fact? It's not there anymore. These adamant believers caused so much ridiculous controversy that Disney removed the line from the DVD. Way to fuel the rumours, Disney. :P

So yes, as you can guess, I don't believe Aladdin says anything of the sort, and I am SICK TO DEATH OF BEING TOLD THAT HE DOES.

Here is where this entry breaks off into its three alternate endings:

1) All this talk of supposed Disney perviness always reminds me of the one web page I saw way back when that set out to prove that the word "sex" appears in the flames of Frollo's fireplace during the Hunchback of Notre Dame song "Hellfire." Oh goodness I wish more people had latched onto this one, because I find ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS the idea that someone would get all worked up about the word supposedly for a split second kinda sorta maybe appearing onscreen but would completely ignore the content of the song that's playing over it. Because what is that song about? I mean, let's be honest here. xD

2) There is a line in the film in which Aladdin supposedly instructs "all good teenagers, take off your clothes." This caused a great number of press releases and angry letters from concerned parents who were apparently unaware that teenagers do this kind of thing anyway.

Oh, Disney Lies. You continue to be my favourite source for Disney misinformation. <3

3) One of the reasons I am so sick to death of hearing about the sexual messages supposedly hidden in Disney films is because of that essay I wrote in second year. Almost every time I told someone I was writing an essay about gender in Disney animation, they would bust out with the Aladdin line, or the Lion King dust, and one of my co-workers got angry at me when I brushed her comments off, claiming that a film professor had told her of these things and so they must be true. Let me tell you, sweetheart, I have read more than my fair share of academic writing about Disney, and it is the rare professor who actually knows what they are talking about with regards to this stuff. I have in my possession a scholarly and published article that spells "Disney World" as "Disneyworld" the entire. way. through. If they can't get the name of a theme park right, I find it hard to believe they wouldn't just blindly accept that Aladdin is a child-corrupting sort of guy.

Another of the reasons I am so sick to death of hearing about this stuff is because if you want to talk about the "dark side of Disney" or whatever, this is not it. Disney is a HUGE company that has been around for a good eighty years. They have done many things, both obvious and not-so-obvious, both current and buried by time, that could be considered much worse - and that I consider much more interesting - than Aladdin's supposed line.

But ... that is kind of part of why I love Disney, to be honest. <3 If you dig a little deeper than my guests seem to do, you can find some absolutely fascinating stuff.

(AW MAN this reminds me of that ginormous Mulan entry I want to write sometime soon. :d AND ALL THE DISNEY FANS WILL LYNCH ME, it will be exxxxcellent. xDD )
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Oh my gosh you guys, this month's Disney Movie Rewards poll is Who's the best boyfriend - Prince Edward or Aladdin?


While one can show you a whole new world, the other would go to a whole new world for you!


Attractive Attributes
Edward - Willing to commit right away
Aladdin - Willing to go to the market


Also I love how they picked the absolute worst picture of Aladdin that I think I have ever seen. xD;;;



(YES this merits its own post, who do you think I am??? xD )

Okay I voted and then it shows you the results so far:

Prince Edward 27.1% (196)
Aladdin 72.9% (528)

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So, uh. If you watched the Oscars, you already know that everyone I was rooting for lost. Except Ratatouille. Which I don't think deserved an Oscar. And augh, I hate the thought of these subpar films getting Oscars just because of the existence of the Best Animated Picture category. I'm being harsh right now because I'm frustrated with the whole thing but do you see what I mean? If Ratatouille had been live action it certainly wouldn't have won Best Picture. The only reason it got an Oscar was because it was animated and a more respectable flick than Surf's Up. Because honestly.

I dunno, I dunno ... I just want animated movies to be awesome again. :(

Okay what else.Read more... )

In other real life news, Read more... )


And if there's anyone out there still interested in playing this game, here are three more movies for you to guess:

16. "If you don't tell me, and the Nothing keeps coming, you'll die, too! Both of you!"

17. "I gotta start packing, Your Highness!"

18. "I was about to be hanged. It seemed like a good idea at the time."

hahaha man I seem to pick really violent quotes. xD;
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So for those of you who are man enough to take it, I made an AMV! xD

Aladdin and the King of Thieves - "This is How a Heart Breaks"

Gosh you have no idea how awesome I think it is that my very first AMV is entirely made up of clips from a direct-to-video sequel. xDDD

Aaaaaaand I was going to ramble about this for a while but now I don't feel like it. xD Well if you've never seen King of Thieves, feel free to ask me what this AMV is supposed to be about, hahaha. And if you care enough to watch it, please do tell me what you think! It's only my first try and it's certainly not perfect but I'm pretty proud of it overall. :D

And now I get to decide what my next AMV is going to be about! :DD I would promise it won't be as dorky as this one, but I think we all know that's probably a lie. xD

P.S. Jasmine has more screentime in this AMV than she does in the actual movie.


(sorta kinda cross-posted to [livejournal.com profile] agrabah)
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I went to see Aladdin Jr. again today. Poke fun at me if you will, but I am 100% glad that I went. :D (Though the woman sitting beside me seemed to feel bad that I was there by myself, hahaha. xD; )

so don't just sit there slack-jawed, buggy-eyed )
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Man, you guys, Aladdin Jr. was awesome. And very interesting, I thought, to compare to the version playing in DCA. xD; But I'll spare you the pain of reading all my blabber on that and will just throw out some random notes. xD

never had a friend like me )

Okay I think that's all that I feel a desperate need to say. xD Man, I guess this is why this is my number one favourite movie, huh - I can watch it over and over and so many versions of it over and over and I never ever start to get bored. xD

(And my brother's girlfriend and I spent intermission watching a trio of the most adorable kids ever make-believing they were Aladdin and pretending to karate-chop each other. hahaha, that was awesome, too. xD )
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The highlight of my today was that I decided to buy my copy of AWE at Future Shop since I'd gotten a couple gift cards from my manager, and almost by accident I took the route that would take me past the craft store next to it, and I peered in the windows at just the right moment to see my brother's girlfriend getting ready to go on her break. And so she came with me to buy PotC3! :D AWEsome! xD And they had a Jack Sparrow standee and a million bajillion copies of the million bajillion versions of the movie and they had it playing on a fancy pants widescreen TV. AWEsome!! xD


It's not getting to the land of emoticons that's the problem. It's getting back. )

And I have been working on my novel quite a lot this past week, so yay! :D

Edit: I am allowing this AWE babble to escape the cut because at the moment I think it is just so brilliant. xD A thought I had while watching the movie today: looking at the parallels created between Davy and Will, I daresay PotC deals with the theme of your choices making you what you are a hundred times better than Harry Potter does.

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Yeah, so feel free to anticipate a lot more posts about Enchanted. I mean, gosh, it has been a good SEVEN YEARS since I had a brand new animated Disney musical to obsess over!! xD (I should really say eight years ... is Emperor's New Groove a musical? lulz, it's about as much a musical as Enchanted is animated. xD;; )

A long and rambly and probably disjointed entry about Giselle and her relationship with previous Disney princesses. )

And almost completely unrelated to Enchanted but that it involves Alan Menken, I listened to my new copy of the Music Behind the Magic box set today. ^_^ (Yes, I had a previous copy. I lent it to a supposed friend eight years ago and never got it back, and it has since gone out of print so yay for paying double the original price. THIS NEW COPY NEVER GETS LENT TO ANYONE EVAR. >:( ) It is basically the soundtracks of The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast and Aladdin, but it includes demo versions and songs that never made it into the movies and oh gosh it's such a fangirl thing to own but so good, so good. <3 I can only listen to it so often, though ... for whatever combination of reasons they make me kind of bittersweetly sad. :( But oh gosh right now I am so in love with "Silence is Golden," I can't believe I never paid it any attention before. And the reprise of "Arabian Nights," maybe I'm totally stupid but I never realized the version used at the end of King of Thieves is like the exact one from this set. xD; <333

Augh okay please no one make fun of me for this entry, as of late I have gotten more than enough of that at work. ^^;
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So it's between sets, and the lobby is pretty well empty. Two twentysomething young men come strolling through the twisting queue, and as they emerge before box office, the darker haired one looks to me with a grin and says, "That was fun!" Which is nothing new, because practically everyone who goes through the queue when the lobby is empty says something like that. :p

Okay, so anyway. The lighter haired one is buying their tickets for Resident Evil and as I punch it in the darker haired one notices my nametag and is ridiculously excited. xD "Aladdin? Wow! You're joking! You know what I was singing the other day?"

I ask, "A song from Aladdin? xD "

He looks to his friend. "Remember what I was saying the other day?" He looks at me. "Yeah, 'cause we were walking, and there was a dumpster, and there was a carpet in the dumpster, and it looked like a magic carpet, and I asked, what would you do if you had a magic carpet? I would make it follow me around and stuff!"

hahaha what xD xD xD

"And then I started singing: A whole new woooorld~ ..."


And he stopped singing and gestured to his friend. "He thinks I'm gay."

Said his friend, "I wish you were gay."

He totally laughed. "You wish I was gay?" Put his hand over his heart and made great goo-goo eyes at his friend. xD AND THEN HE STARTED SINGING AGAIN xD xD xD xD xD xD xD xD

Oh man, he was totally singing for at least a minute, it was the most awesome thing ever. xD xD xD And it was really adorable, hahaha, because he kept mixing up the verses and switching words around, hahaha. Like, he sang "over, under and sideways" instead of "over, sideways and under" and he even like made up a line after "don't you dare close your eyes," except I don't even remember what it was, hahahaha. But I am hardly going to point out such mistakes to a young man bold enough to start bursting out into Disney song just because I have the word Aladdin on my nametag! xD

I told my mom about this as she was driving me home and she seems to think there is something strange about a guy who knows enough of "A Whole New World" to be able to just start singing it, but I think it the number one most awesome thing ever. xD So many people have commented on my nametag but this is the first time someone actually started to sing! There aren't even words for how awesome I thought this was. xD Best thing ever.

And to think I was going to call in sick today!! xD xD

(hahaha, you know what sucks? Used to be if you typed "disney" into YouTube and sorted the results by "View Count," "A Whole New World" would be at the top. It's still on the first page but it's now preceded by HSM2, Marilyn Manson's version of "This is Halloween," Hannah Montana, that recut Mary Poppins trailer, "I Just Can't Wait to Be King," and Ashley Tisdale's version of "Kiss the Girl." But it's also preceded by a clip from Aladdin and the Cave of Cheeseburgers, which I am totally guilty of rewatching when I'm bored, even though watching it makes me feel way immature. My favourite part: "The guards are coming. Run." COMEDIC GOLD!!! xD )
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My number one favourite part of the brand new Disney Princess DVD:

"Let's play Good Cop, Bad Cop. I want to be baaaad."

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA omg love you too, Iago. xD;;;;;

An entry that won't make sense to anyone but me. )

This is all I can allow myself to write because I actually have to be up at seven tomorrow to start my day of FIVE CLASSES, holy man. ;_;_;_;_;_; But a closing comment: I enjoyed this DVD even more than I thought I would, from "Crazy Gakim's Discount Fertilizer" to "brand new camel" to "I speak several languages!" ... oh, and Aurora's half hour was okay, too. XD


Aug. 24th, 2007 02:03 am
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So as you may know, I work at a movie theatre, and on our nametags there's a space under the name where we're allowed to put the title of a movie. I think the official line is that it's supposed to be our favourite movie, but since the nametags have stopped being classily engraved and started being whipped off on a label maker, people have started putting whatever crazy movie title they want. (And a particularly bold co-worker has temporarily replaced his name and movie title so that his nametag simply reads "McLovin.")

Anyway anyway, that last part has nothing to do with anything, because this is an entry about my nametag, and how it reads "Sarah" one on line and "Aladdin" on the next. Here is the conversation that most frequently ensues when a customer notices this--

Them: "Why does it say 'Aladdin' on your nametag?"
Me: "That's my favourite movie. :D "
Them: "Awwww, how cute!"

I have to resist the urge to shout "IT'S NOT CUTE, IT'S AWESOME!!!!!," but otherwise, whatever. xD The second most frequent conversation puzzles me a little bit--

Them: "Why does it say 'Aladdin' on your nametag?"
Me: "That's my favourite movie. :D "
Them: "Oh, I thought it was your last name."

Hahaha what. I have also recently had this one--

Them: "Why does it say 'Aladdin' on your nametag?"
Me: "That's my favourite movie. :D "
Them: "Oh, for a moment there your hair was covering the 'Sarah' so I thought that your name was Aladdin! And I thought, what a horrible mother that girl must've had! At least she could've named her after ... what was the name of the girl in that movie?"

Hahahaha what the heck. (And oh man, if I was named after Princess Jasmine, I would have to be at least five years younger than I am. Which reminds me of this conversation-- "Two tickets to blahblahblah please." "That'll be nineteen-ninety." "What, is that like the year you were born?" UHM WHAT THE HECK NO IT ISN'T AND WHY IS MY BIRTHYEAR COMING INTO THIS CONVERSATION AT ALL?????)

But tonight only one person felt it necessary to bring my nametag into the conversation, and this is my favourite reaction by far--

Them: "Why does it say 'Aladdin' on your nametag? Is that your favourite movie?"
Me: "Yep. :D "
Them: "Fuck yeah!"



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