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So last night my neighbour C told me she found out where our successors are from (apparently that's all we're allowed to know so far um okay), and then I came home and went to bed and I swear to god I had a dream in which the principal of my Tuesday elementary school hired a new ALT without consulting me about it at all, and at first I was pretty happy to have a new friend, but then the principal started hanging out with her all day and I would hear them laughing together from the hallway and then all the teachers liked her immediately and started asking her to do English classes for them every week but never invited me to join and so I just sat in the staff room slowly hating her more and more and when I woke up I was like

Dear Brain,

I honestly can't think of another time when you were so completely not subtle about showing me what I am afraid of.


IN OTHER NEWS, one of our eikaiwa students started working at my junior high part-time in April. Last week I handed out the latest issue of my newsletter and today I found a copy of it on my desk with a bunch of compliments on it in this guy's handwriting?? Like, at the top of the newsletter I put a picture of myself when I was four, mostly just 'cause, but beside it he wrote "You look pretty as a princess ... still do" and I was like whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat. Can I just ignore this till I leave in three months? I mean - please don't tell me that I am going to have to tell a sixty-year-old that I am just not that into him.

Also I don't think I react to compliments about my appearance the way ~society~ imagines I should haha. I mean, I don't get complimented very often because I spend about thirty seconds on my appearance every day because as long as I'm clean I don't really consider any other part of it a priority. So when this guy says the above and when the guy who was crushing on me when I worked at the movie theatre says I'm beautiful I'm mainly like "Okay. Cool." and then I forget about it. Dear the very few guys trying to get my attention: how about you compliment me on something I might actually care about? Just an idea.
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