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So I recently joined italki, a language exchange site that so far I am really enjoying. It has basically all of the get-your-writing-corrected-by-native-speakers features that Lang-8 does, plus a bunch of other features geared towards helping you find language exchange partners that you can communicate with via chat or messages or Skype. Not that long ago I would've been weirded out by the idea of Skyping with random strangers but now it seems like a completely logical thing to do when you have no one to practice with offline. I've been taking Japanese classes online for very nearly a year now and I feel it has really opened up my mind to the possibilities of online learning. Perhaps a weird thing to say when I have spent way too much time online every day since I was like eleven.

In any event, the reason I am posting is that I just finished a half-hour Spanish chat with someone from italki, and holy guacamole. My Spanish is terrible. Like, I know that I've been focusing on Japanese for two years. I knew it wouldn't be great. I knew that my brain would go "Oh, we're speaking a language that isn't English? It must be Japanese! Here's the word you want in Japanese!!" and I would have to translate from Japanese into English into Spanish, but even accounting for that! It's TERRIBLE!!!! Clearly listening to a couple Spanish podcasts every weekend for a month did basically nothing hahaha. Seriously.

Anyway so now of course I am panicking that after I've been home for a while my Japanese is going to become this terrible, too. I seriously cannot let that happen.

... This experience is making me feel really really happy with my current level of Japanese. Which is kind of nice since I spent most of the past week beating myself up about it.

Man in other news did I ever tell you guys about that time at the board that me and M were speaking in Spanish just 'cause ...

(this was a while ago so my Spanish was not quite so disgustingly terrible)

... and M's Spanish sentences kept coming out in Japanese word order?

It was the most adorable.
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